How to Download Torrents

In the end you made up your mind! You ditched that eMule snail and started using BitTorrent, one of the most used peer-to-peer networks in the world. I bet you're already downloading movies, apps and tons of other files at lightning speed right now, right? How would you say no ?! Have you installed software for the BitTorrent network but the downloads are all slow? Then I guess you need a hand to set everything up.

If you want download Torrent quickly, you have to download the right programs, you have to get Torrent files with a good number of active sources (possibly complete sources) and you have to configure your devices - PC and router - so that they do not block incoming connections " castrando ”also the performances in download.

I know, this sounds like a very difficult thing, stuff for "geeks" in short, and instead I assure you that it is not! If you follow the advice I'm about to give you to the letter and pay attention to all the steps you need to take, you will be able to download from the BitTorrent network at maximum speed, I guarantee it. All you need is five minutes of free time. Happy reading and have fun!

Download a Torrent Client

The first step you need to take is to download a Torrent client, which is a program that can download and share files on the BitTorrent network. There are tons to choose from, all free and easy to use: let's see some of the most interesting.

Personally, I recommend that you combine the installation of any Torrent client with that of one VPN, that is, a virtual private network for use the BitTorrent network anonymously, avoiding the tracking of ISPs or malicious people. With VPNs, you can also avoid regional blocks and access foreign catalogs of streaming services. There are many VPN solutions available: among the most reliable ones, I recommend you NordVPN (of which I also gave you a review) e Surfshark, which allow you to download and browse online safely from PC / Mac, smartphone, tablet and other devices by relying on servers scattered all over the world; all at affordable prices.


It is one of the most used Torrent clients in the world. It is fast, works on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux =) and supports all the latest technologies for exchanging files on the BitTorrent network. It even includes a feature that automatically optimizes download and upload settings based on the performance of your connection. In short, it is a very good software. It's just a pity that in the latest releases it has been filled with advertising banners and promotional programs that you have to "dodge" during installation (at least for the free version of the program, there is also a paid version without advertising).

After this brief presentation, let's get down to business. To download uTorrent on your PC, connect to its official website and click on the button Download uTorrent for Windows for two consecutive times. Then open the software installation package (uTorrent.exe) and click the buttons in sequence OK, Yes, forwardfor two consecutive times, Accept and again forward per due turn consecutive.

Therefore remove the check mark from the item Yes, I’d love to check out this download to not download promotional music content, go forward and click on end to finish the setup. If you are asked to install additional promotional software, decline by clicking on Skip Offer and / or I do not agree.

As mentioned above, uTorrent is also available for OS X. To download it on your Mac, connect to the program's website and click on the button Free download for Mac. Then open the package dmg that contains the software, starts the executable uTorrent contained within it and click in sequence on the buttons apri, Continue, Decline (to bypass promotional software) e Done.

With that is all. If you need help setting up uTorrent or want to learn how to use uTorrent Mac, feel free to read my guides about it.


qBitTorrent is a program for download torrent free and open source born as a "clean" alternative to uTorrent. It offers all the functions of the latter, does not show advertising banners, does not include promotional software and is compatible with all major computer operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It also includes a very useful search function that allows you to find files on the BitTorrent network without opening the browser!

To download qBitTorrent on your computer, connected to the official website of the program and click on the item first qBittorrent vx.x installer and PGP signature which is next to the Windows flag and then on that Download qBittorrent Windows present on the page that opens. Then open the software installation package (qbittorrent_xx_setup.exe) and first click on Yes and then OK e forward.

Accept the conditions of use of the program, putting the check mark next to the item I accept the license conditions, and complete the setup by clicking on first forward twice in a row and then on Install e end.

If you use a Mac, download qBitTorrent by connecting to the official website of the program and clicking on the item first qBittorrent vxx placed next to the apple logo and then on the link Download qBittorrent Mac OS X found on the page that opens. Next, open the package dmg which contains qBitTorrent, drag the software icon to the folder Applications of OS X and that's it.

To take advantage of the Torrent search function I mentioned earlier, you have to go to the menu View qBitTorrent and select the item Search engine from the latter. On Windows you will be asked to install Python: it is a free component essential for the operation of the search system, accept its installation without fear (by clicking on the button Yes).


Transmission is one of the most popular Torrent clients in the Mac environment. It has an extremely intuitive user interface, guarantees excellent performance and supports all the latest BitTorrent technologies. It is compatible with Linux and there is also a version for Windows, which however, between us, is not the best in terms of performance and stability. Personally on the Microsoft platform I tend to recommend qBitTorrent and uTorrent. On the Mac, however, it's a whole other story.

