How to Download from Torrentz2

After reading my tutorial dedicated to the subject, you have finally proceeded to replace the dear but now obsolete eMule in favor of uTorrent, the famous program for downloading .torrent files, thanks to which it is possible to find music, videos, programs and anything else at the speed of light. Then talking to a friend about the thing, this suggested you to find the Torrents to download using Torrentz2, a search engine that reviews numerous sites in the category and therefore allows you to find everything and more with extreme simplicity.

However, if you are here now and you are reading these lines, it seems clear to me that something has gone wrong: you tried to connect to Torrentz2 and this is not reachable, right? Well that's normal, since the site is no longer available. Or rather, its main page is still reachable, but the searches are carried out with another site that has taken its place: TorrentKen, which has over 210 million indexed torrent files to its credit. This means that it also allows you to find movies, series, games, software and much more.

So: how about getting to know him more closely and discovering, therefore, how to download from Torrentz2? Do you want? Perfect: take five minutes of free time, carefully read the instructions I am about to give you and put them into practice. I will first tell you how to search and download files from TorrentKen (formerly Torrentz2) and then I will show you some valid alternatives to consider. All I have to do is wish you a good reading and, above all, a good download!

Caution: Illegally downloading copyrighted material from the Internet is a crime. It is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy, therefore I do not take any responsibility for the use that will be made of the information in this post.

Access Torrentz2 (TorrentKen)

As easily understood, the first fundamental step to be taken in order to download from Torrentz2 (or rather, TorrentKen) is to access its website. To do this, open the browser you usually use to browse online (eg. Chrome), type in the address bar and press the button Submit on the computer keyboard. Alternatively, link directly to the site's home page by clicking on the link I just provided. By doing so, you will find yourself in front of the main page of the site.

In the event that proceeding as I have just indicated the site should be unreachable, the suggestion I would like to give you is to change the DNS server currently in use for your connection and / or to use a proxy. In the first case, you can read my article on how to change DNS to find out how to proceed, while in the second case you can take a look at my post dedicated to proxy servers.

And if even adopting the "tricks" mentioned above, the site continues to be unreachable, obviously the problem is not due to your connection but to Torrentz2 itself. However, you can make sure of this by putting into practice the instructions I have provided you in my tutorial on how to ping a site.

Download Files from Torrentz2 (TorrentKen)

Once the Torrentz2 main page is displayed, you are finally ready to start looking for the files of your interest on the BitTorrent network. To do this, type the keyword for the .torrent file you want to find in the search bar in the center of the page, then press the button Search on the right, or press the key Submit on your computer keyboard. Wait a few moments for the TorrentKen page (the site that took the place of Torrentz2) to be visible with the results of the search performed and start scrolling the list of the various files found.

If, instead of carrying out a search by keyword, you want to view "on the fly" the list of recently added files in the TorrentKen index, click on Recent Torrents which is located at the top. If, on the other hand, you want to browse the files based on their category (e.g. music, movies, games, etc.), click on the categories on the right side of the site: Movies Torrents for movies, Music Torrents for music, Games Torrents for games, Tv-shows Torrents for TV series, Anime Torrents for souls, Softwares Torrents per i software ecc.

Once you have identified the .torrent file that you think may be of interest to you, click on its title to open its web page, then click on the link referring to the Internet site from which you wish to download the connected .torrent file (eg. Kickass Download to download it from Kickass Torrents or LimeTorrents Download to download it from LimeTorrents) and, in the further Web page that will open, press the button to download the Torrent.

If instead of downloading the connected .torrent file you want to download the chosen element directly (via magnet link), click on Torrent Magnet Download and you agree to the opening of uTorrent (or in any case the client for downloading Torrent files installed on your computer) by answering affirmatively to the browser warning you see appear on the screen. In terms of privacy there are no differences between the use of magnet links and that of Torrent files, but the former do not need support tracker servers to work, so they are potentially longer-lived (although they tend to take a little more time to "fuel" initially).

