How to Edit Photos Online for Free

Do you need to edit a photo "on the fly" but there is no photo editing program on the PC you are currently using? Stop looking for the Photoshop installation disk and start your browser. Bulky desktop programs are no longer required to perform certain tasks. If you need to apply slight corrections to a photo, you can safely rely on online photo editing services like the ones I'm about to tell you about.

You ask me if they are paid? Absolutely not (or at least not mandatory for the basic version of some services). And if it sounds too good to be true, try it for yourself. So follow the directions I am about to give you and you will finally discover come modificare le photo online for free without installing any program on your computer, without signing up and without paying any subscription fee. I bet that after using them for the first time, all the sites listed below will end up right in the bookmarks of your browser!

Then? What are you still doing standing there? Take a few minutes of free time all to yourself, make yourself comfortable and immediately start concentrating on reading this guide. You will see, in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with what you have learned and moreover I am sure that in case of need you will also be ready and available to dispense advice to all your friends in need of similar tips. What do you say, we bet?

Photoshop Express Editor

Let's start this guide on how to edit photos online for free by talking about the online version of Photoshop. Did you know there was one? No? Then connect immediately to the website of Photoshop Express Editor (that's what it's called!) and click on the blue link Start the Editor which is located at the bottom to start using it. In the box that opens, click the button UPLOAD PHOTO and select the photo you want to edit from your computer.

Now, you are free to unleash your imagination to edit the photo you just selected. You have two groups of tools at your disposal, those present under the tab Edit that allow you to apply basic changes to the image (e.g. resizing, red-eye removal, brightness adjustment, etc.) and special effects (e.g. black and white, crystallization, etc.) and those accessible from the card Decorate that allow you to add text, frames and other objects to the photo.

To apply a special effect to your photo with Photoshop Express (ex. Auto Correct which automatically corrects colors, brightness and contrast of the image), all you have to do is select it from the left sidebar and click on one of the previews that appear at the top (in order to select the depth level of the effect to be applied). The same goes for the decorations: to insert one in the photo, select it from the left sidebar, click on the point of the image where you want to view it and resize / move it with the mouse.

When you are satisfied with the result, you can save the photo edited with Photoshop Express to your computer by simply clicking on the button Done which is located at the bottom right. In the box that opens, click on the button Save, type the name you want to give the photo in the field Filename and click Save to complete the operation. If you want, through the buttons Share you can also share your photo on Facebook and other social networks.

Finally, I would like to point out that for the moment the service only supports files in JPG format, so be sure not to select images in other formats, such as BMP, GIF or PNG. Furthermore, in order to use Photoshop Express Editor it is essential that the Web browser used to use the service is equipped with  Flash Player (if you remember correctly, I explained how to download and install it in my guide on the subject).


Another great site that allows you to edit photos online for free is Sumopaint. From the aesthetic point of view, it fully follows the old versions of Photoshop. It is based on Flash technology so it only works on browsers on which this plugin is enabled.

To use it, connected to its home page, click on the icon of pennant at the top left and select Italian from the menu that is shown to you to change the language of use of the service. Then go to the menu Filletclick your Open from my computer and select the image to edit. Eventually, you can choose the option Opened from URL ... to open an image online by indicating its link or you can create a new "empty" image to work on freely by clicking on the option New image.

Once you upload or create the image, you will immediately settle into the service interface. On the left you will find the toolbar with brushes, palettes and other photo editing tools, on the right the layer control panel and at the top the menus for managing files, selecting filters and so on.

Among the filters available in the appropriate Sumopaint menu there is really everything: from 3D effects to blur passing through light effects and artistic stylizations of images. Each filter, just like in Photoshop, can be adjusted to the desired intensity before being applied to the photo. In the menu Imageinstead, you will find all the options to rotate the photo and adjust the image and canvas size.

When you have completed the work with Sumopaint and are satisfied with the result, you can easily save your images by selecting the item Save on my computer from the menu Fillet of the site. In the box that opens, put the check mark next to the entry for the file format in which you want to save the retouched photo (PNG o JPG), adjust the quality that the output file should have using the appropriate adjustment bar and click on the button Save but I will complete the operation.


