How to Download Wetransfer

A colleague of yours sent you some data on WeTransfer and, still not very familiar with this file sharing service, would you like a hand to use it? Would you like to know how to download its official client on your computer and / or mobile devices and how to use it to download the files that have been sent to you? Don't worry, you've come to the right place at the right time.

In fact, in today's guide, I'll show you how to download WeTransfer on your computer, using some web browser extensions or by installing the application for macOS. Furthermore, I will explain how to download and install the app of this service on your smartphone or tablet and, finally, I will explain how to download the files you have received from any platform.

How do you say? Is that exactly what you wanted to know? Then let's not waste any more time! Sit down comfortably and give me a few minutes of free time, so as to carefully read the procedures you will find in the next lines and put them into practice. I assure you it will really be a breeze. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! There is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and a good download!

How to Download WeTransfer

WeTransfer it can be used by both computers and smartphones and tablets. In the next chapters, therefore, I will show you how to download and install the WeTransfer on devices on which this is officially available.

How to Download WeTransfer on PC

If you want download WeTransfer on PC, I inform you that the service can be used from a web browser, through the official website, so no client installation is required. Be aware, however, that you can install an extension for the Firefox browser, which allows you to upload files to WeTransfer without reaching the official website of the service from time to time. Are you interested? Well then let's proceed!

To download the WeTransfer to Firefox, go to the extension web page on the Mozilla Addons site and click the button first Add to Firefox and then InstallYou will notice the successful installation of WeTransfer in Firefox from the appearance of the icon with the letters WE in the upper right corner of the browser window.

How to Download WeTransfer on Mac

WeTransfer is also available as an application for MacOS, is available for free on the Mac App Store and allows you to upload files to the service (to download files, just use the browser, just like on Windows).

To download and install the WeTransfer application on Mac, reach the link I just provided and press the button See in the Mac App Store, to launch the macOS virtual store. Alternatively, start the Mac App Store using the appropriate icon (the one with the Stylized "A") that you find on the Dock, and type the term "Wetransfer"In the bar Search at the top left, selecting the corresponding result.

Once this is done, in the WeTransfer that is shown to you, press the button Get and then Install, in order to proceed with the download and installation of the appropriate application of this service. You may be asked to verify your identity by entering your Apple ID password or Touch ID (if your Mac has this component).

Once the download is complete, click on the button apri or click the icon of WeTransfer that you find in Launchpad, to start the application. WeTransfer will be available as an icon in the top menu bar, ready to use.

How to Download WeTransfer on IPhone

On smartphones and tablets, WeTransfer is available as Collect: an app to collect files, notes and ideas within your online space. For download WeTransfer on iPhone (or your iPad), tap on theApp Store (Quella with the Stylized "A") on the home screen and press the tab Search, which you find at the bottom right. Once this is done, use the search bar at the top to type in the term "Wetransfer”And press on Search on the keyboard.

At this point, locate the app Collect produced by WeTransfer and tap on it. Alternatively, tap on this link to open theApp Store on your iPhone and iPad in the app section Collect. In the app tab, press the button Get and then Install, unlocking download and installation via Face ID, Touch ID or iCloud account password. Upon completion of the procedure, press the button apri to start the app or use its icon on the home screen.

How to Download WeTransfer on Android

The app Collect di WeTransfer, Which allows is also available to collect data and notes on their online space, on Android smartphones and tablets and is free for download from the Play Store. To download and install it, go to the link I gave you from your device, or start the Play Store and use the search bar at the top to type the term "Wetransfer".

From the search results, then select the one related to the app Collect, press the button Install and wait for the download and installation to complete. Once this is done, press the button apri or use the icon Collect that you find on the home screen or in the drawer of the Android mobile device.

How to Download Files from WeTransfer

If you received a file download link via WeTransfer, in the next chapters I will explain how to proceed using the web browser or apps for Android and iOS.

How to Download WeTransfer Files on PC

If you received a link of WeTransfer to retrieve the data sent to you, you can proceed to download them via your computer's web browser. The extensions for the browser and the application for MacOS, which I mentioned in the previous chapter, only support the upload and then share the files.

For download a WeTransfer file on PC, then click on the link received, so that it opens in the Internet browser set as default on your PC. On the web page that is shown to you, then click on the button Download and the download of the data that has been shared to you will begin immediately. It was simple, wasn't it?

How to Download WeTransfer Files on IPhone

Su iPhone e iPad, WeTransfer links are opened directly via the web browser Safari. What you need to do is scroll down the screen and locate the wording Download the file, to proceed with opening the file through the browser.

Since Safari does not include a download manager, at the end of the download (which will prove to be a long loading within the browser itself), you can choose which app, among those installed on your “iPhone by”, to open or keep the downloaded file. For example, you can press on the wording Open in File and choose whether to keep the file on iCloud Drive or on the device memory (Your iPhone).

In case the attached file is an image, this will not be downloaded, but opened directly in Safari. To save the image to the device memory, keep your finger pressed on it, so that a box appears in the lower area. Once this is done, select the item Save immagine and the image will be imported into the iOS photo gallery.

As an alternative to the procedure I indicated in the previous lines, you can download the WeTransfer via the app Collect, which I told you about in this chapter. To do this, on the web page opened via Safari, first prize Save with the Collect App and then press on the wording apri, in the box in the center of the screen.

After the app Collect will start, press the button Save items, down, and then up Done. This way, you will have added the item to your collection in the app. To download now, tap on the thumbnail of the file and press onicon (...) bottom right. In the screen you see, if the received file is an image, choose the item Save to Camera roll to transfer a copy to your iOS Camera Roll.

If the file is a document or other type of file other than an image, you can only add to the app, without the ability to download it on your iPhone or iPad memory. In this case, the only alternative you have left is to share it externally, via messaging app or email, using the appropriate share button che trovi in ​​basso.

How to Download WeTransfer Files on Android

On smartphones and tablets Android, you can download any file received through WeTransfer using the web browser or the app Collect, which I told you about in this chapter.

First, then tap on the link received and scroll the screen of the web page opened with the browser, until you find the wording Download the file. At this point, presses on the item in question, in order to immediately start downloading the file.

Alternatively, you can proceed to download the files through the app Collect. To do so, on the Web page that is shown to you when you tap on the WeTransfer link, press the button Save with the Collect App and press on miniature preview you see. At this point, click on the icon , bottom right, and choose the item Save to device from the menu that opens, to start downloading the file on the device memory.