How to Download Microsoft Word for Free

You need to write a text document but no specific program is available on your computer and to allow you to deal with the thing a friend has suggested you to use Word. However, if you are here now and are reading this guide, it seems clear to me that you have not yet downloaded the suite Microsoft Office, most likely because you fear you will have to shell out some money. If that's the case, you have no reason to worry: download Microsoft Word for free it is possible and I can explain how to do it.

Before giving you all the explanations of the case, it seems right to clarify one point right away: the famous Microsoft word processing program is, as expected, for a fee. However, it is possible to download it for free by implementing a specific procedure, completely legal, thanks to which everyone can have a copy of the famous software on their computer at no cost for a limited period of time. After this period, a monthly subscription must be paid.

How do you say? The thing interests you but being impractical in terms of computer science and new technologies you fear that the operations to be carried out to be able to download Microsoft Word for free on your computer are out of your reach? But no, you are wrong ... and also very much! In fact, I can assure you that contrary to appearances and beyond what you may think, it is a very simple operation that does not take away too much time. Try it yourself and you will realize it.

Preliminary Information

Before getting into the tutorial, let me give you some preliminary information. First, it must be said that there are two different editions of Office available.

  • Office Home & Student - it is the “traditional” version of the famous Microsoft productivity suite. It is compatible with Windows e MacOS and you buy it by paying for the one-time program license, which can cost from 159 € up (depending on the option chosen). It does not have a trial period.
  • Office 365 - is the version of Office usable on both Windows that of MacOS by subscription, at the cost of 7,00 euro / month o 10,00 euro / month or 69,00 euro / year o 99,00 euro / year (depends on the plan subscribed and the option chosen), with 30 day free trialwith no obligation to renew and free updates. Includes all the apps from Microsoft's home productivity suite plus 1 TB of OneDrive space and 60 minutes of Skype talk time each month.

How to Download Office 365

Now let's see how to download office 365. First, go to this page of the Microsoft website and click the button Try free for 1 month. Now enter the e-mail address of your Microsoft account and the associated password in the appropriate fields that you see on the screen and click on the button Log in. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can create one right away by consulting my guide on the subject.

At this point, click on your button forward, indicates a valid payment method between credit / debit card, direct debit or PayPal (don't worry, no money will be stolen from you until the free trial month ends) and enter your details.

Then click on Add profile address, type in your address, click on the buttons forward e Save, confirm the subscription of the plan, wait a few moments and start the download of your trial version of Office 365. If you are using a Mac, you can download the Word only directly from the Mac App Store. A stand alone version of Word is also available on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store, but requires the purchase of a separate license for 135 euros.

After installing the suite or just Word, enter your Microsoft account data to activate the Office 365 trial period, then remember to disable the automatic renewal of the subscription by connecting to the appropriate web page on the Office website . The renewal, keep in mind, must be deactivated before the trial period expires otherwise, at the end of the same, you will be charged the cost of subscribing to the service. Then don't tell me I didn't warn you!

Once the installation of Office is completed and the trial version of the same is activated, you can start using Microsoft Word for free by starting the program directly from the menu Start (on Windows) or from Launchpad (your macOS).

Download Microsoft Word for Free on Smartphones and Tablets

Microsoft Word is also available for smartphones and tablets. In this case, it is however possible to download Microsoft Word for free without running into evaluation copies and without having to carry out particular procedures. For iOS e Android the Office package is in fact available at no cost, as long as you have a device with a size equal to or less than 10.1 ″ (otherwise, it requires the subscription to an Office 365 subscription).

Furthermore, to download Microsoft Word for free on mobile, it is not even necessary to download the entire Office package. Word, in fact, is an app "in its own right" and can therefore be obtained independently of all the other programs part of the Microsoft office suite. Convenient, don't you think?

On Android smartphones and tablets, you can download Microsoft Word for free from Play Store. The app includes everything you need to create, view and edit DOC and DOCX documents. It supports opening and saving documents from OneDrive and Dropbox. Office 365 subscribers can also take advantage of the ability to insert section breaks in documents, use WordArt, activate columns in the page layout, add and edit chart elements, and other advanced features.

On iPhone and iPad it is possible to download Word from App Store. Word for iPhone and iPad has the same features as the version of the app for Android devices but, unlike the latter, it includes support for opening and saving documents from iCloud, the “bitten apple” cloud storage service.

Alternative a Word

Did you follow my instructions on how to download Microsoft Word for free on your computer but now the trial period is over and you are therefore looking for an alternative and no-cost solution to the famous Redmond endorsement program? If that's the case, I suggest you turn to LibreOffice. Haven't you ever heard of it? They are. Either way, let's fix it immediately.

LibreOffice is a free and open source productivity suite consisting of a word processing program called Writer and Microsoft-like solutions for processing spreadsheets, creating presentations, managing databases, and more. It is completely in Italian and is able to both read and create Word documents. It is available for Windows, for macOS (and also for Linux).

To download and install LibreOffice on your Windows PC, connect to the suite's official website using the link I gave you a moment ago, then click on the button Download now and then Download version xx. Afterwards, open the installation package named LibreOffice_xx_Win_x86.msi and click first forward twice in a row and then on Install, its Yes and end to complete the setup.

If you are using a Mac, you can download and install LibreOffice by connecting to the suite's website, by clicking on the button Download version xx and opening the package in .dmg format that has just been obtained and which contains the program. Then move the LibreOffice icon attached to the window that opened on the folder desktop Applications of macOS. Then, download the Italian language pack (by pressing the button Translated user interface present on the suite website) and install it by right clicking on the icon in the translation package in .dmg format, selecting the item apri twice in succession and following the instructions on the screen. To start LibreOffice for the first time on Mac, right click on its icon and select the item apri for two consecutive times (this operation is only necessary at the first start and serves to bypass macOS restrictions on applications from non-certified developers)

Once you have completed all these steps, start LibreOffice, click on the icon Writer attached to the window that is shown to you and you will find yourself in the presence of a word processing software with all the main commands enclosed in the toolbar located at the top of the screen. I don't think there is a need to provide further explanations, the operation of the program is quite intuitive!