How to Install Google Play

You bought a cheap Android smartphone, and for what you need it works quite well. However, there is a problem that you just can't explain: the Google Play Store is missing. Unfortunately yours is not an isolated case, you must know that some Android manufacturers, especially those that focus on the lower market segment, for licensing issues cannot load the Play Store on their devices and therefore leave the task to us users. to do it; a task that alas is not always very easy to complete.

The Google Play Store, you need to know, is not an application like any other and there is no standard procedure to install it on all terminals: you have to look for the procedure that best suits your device and put it into practice. Are you willing to try your hand at this enterprise? If your answer is yes, take five minutes of free time and follow the directions I am about to give you.

For the reasons I have just illustrated to you, I will not be able to be 100% exhaustive (not for all devices, at least) but I will try to explain how to install google play proposing various solutions that allow you to reach the goal. I wish you a good reading and a good time!

Install Play Store - Procedure # 1

The first procedure you could follow is to obtain root permissions on your smartphone (or tablet), load support software, install the Google Play Store and set all the components installed on the device as system applications.

If you've never heard of the root, know that this is a procedure by which you acquire administrator rights on Android, that is, you bypass the standard protections of the operating system and it becomes possible to customize its settings more thoroughly. To do this, it is almost always necessary to unlock the bootloader: an operation that has several contraindications, such as for example the forfeiture of the warranty and the cancellation of all data on the device. To learn more, read my guide on how to root Android, and put it into practice because otherwise you won't be able install Google Play (at least not following this procedure).

After unlocking your smartphone or tablet with root, you need to make sure that Android is set to freely accept the installation of apps from unknown sources (i.e. from sources outside the Play Store). Then go to the settings operating system, select the item Safety from the screen that opens and activates the item for the option Unknown origin.

Now you need to install two very important apps: Link2SD which converts standard applications into system applications (procedure that avoids the classic "crash" error after the "forced" installation of Google apps) and ES File Explorer, a file manager with which you can easily manage and install all the apk packages you are about to copy to your terminal.

To download Link2SD on your smartphone / tablet, connect to the TorrApk website and first press the button Go to the latest version and then on the button APK Download. When the download is complete, expand the Android notification menu, select the package apk Link2SD and proceed to install the app by pressing forward, Install e end.

Perform the same procedure for ES File Explorer and activate root access in the application by going to its menu main (the icon with the three horizontal lines located at the top left) and moving up ON the function lever Root Explorer.

Now comes the most delicate part. You have to install the Google Play Store and all the software necessary for its operation (the so-called "dependencies") by following the instructions below.

  • Google Play Services - download it from here by selecting the latest version of the app and selecting the most suitable build for your device. To find out which Google Play Services build is best suited to your device, analyze the values Architecture (processor architecture), Minimum version (minimum Android version supported) and Screen DPI (DPI of the terminal screen) or do a Google search. After selecting the version of Google Play Services suitable for your smartphone / tablet presses the button Download aPK And that's it.
  • Google Services Framework - download it from this forum by clicking on the link of the same name or from here.
  • Google Play Store - download it from this page by first pressing on the most recent version of the app and then on the download button.

Once the download is complete, start ES File Explorer, go to the folder download for free of your device and select the apk package of Google Play Services (eg.–7.0.99_(1809214–836)–7099836-minAPI19.apk). So press the button Install and complete the installation of the app by first pressing on Next / Install and then Install e end (do not open it, please).

Next, open Link2SDselects the icon di Google Play Services, pigia sul pulsating menu at the top right, choose the item Convert to system app from the square that appears and presses on OK to apply the changes.

Once you have transformed Google Play Services into a system application, restart the device and repeat all the steps also for the Google Services Framework apk packages (eg. Google Services Framework–4.0.4–338691.apk) and Google Play Store (eg. – 5.3.6–80330600-minAPI9.apk).

It is not difficult. You have to open ES File Explorer, install the apk packages and turn the two applications into system apps with Link2SD. Continue package by package (installation> transformation to system app> reboot; installation> transformation to system app> reboot), please.

When your smartphone / tablet restarts, if everything went well, you should be able to open the Play Store and configure it to download apps and games with your Google account.

In the unfortunate event that things did not go well, try to install these other apk packages as well following the procedure just seen together (installation> transformation into system app> restart).

  • Account And Sync Settings (download from here)
  • Google Login Service (download here)
  • Vending (download here)

Install Play Store - Procedure # 2

Now let's move on to the second procedure that might allow you to install Google Play on your smartphone or tablet. Again, the first step you need to take is to go to the settings of your device and activate support at unknown origins in the panel relating to safety. The root, on the other hand, is not needed: on terminals that support this procedure it is possible to install the Play Store without proceeding with the unlocking of the operating system. Having made these necessary premises, let's see what we need to move forward.

  • The application GoogleAppDownloader which allows you to download Google Apps on smartphones and tablets that do not have them by default. You can find the application here or by searching for its name on Google.
  • The application LocaleMorePro which allows you to translate the Google Play Store into Italian. You can download it here or by searching for its name on Google.
  • The function of USB debugging active on your device. To activate it, go to settings Android, select the item Info on the phone and "tap" on the wording Buid number seven consecutive times. The menu with the Development options, then go to the latter and activate the function USB debugging putting the check mark on it.
  • The script to activate Play Store translation via LocaleMorePro, which otherwise would not work. It is a series of files and a .bat script to be started via the PC (while the smartphone or tablet is connected to the computer). You can download it from this web page by clicking on the item (469.6 KB) which is located at the top.

After having procured everything you need, install GoogleAppDownloader on your smartphone / tablet by opening the apk package of the application. When completed, start the icon Google Installer that appeared in the Android drawer, find Google Play in the list of apps available on the screen that opens, press the button install and answer affirmatively to all the warnings that appear on the screen (in order to install components such as Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Google Account Manager e Google Service Framework.

When the operation is completed, restart the device, start again Google Installer, select the item again for Google Play (if selectable) and then proceed with the installation of Google Contacts Sync e Google Calendar Sync.

Now you just have to install LocaleMorePro on your smartphone or tablet using the apk package you downloaded earlier, connect the device to the PC (making sure USB debugging is active) and start the script run.bat present in the folder where you extracted all the script files.

After this step too, start LocaleMorePro, select the item to translate the Google Play Store into Italian And that's it.

Install Play Store - Alternative Procedures

On some terminals, such as some of the latest smartphones from Xiaomi and Meizu, Google Installer does not work. To install the Google Play Store you need to resort to different apk packages and translate everything with LocaleMorePro as seen in the previous chapter of the tutorial.

In view of this consideration, I suggest you take a "stroll" on Google or on specialized sites, such as GrossoShop (from which I have also taken some of the information in this post), and look for a specific tutorial for your smartphone / tablet. One way or another you should be able to "get it right", don't worry!