If you have a Mac and want to try Transmission, connect to the program's website and click on the item first Download Now and then on that Transmission-xx.dmg (next to the "X" of OS X). Once the download is complete, open the package dmg which contains Transmission, drag the software icon to the folder Applications of OS X and that's it.


Deluge is another excellent alternative to uTorrent available for all popular operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It's free, open source and offers a user experience very similar to that of qBitTorrent; perhaps it is a bit less graphically refined and on Windows it is a bit more greedy of resources, but it remains a software to be absolutely taken into consideration.

To download it to your PC, connect to its official website and click on the item first XP, Vista, 7 - 10 that you find in the middle of the page and then on the link deluge-xx-win32-py2.6-setup.exe present at the top of the screen that opens. When the download is complete, open the Deluge installation package (eg. deluge-1.3.12-1-win32-py2.6-setup.exe) and complete the application setup by clicking on the buttons in sequence Yes, Next, I Agree, Next for two more consecutive times, install, Next e Finish. If you are asked to install the external component Microsoft Visual C ++, accept by clicking on the button Yes and download it from the web page that opens.

Do you use a Mac? In this case you can download Deluge by connecting to the application website and clicking on the item first and then on the link deluge-xx-osx-x64-inst.dmg present at the top of the page that opens. Once the download is complete, open the package dmg which contains Deluge and install the software on your computer by copying its icon to the folder Applications OS X. If you get an error message when starting the program, right click on the Deluge icon and select the item apri give the menu to compare.


A program for downloading Torrent files also available in a portable version. You can copy it to any hard drive or USB stick and use it without going through tedious installation processes. For Windows and Linux only.

To download it on your PC, connected to its official website and click on the link placed under the heading Tixati Portable Edition in .zip archive. Then open the zip package you just downloaded (eg., extract the contents to any folder and start the program tixati_Windows32bit.exe or the program tixati_Windows64bit.exe depending on whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

Configure the Router

After choosing a program for download torrent, you need to configure the modem / router you use to connect to the Internet to free the ports it uses to accommodate incoming connections.

Then start your favorite navigation program and access the router control panel by connecting to the address oppure all'indirizzo If neither of these two "coordinates" turns out to be exact, find out what is the IP address of your router by following my guide on the subject. Then type in the username and password combination needed to access the router's administration panel (if you haven't changed it it should be admin / admin or admin / password, in any case check the device manual) and proceed as follows.

Look for the entry for port mapping o all 'port forwarding (usually found in the advanced settings screen), create a new one rule (or a new one virtual server) and fill out the form that is proposed to you. You must specify theIP address of your computer within the local network (e.g. and enter the port number used by your Torrent client in the fields inner door e external door. Enter as type of door TCP.

Unfortunately I cannot be more precise in my indications as each brand of modem / router has an administration panel structured in a different way, but in my tutorials on how to open the router ports for uTorrent and how to open the router ports you will find examples practical related to all the most famous brands of modem / router.

To find out which port your Torrent client is using to accommodate incoming connections, go to settings of the program and check the parameters related to the network. For example, in uTorrent you have to go to the menu Options> Settings I will select the voice Connection from the left sidebar, while in qBitTorrent you have to go to the menu Tools> Options> Connection.

How to Download Torrent Files

Now you have the right program, the router configured as it should but… you are missing torrent files to download! To search for movies, software, music and other content on the BitTorrent network you have to rely on one of the many sites that index them.

One of the most “supplied” is Zooqle, which has a database that includes thousands of TV series, movies, games, applications and other content. How does it work? Simple: connect to its main page and browse the categories of content available using the icon at the top or search for the file you want to download, using the appropriate bar located at the top left.

The search results are automatically sorted by rating, that is, based on the number of seed e leech. What is it about? The former indicate the number of complete sources a file has (the more there are the better), the latter indicates the number of incomplete sources. In principle it is better to avoid torrents that have few seeds as they make it difficult to find the entire file conveyed by the torrent.

Then click on the result that has the most sources to its credit (i.e. the one with the greenest graph) and start downloading the file to your favorite Torrent program. You have two ways to do this: download a small file with the extension .torrent and open it with your client or click on the item magnet.

The .torrent file is a few KB document that contains all the "coordinates" to get the files from the BitTorrent network through a support server called tracker. The magnet linkinstead, it is a connection that allows you to start downloading data from the BitTorrent network instantly, without downloading files that act as intermediaries on the PC. From a technical point of view, for us users it changes little if we use a torrent file or a magnet link, in every razor I recommend the latter because they are more comfortable and simple to use.

If Zooqle does not completely satisfy you, I would like to point out that in my guide on Torrent sites I have reported to you several sites and search engines that allow you to find files on the BitTorrent network: add them all to your bookmarks and you will not regret it!