How to Download Torrent Music

Would you like to download some music from the BitTorrent network but being a beginner with this P2P system you don't know where to look for it? Maybe I can give you a hand. Indeed, the many software and many search engines dedicated to the BitTorrent network that are available online can give it to you.

All you have to do is search for an album or artist title, click on a link and let your Torrent client do the rest. You can also find single songs, but usually on the BitTorrent network we tend to prefer sharing entire albums or collections. But now let's not get too lost in chatting, take five minutes of free time and find out how to download Torrent music thanks to the information I'm about to give you. I bet you will be surprised at the ease with which you can find albums, collections and songs of all kinds, including works by independent artists and concert recordings distributed completely legally online.

Warning: I remind you that illegally downloading copyrighted works from the Internet is a crime. This guide has been written for illustrative purposes only, it is absolutely not my intention to promote piracy and therefore I do not take any responsibility for the use that may be made of the information illustrated below.

Which Client to Use to Download Torrent Music?

Currently, the most used Torrent client in the world is uTorrent. But I advise you to turn to a different software: qBitTorrent.

qBitTorrent is free and open source software that offers most of the features included in uTorrent, plus an internal search function that allows you to find music - and any other type of file - on the BitTorrent network without opening the browser. It also does not have any advertising banners and does not offer annoying promotional content during the installation process. It is compatible not only with Windows, but also with macOS and Linux.

To download qBitTorrent on your computer, connect to the program's website and click on the item qBittorrent vxx installer located next to the Windows flag. Once the download is complete, open the file qbittorrent_xx_setup.exe you have just downloaded on your PC and first click on Yes and then OK e forward. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the license conditions and complete the software installation by first clicking on forward twice in a row then on Install e end.

If you use a Mac, you can download qBitTorrent by connecting to its official website and clicking on the item qBitTorrent vxx placed next to the Apple logo. Once the download is complete, open the package dmg you just downloaded to your computer and drag the program icon to the folder Applications of macOS. The first time you start qBitTorrent, if a warning appears that you have downloaded the software from an unsafe source and therefore the application does not run, right click on its icon and select the item apri from the menu that appears. The next time the program will start normally by clicking on its icon in the macOS Launchpad or by searching for it in Spotlight.

At this point, the procedure to follow is virtually identical on all operating systems. After starting qBitTorrent you must accept its terms of use and activate the search function for Torrent files by selecting the item Search engine from the menu View (up). If you are using Windows you will be prompted to install Python, a free software necessary for the operation of the search engine. Accept its download and everything will happen automatically: within a few seconds you will see the tab to search in qBitTorrent and you can find the music to download directly from there. How? I'll explain it to you right away.

Once the tab is selected Research from qBitTorrent main window, set the option Music from the drop-down menu relating to the type of file to find and start your search. Once you have found the files of your interest, double click on their name and they will be added to the program's download queue. If you don't want to limit your search to just music files, leave this option on All Categories in the drop-down menu for the type of file to find.

Just like uTorrent, qBitTorrent must also be configured in the router by opening the port that the program uses to receive incoming connections. If you don't do this, which I talked about extensively in my tutorial on how to open router ports, downloads will go slower.

For added security, I recommend that you use one VPN that allows you to use the BitTorrent network and browse online anonymously, also offering you the ability to overcome regional blocks, censorship and access foreign catalogs of streaming services without being tracked. There are so many VPN solutions you can try - I recommend you NordVPN (which I told you well here) e Surfshark, which are very cheap, work on all devices (PC / Mac, smartphones, tablets and other devices) and take advantage of many servers scattered all over the world.

Torrent Search Engines

If you don't use qBitTorrent, or anyway you are looking for an alternative method to find e download Torrent music, go to one of the sites listed below. These are search engines that index the files on the BitTorrent network and allow you to find them easily, based on their names.

Once the search has been performed, to download a file from the BitTorrent network you must select its name from the search results and click on the link to download the relative file .torrent or to use the magnet link. What is it about? Nothing complicated, quiet.

Both solutions lead to the download of the same files, but technically the download takes place in a different way: the .torrent file is a document of a few KB that contains the "coordinates" that the client (eg uTorrent or qBitTorrent) must use. to download files from the BitTorrent network. The magnet link is a link that the client "captures" automatically, as soon as you click on it, and allows you to download files from the BitTorrent network without taking "bridge" files on the PC. I tend to recommend the use of magnet links but for us end users the difference between one method and the other is not great. That said, let's not dwell too much on the technical aspects and get to know some good search engine for Torrent files.

Among the search engines currently available online, I recommend you try TorrentSeeker, which is the link with some of the best Torrent sites in the world. In other words, it allows you to search for Torrent files on dozens of different sites and find out which ones have the most sources (peer). The number of full sources (peers) and partial sources (seeds) is critical when downloading a file from the BitTorrent network. In fact, the more sources you have, the more people share a file and the faster the download speed is.

Made this necessary clarification, there is not much to add about TorrentSeeker, the site is extremely intuitive. Once you have carried out your search within the site - using the bar located in the center of the home page -, make sure that the list of files found is arranged according to racing (i.e. the degree of reliability of the Torrent and the number of sources available) and click on the name of the one you want to download.

On the page that opens, click on the item for download the .torrent file or to call up the magnet link of the latter and that's it. Feed the .torrent file or magnet link to your Torrent client and wait patiently for the program to do its job.

If you want, in my guide on Torrent sites you will find links and instructions on how to use many other sites dedicated to searching for files on the BitTorrent network: there are really something for everyone!

Free Music Sites

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, there are also sites that allow you to download works by independent artists and concert recordings in a completely legal way (as well as free). One of these is which in its rich audio section hosts concert recordings, old radio broadcasts and many other public domain content, which can be listened to and downloaded to your PC at no cost.

The graphics of the site are quite intuitive. To access the archive with the concerts, for example, just click on the icon Live Music Archive and select the name of your favorite artist. Then you have to select the concert you are interested in and start the download of the related .torrent file by clicking on the item Torrent located in the right sidebar. In addition to via BitTorrent, the files available on can also be downloaded directly (via browser) using the other links available in the right sidebar.

Other sections of that might interest you are those Music, Arts & Culture where there are recordings of old vinyls and music podcasts; Community audio in which there are various audio files shared by site users e Old time radio where you can find recordings of old radio broadcasts (mostly in English). There is so much interesting material that you will get lost on this site!