How to Extract .sit Archives

Like Windows, macOS manages to decompress ZIP archives by itself, without other programs. Along with the format in question, Apple-branded computers support the decompression of another, albeit very limited, number of storage formats. However, if we want to decompress archives in SIT format (which are very popular among Mac users and many Apple computer programs are distributed in this format), we need to install an external application. At this point the question arises quite spontaneously: which one? The answer is contained in this article of mine dedicated, in fact, to how to extract SIT archives on Mac.

In fact, in the following lines I will go to show you all those that in my opinion represent the best applications for Mac belonging to the category in question, namely those thanks to which it is possible to open this type of compressed archives, thus compensating for the lack of the app " series "used for the extraction of archives. Again thanks to the applications that I am about to recommend, you can also open other compressed file formats (eg. RAR, 7Z etc.), as well as password-protected archives and those divided into several parts, all without spending a cent (at least in most cases).

Then? May I know what are you still doing standing there? Position yourself comfortably in front of your trusty computer and immediately start concentrating on reading this guide. In the end, I have no doubts, you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and also I am sure that your friends will not hesitate to ask you for more explanations about it. But now just chat and let's take action. I wish you, as usual, good reading.

The Unarchiver

The first of the useful resources that I want to suggest you use is called The Unarchiver. It is probably one of the best applications belonging to the category in question as well as one of the most appreciated by users around the globe. It is free, very easy to use and allows you to extract with a simple double click all the files contained in the archives in SIT format but also ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, ZH, ARJ and ARC, including encrypted archives, those multi-volume and those whose name uses foreign characters. It replaces the macOS decompression program and therefore expands its functionality.

To use it, connect to the dedicated web page of Mac App Store Online and click on the button See in the Mac App Store. So wait a few moments for the window to appear on your desk Mac App Store "Real" then click on the button Ottieni / Installa located at the top left (if necessary, also enter your Apple ID password).

Once the download and installation process is complete, launch The Unarchiver by clicking on its icon that has been added to the Launchpad (or call the program via the folder Applications) and associate the use of the program for opening the SIT archives in such a way as to automatically decompress them with the latter by clicking on the tab Archive formats and checking the box you find next to the item StuffIt archive. Done!

If you want, you can also associate all other supported compressed archive formats of the program. To do this, just select the reference box always attached to the same tab of The Unarchiver window. The changes will take effect immediately.

Starting from this moment, by double clicking on the icon of a SIT file, its contents will be extracted in the current position (in a sub-folder with the same name as the archive). If you prefer to change this behavior, open The Unarchiver, select the tab Extraction and choose the default folder in which to extract the ZIP archive files through the drop-down menu Extract the archives to:.

Also on the card Extraction of the application window you can then adjust the other settings for use of The Unarchiver, including the actions to be taken after extracting the archives. Via the card AdvancedInstead, you can adjust the settings related to file editing.

StuffIt Expander

If The Unarchiver has not convinced you and you are looking for an alternative resource through which you can extract the SIT archives on your Mac, the advice I can give you is to try immediately StuffIt Expander. It is an excellent program, always free and which supports all major compressed archive formats: RAR, ZIP, 7Z, TAR and many more, including those in SIT format, of course. It has a fairly simple and intuitive user interface and the extraction takes place quite quickly. Let's see in more detail how to use it.

First, connect to the dedicated web page of the Mac App Store Online and click on the button See in the Mac App Store. Then wait a few moments for the window to appear on the macOS desktop Mac App Store e pulsing sul pulsating Ottieni / Installa which is at the top left (if required, also enter your Apple ID password).

When installation is complete, start the application by clicking on its icon that has been added to Launchpad (or call the program via the folder Applications) and drag the SIT archives to be extracted onto the icon of box that appeared on the desk. Once this is done, in a few moments the archive will be decompressed and you can therefore access the files in it without any kind of problem. That's all!

If you then want to associate the SIT archives (and any other formats) to StuffIt Expander so that they are automatically extracted from the application simply by double clicking on them, proceed as follows: select a SIT file, press cmd+i and choose StuffIt Expander give menu to tendin Open with: present in the window that opens. And here it is!

Other Useful Resources

In addition to the applications I mentioned earlier, you can use other resources to extract the SIT archives on your Mac. Among the various ones available, I strongly suggest you try the ones listed below.

  • Entropy - Excellent tool for extracting and compressing archives compressed in SIT format and not only that supports specific macOS technologies, such as file attributes. It allows you to preview the contents of the archives, without extracting them, and protects the data by encrypting it. Unfortunately it is not free, it costs 20,99 euros.
  • Betterzip - This is a powerful archive manager for Mac that interfaces not only with SIT files but also with all other compressed archive formats, common and otherwise. It also allows you to open the archives without extracting them and has a nice interface. It is free to download but is also available in a paid variant with additional features.
  • UnRAR Free - Another application for macOS belonging to the category in question capable of extracting archives in SIT format but also RAR ones (as easily deducible from the name itself), ZIP, 7Z and TAR. It is very fast and has a nice user interface. It also allows you to compress files. It is free to download but offers extra paid options that must be unlocked through in-app purchases.

Extract the .SIT Archives on Windows

At the beginning of the article, I told you that SIT format archives are quite common on Apple-branded computers, which is why I preferred to deal mostly with the question as regards the macOS side. Considering, however, that not infrequently it happens to see this compressed file format even on Windows, bearing in mind that the tool for compressing / decompressing standard files is not able to handle it and that not even any of the most "Popular" category, such as WinRAR, are not useful in this sense, knowing which software can be exploited to face those rare occasions when the need arises can undoubtedly be useful.

In this regard, I would therefore like to talk to you about PeaZip, a free and open source software for the management of compressed files that supports all the main archives and not just the SIT ones. It also supports encrypted files, multi-volume archives and the creation of ZIP, ZIPX and 7z archives. It's free, works on all versions of Windows and is also available in a no-install variant.

To download the program on your computer, connect to the official website of the same and click on the button PeaZip 64 bit Free Download if you are using a 64-bit system or on the button PeaZip Free Download if you are still using a 32-bit system then click on the button Download PeaZip.

When the download is complete, open the executable file obtained and, in the window that opens, first press the button Yes and then Next. Therefore accept the terms of use by checking the box next to the wording I accept the Agreement, award-winning Next and set the program language to Italian by selecting the option IT – Italian from the appropriate drop-down menu. Then press on Next, choose the file formats you want to open automatically and finish the setup by clicking on Next, its install and Finish.

Now, right click on the SIT format archive you intended to extract, choose PeaZip from the context menu that opens and selects Open as archive. In the window that at this point you will see appear on the desktop, you will find yourself in front of the contents of the SIT archive. Then press the button Extract which is up and then up OK placed at the bottom and the contents of the compressed file will be extracted in the position of the original one. It was easy, wasn't it?

Extract the .SIT Online Archives

Don't want to install new programs on your computer (Mac or Windows) but do you still need, albeit occasional, to extract SIT files? Then use, a service that can be used directly from the window of the web browser (any), without having to download absolutely anything on the computer. It is free, easy to use, supports files with a maximum size of 200 MB and everything uploaded online is removed after 24 hours (so it guarantees a good level of security). The ability to enter the SIT archives is not explicitly reported but I assure you it works!

To use it, first connect to the home page of the service and then click on the button Uncompress files and then Choose file to select the SIT file to extract. Then press the button uncompress files and wait for the procedure to start and complete and for the list of files in the archive to be shown, which you can then download by simply clicking on their names.