How to Export Outlook Address Book

After trying the Microsoft Web Mail service for a few weeks,, have you decided to move to another platform and are you looking for a way to export contacts from it? You would like to transfer the address book of the office, where you use Microsoft Office Outlook, on your home PC but you don't know how to do it? Perfect, you've come to the right place at the right time.

With today's guide, we will see how to save contacts from and Outlook to have a backup copy and transfer them to other programs or e-mail services. I assure you that it is a real child's play and that it takes very few moments to do everything, so let's not waste any more time and see immediately how to export Outlook address book.

I will deal first with, then with the classic Outlook for Windows and macOS (in its 2016 version, which at the time of writing is the most recent) and, finally, the Outlook mobile application, which is available for Android , iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. In short: whatever device or operating system you use, you will be able to find the solution that's right for you. All that remains for me is to wish you good reading and have fun!

Export the Address Book

Let's start by seeing how to export Outlook address book, the Web Mail service that has replaced Hotmail. In this case, the first step you need to take is to access your mailbox, click on the icon with the 9 squares located at the top left and select the item People In the menu that comes mostrato.

On the page that opens, click on the entry Manage che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Export contacts in the menu that appears. Then expand the drop-down menu Contacts from this folder and choose whether to export all contacts or just a few contacts, then going to select a list from those available.

Per finire, click on your button Export to download the address book of in CSV format. The file obtained can be used to import contacts into any other e-mail client (eg. Thunderbird) and / or Web-Mail service. If you need more information about it, you can check out my post on how to open CSV files.

Export the Outlook for Windows Address Book

If you want to know how to export Outlook for Windows address book, the program included in the Microsoft Office package, you must first click on the button Filletplaced in the upper left and then on the item options. In the window that opens, select the item Advanced from the left sidebar and click on the button Export.

Select quindi l'opzione Export to a file and click sul pulsating forward, Choose comma separated values ​​(Windows) as export format and continue the procedure highlighting the item Contacts (or by selecting one of the sub-folders referring to the contacts available in the program). After this step too, click on the button forward, Then Shop by Departmentand select the path to save the CSV file with Outlook contacts.

To start the actual saving of the data, click on the buttons forward e end. At the end of the process, you will be able to import your Outlook contacts into other e-mail programs and services by following the instructions in my tutorial on how to open CSV files.

For direct import into Outlook, I just tell you that just go to the menu File> Open and Export, click on the button Import / Export and choose the option first Import data from other programs or files and then the voice Comma separated values. Once the CSV file with the contacts has been selected, the import procedure will be completed in a few seconds: I also told you about it in my guide on how to import contacts into Outlook.

Export the Outlook for MacOS Address Book

You have a Poppy? In this case, you can export the Outlook address book in the form of singles file VCF selecting the i icon two men located at the bottom left and choosing the contacts to copy: you can use the combination cmd + click to select individual names or the combination cmd + a to select all contacts at the same time. If you want to view only certain contacts or not all the names in the Outlook address book, remove the check mark from the contact lists you do not want to display in the left sidebar.

At this point, you just have to drag the contacts you have selected into a folder on your computer and these, as if by "magic", will turn into VCF files to be imported into any Web Mail client or service following the instructions you can find in my tutorial on how to open VCF files.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can export all contacts in a single file in OLM (compatible only with Outlook). To do this, go to the menu File> Export Outlook (top left) and, in the window that opens, put the check mark only next to the item Contacts.

Then click on the button Continue, choose the path to save the file and click on the button Save but I will complete the operation.

Next, to import OLM contacts into Outlook for Mac, go to the menu File> Import program (top left), put the check mark next to the item Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm)click on your button Continue and select the file you exported earlier. how to import contacts into outlook.

Export the Outlook for Android Address Book

Outlook is also available as an application for Android and allows you to synchronize your address book with that of the green robot's operating system. In reality, the application is not essential to obtain synchronization of the Outlook address book with Android: the same result can be obtained simply by connecting your Outlook / Hotmail account to Android, as I have also explained to you in my guide on how to configure Hotmail on Android .

Once the Outlook address book has been synchronized with Android, you can manage it, and therefore also export it, through the Google Contacts application, which you should find installed “as standard” on your smartphone or tablet. If not, you can easily fix it by opening the Play Store (the ▶ icon is present on the home screen or on the screen with the list of all the apps installed on your device), by searching Google contacts inside the latter and pressing on installation button of the app.

Once the app is installed Google contacts, start the latter, press the ☰ button located at the top left and select the icon Outlook from the menu that appears on the screen. Next, tap the ⋮ button located at the top right and choose the item Select all from the menu that opens to select all the contacts in the Outlook address book.

Alternatively, if you want to export only some contacts, make a long tap on one of the names of your interest and select the others by placing the check mark next to them. Finally, press the button sharing (the icon with the three dots connected to each other) located at the top right, wait for a file to be generated VCF with the Outlook address book and choose what to do with it.

Using the Android share menu, you can auto-email the VCF file to you using an application such as gmail, you can save it to a cloud storage service likedropbox o Google Drive or you can share it in any other app suitable for the purpose. The choice is yours.

To know, then, how to open the VCF file you got on other devices or applications, refer to my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

Export the Outlook for IOS Address Book

The Outlook address book can also be synchronized with iPhone e iPad (as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to set up Hotmail on iPhone), where it is merged with the iOS address book. This means that it is not possible to export it separately, but only together with the rest of the contacts that are present in the address book of the Apple operating system.

If you accept this compromise, don't think twice and download My Contacts Backup: it is an app that allows you to export iOS contacts in VCF o CSV. It is free for up to 500 contacts, after which it requires the purchase of a Pro version, which costs 2,29 euros.

To download the application to your iPhone or iPad, open theApp Store (the “A” icon on a blue background located on the home screen), then select the card Search located at the bottom right, look for the name of the application and proceed with the installation of the latter by pressing the button Ottieni / Installa. You may be asked to authenticate via Face ID, touch ID or entering the password dell'ID Apple.

At the end of the download, start My Contacts Backup, allow the app to access your address book and press theicona dell'ingranaggio which is located at the bottom right. Then go to the menu Type and choose whether to export the contacts in CSV o vCard (VCF). Once this is done, press the buttons end e Backup/Export and wait for the file with the contacts to be generated.

If a message appears stating that the address book file is too large and you must therefore give up the inclusion of profile pictures, reply OK. Once the file is generated, then tap the button Email and auto-sent the file with the iOS address book.

Once you have your file in VCF or CSV format, you can import it to other systems and devices by following the instructions you find in my tutorials on how to open VCF files and how to open CSV files.