How to Download Karaoke for Free

You wander around the house singing, without stopping for even a moment, your favorite song and asking all the unfortunates who listen to you if you are out of tune or not. To tell the truth, you know very well that those around you can no longer feel you! But I have a little idea. Why don't you put up free karaoke in your room using your PC? This way, you can sing over the backing track of your favorite song and, if you don't remember the lyrics perfectly, read it. By doing this, not only will you have a lot more fun but those around you will certainly be happy not to have to hear you scream at the top of your lungs left and right.

And if you have a microphone, you can eventually record your voice and play it back to improve yourself and when you're really ready, show off your singing skills in front of all your family members. Then yes, it will be a real pleasure for them to listen to you! How do you say? Does the idea seem really good to you and would you like to receive some useful tips on what to do? No problem. It was exactly what I had thought of doing with this article of mine entirely focused on how to download karaoke for free. I anticipate immediately that all you need are just the appropriate computer software and backing tracks available via the Web. Alternatively, you can contact some ad hoc online services directly.

Then? How about finally putting the chatter aside and starting to get busy? Yes? Very well. So let's not waste any more precious time. Together, I assure you we will see some good ones. Are you ready? Great. Let's begin! Happy reading and… have fun! Oh, I almost forgot: for the sake of completeness of information, at the end of the article you will also find a passage entirely dedicated to the possibility of setting up a karaoke directly from a mobile, using specific applications for smartphones and tablets. Great, don't you think?

KaraFun Player (Windows/Mac)

The first among the resources for setting up a home karaoke that I invite you to try is KaraFun Player. It is a free-of-charge software designed specifically for the purpose in question and compatible with both Windows and maOS. It is quite simple to use, has a nice user interface and is inclusive of a rich database of songs ready to be a singer (many are paid for) to which it is possible to add others at will, by acting "manually". In short, try it now and you will see that you will not regret it.

To download the program on your PC, connect to the download page of the same and click on the button Scarica free. When the download is complete, open the .exe file obtained, click on Run, its Si and OK. Then press the button Next, read and accept the license by selecting the item I Accept the agreement, press again Next three consecutive times, then on install and to conclude the setup and start the program, press Finish.

If instead what you are using is a Mac, connected to this other page, press the button Scarica free and wait for the application download to start and complete. Then open the .dmg file obtained, drag the KaraFun icon into the folder Applications macOS then right click on it and choose apri for two consecutive times in order to start the program, however, going around the limitations of Apple against unauthorized developers.

Now, regardless of the operating system used, once the KaraFun window is displayed on the desktop, search for the song to sing through the menu on the left after clicking on the category Free in order to view only the free ones and select the song of your interest in the list that you see appearing below. Then presses on the button Play at the top left to start playing it.

Once this is done, in the right part of the program window you will see the lyrics of the chosen song appear, which you can then start singing. If you want, you can intervene on time and keys using the buttons at the top right of the player. Instead, you can use the controls at the top left to stop or go forward in playback.

If you then want to sing on a backing track found and downloaded independently, click on the button [+] that you find next to the wording My computer in the left sidebar of the program, select the wording Add a fonder ..., indicate the folder where the backing track you want to sing is saved and double click on it in the list that you will see appear on the right.

SingSnap (Online)

Don't feel like installing new programs on your computer but still want to try your hand at a good karaoke? Then try SingSnap and you will see that you will not regret it. It is a free online service that allows you to listen to the instrumental version of many pieces of music and to sing directly online using a microphone to be connected to the computer (the one integrated into the webcam is fine too). To use the service you need to register an account and it must be installed on your computer Flash Player (for more info, read my article on how to download Flash Player). Note that not all content is free, some are reserved for pay subscribers.

To start using the service, connect to its home page and click on the tab Sing & Record top left. So use the search bar next to the item Song / Artist to search for a song and locate the songs marked with the del icon from the available results microphone. The others, those under the heading Gold and next to which there is an orange button, they are reserved for those who have subscribed to a paid subscription.

Then press on the button Sing for the song you intend to play and click the button Create Free Account to record in the new web page that is shown to you to immediately create your account on the site. So press the button Show Registration Form and fill out the form displayed by entering your name, your surname, your e-mail address, the username you want to use and the password you want to associate with the account, then click on the button Create.

If you are asked to view a short tutorial on the use of the service, please decline the invitation and then authorize SingSnap to access the microphone and webcam by pressing the button Allow which appeared in the browser window. Now, click on the button Play which is at the bottom left in such a way as to start the backing track of the song and display the lyrics to be sung.

You can then manage the audio level of the music as well as that of the microphone using the special adjustment bars located at the bottom. To record your performance instead, click on the button Recording. The recordings made can then be listened to, viewed and saved locally by pressing the button Reviw this Recording that you will see appear once the song is finished. If you prefer to view the karaoke player in full screen, click the button FS.

On the right you will find the webcam shot and various buttons to apply fun filters. The button Large Lyric Window at the top, always on the right, it allows you to view the karaoke text in a larger format and to remove the view from the webcam.

Other Resources (Windows / Mac / Online)

In addition to the solutions I have already told you about, there are other programs and online services that are useful for turning your computer into a fantastic tool for karaoke at no cost. You ask me which ones? Well, for example those that I have provided to point out in my tutorial on karaoke programs, in fact. If you own an Apple-branded computer, I suggest you take a look at my article specifically dedicated to karaoke programs for Mac instead.

Further interesting resources can then be found in my article on how to download karaoke and in my guide entitled karaoke for free.

Where to Find the Basics for Karaoke?

For some of the resources that I have pointed out to you in the previous lines it is also possible to load backing tracks of your choice, found personally and separately. But… where can you find good backing tracks to use to set up your own home karaoke? Well, for example using a P2P program, like eMule (if you remember correctly, I talked about it in depth in my dedicated tutorial) and those I indicated in my general article on programs to download and in my specific post on software to download music.

Regardless of the system adopted, keep in mind that backing tracks are files with .MID o .KAR. These usually have a very small weight, which never exceeds a hundred KB.

However, P2P circuits are not the only "places" where you can find backing tracks in .MID or .KAR format. For example, you can try searching for the name of the song followed by the extensions in question on a search engine like Google: if you are lucky, you will find the base without much effort!

You can also do a search on Internet sites conceived for the purpose in question, such as those I have pointed out in my article on karaoke basics.

Free Karaoke Scaricare Su Smartphone E Tablet

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, you can download free karaoke even on smartphones and tablets. In fact, it is enough to download some applications at no cost specially used for the purpose and in no time you can start using your mobile device like karaoke, in fact, singing the text you see appear on the display with backing track to following. You ask me what are these apps? Well, in my opinion the best ones currently available on the square are the ones that you find below.

  • Karaoke of Italian songs (Android / iOS) - It is one of the most popular apps in the category. It allows you to sing all the great Italian hits (but not only, to the detriment of the name) by viewing the words on the display of the device used and playing the backing track, all directly from the app, without having to load the songs from the outside.
  • Starmaker (Android / iOS) - Simple and fun application that allows you to sing along with the words of the songs and create a selfie video.
  • Winlive Karaoke (Android) - Fantastic application that supports files for backing tracks and allows you to view the words to sing directly on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Video Star (iOS) - Allows you to make real music videos by choosing a song from your collection of songs or from those already available in the app.