I would also like to point out that, at the top of the TorrentKen page, after clicking on the name of the reference .torrent file in the search results, you can discover other useful information such as the total number of user views of the page relating to the file (Page Views), the number of seeds ( Torrent Seeders) that is the people who share the complete file, the total number of downloads completed (Torrent Completed) and other details that were already known in the Torrentz2 search results page: the category of belonging (Torrent Category) and dimensions (Torrent Size).

If you want to securely and anonymously download from Torrentz2 and other similar sites, I highly recommend using one VPN, that is, a virtual private network. Thanks to VPN services, such as NordVPN (which I told you about in depth here) and Surfshark, you can download and browse online safely without risking tracking by ISPs or malicious people, with the ability to overcome regional blocks, censorships and access foreign catalogs of streaming services. The solutions in question work on all devices and rely on numerous servers in every corner of the world.

Best Alternatives to Torrentz2

As anticipated at the beginning, Torrentz2 is no longer available and the site that has taken its place, it must be said, is not among the best on the market. Below, therefore, I intend to report some valide alternative a Torrentz2 which - I'm sure - will help you find and download the files you need on the BitTorrent network.

  • Zooqle - excellent site that can count on a very large database of movies, TV series, software, games and music content. Its main page is presented as a list of contents, divided by categories, with the most popular files of the moment. To carry out a search, then, just use the appropriate bar located at the top. It allows both the download of .torrent files and the use of magnet links.
  • TorrentSeeker - it is a search engine that indexes the files present on dozens of Torrent sites among the most used in the world. It is quite simple and intuitive to use and integrates special filters to streamline searches.
  • IsoHunt - search engine for .torrent files that can rely on a huge proprietary database. The quality of the results is usually very good.
  • Legit Torrents - a portal that offers completely legal book, song and video downloads. These are works whose authors have expressly authorized their free online diffusion. As easily understood, however, it does not offer the same amount of material as Torrentz2 and the other portals mentioned above but it is still worth a look.

The operation of all the various sites in question is good or bad similar to that of Torrentz2 / TorrentKen. In any case, if you think you need more details about it you can refer to my post on the best Torrent sites and to my article focused on how to search for Torrents through which I have indicated and explained to you these and other portals used for the purpose.

Add the Downloaded Torrents to UTorrent (or Other Client)

As I told you at the beginning of the article, I also want to show you how to add the downloaded .torrent files to uTorrent or in any case to the client you use on your computer. If for what concerns the addition via magnet link it is enough, as seen together in the previous lines, to click on the relative link to directly open the program for downloading the Torrents in use on the computer, as regards the .torrent files it is sufficient double-click on it.

Once this is done, the window of the program for downloading the Torrents in use on the PC will open automatically. All you have to do is confirm the fact that you intend to add the file to the program and the download of the latter will start immediately. Before doing this, you can also check which are the various elements that make up the Torrent file you are about to download through the appropriate section attached to the window that has opened.

If any details are not clear to you, take a look at my guide on how to use uTorrent and my guide on how to use qBittorrent, a great BitTorrent client for Windows and macOS which, unlike uTorrent, does not include advertising and integrates a search engine to find files on the BitTorrent network.

Check the Downloaded Files

Completed the download procedure of the .torrent files that you added to uTorrent (or any other Torrent client used) I suggest you make sure that what you downloaded does not contain any viruses that could jeopardize the proper functioning of your computer.

To do this, all you have to do is scan with the software antivirus that you generally use on your PC. If you haven't already installed one, you can deal with it by downloading one of the resources I told you about in my article focused on the best antivirus. If you are using a Mac instead of a Windows PC, instead, I suggest you read my tutorial dedicated to the best antivirus for Mac (although there is no strict need to use products on this type on the Apple platform).

Additional useful tools to examine the downloaded files, to be used, however, in conjunction with the antivirus and not as a replacement for it, you can find them in my post on the best anti-malware, through which I have pointed out to you, those that I believe to be the best programs anti malware available on the square. So download the program that you think might be more congenial to you and start using it right away.