How to Download Mouse Pointers

You have changed a thousand wallpapers, hundreds of icons and dozens of desktop themes, but you have always missed one detail: the mouse pointer. Think about it, every time you've changed the look of your Windows (and you've done it often) you've never changed the dull white dart that "flutters" up and down the screen. What an unforgivable mistake for a style freak like you… but don't worry, we'll fix it right away! If you take five minutes of free time and focus on reading this article of mine, I can explain to you right away how to download mouse pointers.

On the Internet there are in fact many pointers to download at no cost that are just waiting to land on the desktop of your PC. There are a bit for all tastes: simple, colorful, stylized and so on and so forth. You just have to choose the one that best suits you, or rather that best suits your virtual desk, download it and apply it. How do you say? Not sure how to change the "dart"? Don't worry, I've also thought about this: you can find everything explained in detail at the end of the guide.

Then? How about banning the chatter and starting to get serious? Yes? Very well. I therefore suggest not wasting any more precious time and immediately starting to focus on what to do. I am more than sure that in the end you will be able to tell yourself very happy and satisfied with the thing, that you will be able to find even more than one mouse pointer to your liking and that you will also be ready to provide any explanations to your friends in turn eager to deepen the question. Let it bet?

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Where to Download Mouse Pointers?


The first of the Internet sites that I want to suggest you explore to download mouse pointers is deviantART. It is a real reference point for what concerns desktop customization. On this portal you can in fact find hundreds of pages full of cursors of all sorts (but not only!) Having the possibility to download everything you like best without encountering invasive advertisements or cyber dangers of various kinds.

To download a mouse pointer from deviantART, connected to the main page of the site via the link I just provided, browse all the various elements available (just scroll the page and new content is added automatically), locate the one you like best and click on its preview.

At this point, press the button Download which is located in the upper right part of the page that opens. If you have not made any changes to the default settings of the web browser you are using, the pointer will be saved in the folder Download from your computer.

If you can't find any mouse pointers you like the first time, use the filters available on the top left of the deviantART website. This way you can sort pointers by popularity, date added, and so on.

Totally Free Cursor

Were you unable to find what you were looking for on devianART? Then try to take a look at Totally Free Cursor, a website that also stands out for its being safe and free from annoying advertisements as well as for the presence of completely free content. On Totally Free Cursor you can find hundreds of cursors of all sorts, all organized by categories, by popularity and by publication date.

You ask me what needs to be done to download mouse pointers? Nothing could be simpler: connected to the home of the site, select the category of your interest from the left sidebar and start browsing the various contents available.

When you find a pointer you like, click on its preview and then press the link Download entrie set present above to download the complete set. Alternatively, click on the individual pointers part of the set and then press the button Download Now!. The download will start and once finished you will find the contents chosen in the Download folder of your PC (provided you have not made any changes to the Windows default settings).

Cursor Mania

In an article on how to download mouse pointers, it seems only right to point out the Internet site Cursor Mania which, as easily understood from the name itself, is a portal entirely dedicated to cursors. There are enough for all tastes and the download is free.

To download new cursors on your computer from Cursor Mania, connected to the main page of the site using the link I provided you in the previous lines, select the category of cursors of your interest from the left sidebar of the portal and locate the pointer you like from the box on the right.

Now, right click on the slider and select the item to save the image to your computer. Done! Once the download is complete (it should be practically instant!), You will find the pointer in the folder used for saving the downloads on your computer (which, if you have not changed the default browser settings, should be the one named Download).

Although not specifically designed for downloading this type of content, on the website It has a very rich section entirely dedicated to cursors. The contents are well organized into various categories and can be downloaded in just a few clicks, without spending a cent.

How you do it? I'll explain it to you right away. For starters connected to the section of the site dedicated to Internet pointers through the link I indicated to you earlier, click the name of the category that most interests you and then select the preview of your liking pointer.

In the new Web page that will open at this point, presses on the item Download cursor on the side and wait for the download procedure to start and complete. Then you will find everything in the folder Download of the PC (provided that you have not made any changes to the default browser settings).

If you can't find content that interests you, you can help you through the search bar at the top (by typing a reference keyword) or you can jump from one page to another of the site using the buttons << Previous e Next >> present below.

Open Cursor Library

Open Cursor Library is another portal to which I invite you to take a look to find beautiful pointers through which to customize your computer. There are many, for all tastes and for all needs, from the most serious to the most amusing and funny. You just need to have the patience to search and choose and that's it.

To download one or more contents from the site, connected to the Open Cursor Library home via the link I have just indicated, click on the set of pointers you like most from those available on the front page or browse the others available by clicking on the numbers at the bottom. You can also search by keyword using the appropriate field at the top.

When you find a set of pointers of your interest, click on its preview and then press the button Download up. If desired, you can also download the individual pointers part of the package by clicking on their preview in the new page displayed and then pressing the button Download. In all cases, the cursors will be saved in the location designated for saving downloads on your computer (presumably the folder Download).

Other Solutions

Haven't the above websites for downloading mouse pointers been able to particularly attract your attention? So why not try to create the right mouse pointer for your desktop with your own hands?

To do this, you just have to resort to the use of some special software, such as the ones I indicated in my article dedicated to programs for cursors. Take a look at it now, maybe you can find what useful resource!

How to Apply Mouse Pointers?

Usually, mouse pointers are distributed in ZIP or RAR archives. To apply them to your system, extract the contents of the downloaded archive into any folder and, if in the archive (and therefore in the folder where you extracted the contents) there is also a file with the .inf extension (eg. Install.inf), right click on it and select the item Install from the menu that opens to install pointers on your PC.

It was used Windows Vista, 7, 8 / 8.x o Windows 10, to apply the cursors click on the button Start and go to the Control Panel. In the window that opens, first click on Hardware and Sounds and then Mouse (under Devices and Printers) to access the mouse settings. Then click on the tab Pointers, select the set of pointers downloaded from the Internet from the drop-down menu Combination and click on OK to apply it to the system.

If you use instead Windows XP, you can apply the newly installed pointers by clicking on the button Start and going to the Control Panel. In the window that opens, first click on Printers and other hardware and then Mouse to access the mouse settings. Then click on the tab Pointers, select the set of pointers downloaded from the Internet from the drop-down menu Combination click her cousin Apply and then OK to apply it to the system.

If in the archive with the pointers you downloaded there is no file with the extension . Inf, you need to apply the pointers one by one manually. To do this, go to the mouse settings as just seen, select the type of pointer to change from the list (eg. Normal selection, Guide selection, etc.), click on the button Sfoglia ... to select the cursor to use from the folder where you extracted it earlier and click on first Apply and then OK per salvare i Cambiomenti.

And on Mac?

As for the Mac side, unfortunately, Apple computers do not integrate special options through which you can change the mouse pointer. To do this, it is necessary to resort to the use of external resources as in the case of iCursors (free) e PinPoint Mouse Enhancer (for a fee) that allow you to apply various nice customizations. Both applications are downloadable directly from the Mac App Store.