Another good service that I invite you to try to edit your photos through the Internet is Polarr. It is a well-known online application for photo editing that allows you to apply countless filters and to intervene on parameters such as color, brightness, etc. some photos. It is based on the most innovative Web technologies that allow it to work practically flawlessly on all the most up-to-date browsers without having to use third-party plugins. The service is free but offers some advanced features intended only for those who choose to upgrade to the Pro version of the service.

You ask me how to use it? To begin with, connect to its home page and click on the button I will start. A quick tutorial will therefore start through which all the main features of the service will be illustrated (if you are not interested, you can skip it by clicking on the button Salta which appears above).

Then select the photo to edit (by clicking on the rectangle with the down arrow located at the top left) and then use the icons located on the left and right of the screen to perform the desired editing activities. To apply Instagram-style filters, press the icon with i three dots located in the left sidebar while to add texts click on the button with the letter to". If, on the other hand, you want to change the colors, the perspective or the dimensions of the image, use the buttons located in the sidebar on the right.

Once you have the desired final result, save the edited image to your computer by clicking on the rectangle with arrow upward is located at the top right. Indicate the format (you can choose between JPG, PNG e TIFF), the quality and the name of the file and then click on the button Save a copy. If you want, before saving the image on your computer you can also choose whether to add a watermark and how to intervene regarding the metadata simply by clicking on the tab Filigree and adjusting the available options as you see fit.


In an article dedicated to the best services through which to edit photos online for free, it is practically a must to also talk about iPiccy. This is a free service, very easy to use and full of interesting features.

To use it, connected to the main page of the same and first presses the button Start editing now and subsequently on Upload photo to choose the image on which to act. So use the left sidebar and the buttons it contains to make all the necessary changes: by clicking on Fix image you can leave iPiccy the task of automatically adjusting the parameters of the photo (brightness, colors, etc.); with buttons Resize image e Crop picture you can resize or cut the image etc.

The buttons at the top of the page, on the other hand, allow access to other types of tools: the Magic wand allows you to view the list of artistic effects applicable to the photo; the icon oflittle man allows you to access tools to eliminate skin imperfections; the icon with i sheets allows you to manage image levels, etc. You can also access a Photoshop-style editor with brushes and geometric shapes by simply clicking on the icon color palette.

When you are satisfied with the result, save the edited photo by first clicking on the icon floppy disk and then on the button Save to my computer.


Another great service you can turn to to edit photos online for free is Pixlr. It is also free, it is extremely versatile and can be used without regrets in place of any computer-specific photo editing software, at least in all those cases where the need is to apply slight changes to the images. It does not require registration and works with all major web browsers (provided, however, that we have support for the aforementioned Flash Player).

The service is divided into three different applications that can be more or less useful depending on the different circumstances and needs.

  • Pixlr Editor - It has a user interface practically identical to that of Photoshop: on the left there is a bar with numerous tools while at the top there is a menu for selecting filters.
  • Pixlr Express - Offers the same functions as Pixlr Editor plus some filters and a series of frames and stickers to decorate images. Its interface is structured with buttons and is highly intuitive.
  • Pixlr o-matic - It is very easy to use and allows you to apply filters, frames and various effects to the chosen images, giving beautiful final results in a "setting" of a real photographic studio. In short, it is a kind of enhanced Instagram!


To finish off, as they say, I want to report you Rollip, a no-frills and highly intuitive online service that you can use to edit your photos "on the fly" by simply applying Instagram-style effects.

The operation of the service is so intuitive that there is no need to even explain how it works. In any case, to use it all you have to do is connect to its website and click on the button Click to create located in the center of the screen. On the page that is shown to you, choose the photo filter you are interested in applying to your image, press the button Choose file/Shop by Department and indicates the photo to be edited.

So wait a few moments for the changes to be applied and that's it! You can then save the photo by simply clicking on Download this photo. Eventually, you can apply further corrections to the chosen image using the buttons located on the right.