How to Download Faster

You have just started downloading a large file but it will take several hours to complete. You do not have a slow internet connection and for this reason it bothers you that the download is not made at full bandwidth. If this problem is caused by a possible disconnection of your PC or router from the Internet, it is sure that you will not complete your download anymore.

If you have run into this kind of problem, the solution is to download software for managing downloads. Don't worry if you're not well versed in the subject, because I'm here to help you. In this guide, in fact, I will list a list of programs that you can use to speed up the download process of your files.

What you will have to do is then sit comfortably and carefully read all the information and procedures that I will indicate in the following lines in which he will tell you about the various programs and applications to download on your device, so that you can solve your problems. So if you are ready to dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me, then I wish you a good read.


  • How to download faster from PC
  • How to download faster from smartphones

How to Download Faster from PC

Free Download Manager (Windows/macOS)

Free Download Manager it is software free for managing downloads, that is a program that allows you to manage downloads from the Internet. In addition to speeding up the download through file fragmentation, it also has some interesting features, such as protocol support BitTorrent.

This software is available for download via the official website on both computers with Windows operating systems and on those with macOS.

If you are therefore interested in this program, I recommend that you reach its website at the link I have provided and click the button Download that you find in the menu bar at the top. Once you reach the section Download, click here Free download, taking care to select the correct one based on the architecture of your computer (32 bit o 64 bit).

To download the version compatible with macOS, scroll down the page until you find the section Download for Mac; then click on the only link available to download to your PC with macOS.

After downloading the file, double click on it and then click the button Yes, in the window of User Account Control of Windows.

Once the installation process has started, click on the button Next four consecutive times and then click the button install. Then wait for the installation to finish and then click on the button Finish.

If the software has not started automatically, use its desktop icon to open it. The software interface is very simple: in the top bar, you will find the buttons for managing your downloads, while the list of the latter is available in the central part of the interface.

Before proceeding to download your files from the Internet, you must configure the program to integrate with your browser. Then click onicon that you find at the top right.

From the left sidebar, click on the entry Browser integration and then check the box of the browsers you want to integrate with. This procedure is important, because otherwise the downloads will be managed by your browser and not by the Free Download Manager.

If you want to add a file to download, just click on the button [+] top left; A window will then appear where you will need to enter the URL or upload the torrent file.

If you want to download a website file through Free Download Manager, all you have to do is download the file as normal, by clicking on the relevant download button on the website you are browsing.

The download will then be automatically redirected to the Free Download Manager and a window will appear, indicating the folder where the file will be allocated when the download is complete. You can also rename the file before it is downloaded or even schedule it to be downloaded at a later time.

You will then need to click the button Download to start downloading the file. If you want to pause a download, click the button Pause that you find next to the download; when you want to resume the file, click the button starts that you always find alongside.

EagleGet (Windows)

If you want an alternative to the program that I indicated in the previous paragraph, then I suggest you download EagleGet. This software is distributed for free on Windows via its official website; a portable version is also available at this link.

If you are interested in this program, open the link I have provided and, after reaching the official EagleGet website, click on the button Download found in the horizontal menu bar at the top.

Reached the section Download, click here Directly download for free. Once the installation file has been downloaded, double-click on it and then click the button Yes in the window of User Account Control of Windows.

Then click the button install to start the installation process, at the end of which, you will have to click on the button Finish. In case you do not want to send statistical data anonymously to the developer company, you will have to remove the check mark from the box Help us improve EagleGet.

When the program starts, a Windows security warning for the consent of access to the Internet; then click the button Allow access to continue.

A window will also appear asking if you want to use this program in your native language (Italian) or keep the tongue English; then press Yes to continue.

After starting the program interface, I recommend that you activate support for downloading torrent files. To do this, click on the icon with the symbol of a gear located in the horizontal bar at the top; in the window that will open to you, click on the item BT setting that you find on the left. Then check the boxes Associate with torrent files e Associate with magnet, then clicking the button Close.

After installing EagleGet, start your favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox or Opera) to activate the extension that manages downloads directly on EagleGet.

For example, if you use Chrome, when you open it you will see a window for activating the EagleGet extension; then click the button Activate extension to confirm integration with your browser.

If you do not see any similar requests when opening your browser, click on the icon with the gear symbol located in the EagleGet horizontal menu bar. Then click in the tab Monitoring and verify that your favorite browser has the box checked and then click the button Repair.

From now on, when you click on any download on a site you are browsing, the EagleGet download management window will be displayed. You will then need to click the button Ok to start downloading the file immediately.

You can also manage some parameters before downloading, such as programming, checksum checking or connecting with a different user-agent or entering login data (if the website requires it). From the main interface of the program you can manage the pause and recovery of files.

How to Download Faster from Smartphones

Advanced Download Manager (Android)

If you are using a device such as a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system, you can speed up file downloads through some download management applications, similar to the computer software that I indicated in the previous paragraphs.

One such application is Advanced Download Manager, available for free nel PlayStore on Android.

If you are interested in this application, from your smartphone, tap on the link I provided to directly open the application page on the Play store. Then tap the button Install, followed by the button Accept.

At the end of the installation download, tap the button apri or on its icon in the Home screen from your device.

After starting the application, you will be shown a panel for quick download configuration. You can then change the folder where files will be stored, the number of simultaneous downloads, the number of parts the file will be split into at the time of download, and the maximum download speed.

I also recommend that you activate your voice Smart download e Start the download again.

You can also customize many other options by scrolling through the list of items: for example, you can enable the download only under Wi-Fi network, so as not to consume your data network from SIM (Wi-Fi only); you can also enable download scheduling at the time you want (Planning).

To start downloading through this application, you can use any browser already installed on your device or the one integrated into the application, reachable by tapping on theicon ☰ that you find at the top left and then tapping on the icon Browser down.

If you use your favorite browser, when you tap on a download link you will need to select the item ADM Editor so as to import the download management into the application. Then tap the button starts to start the download.

By tapping on the name of the file currently in the queue, you will pause it; another tap on it will resume the download. If, on the other hand, you tap the icon on the right relating to the type of file you are downloading, you can select the file by placing a check mark.

Then clicking on the icon with the three dots symbol, you can manage many other features on the download in progress.

iDownload Plus Free (iOS)

If you use a device with an iOS operating system instead, you can download apps for managing downloads that are a bit limited compared to those for Android or, in general, for computers. These limitations are mainly based on the type of files you can download, which can exclude audio and video files.

Also considering that the iOS system is a closed system, you will have to use the application's built-in browser to take advantage of the download management functionality. One such app I want to tell you about is iDownload Plus Free, available for free on the iOS App Store.

If you are interested in this application, tap on the link I provided you, via your iOS device, so as to be automatically redirected to the iDownload Plus Free page on the Store. Then tap the button Get and, at the end of the download and installation, tap the button apri.

Once the application is started, tap the button Allow to activate notifications; then tap on the item Don’t show again to start using the application. From the main screen you will find several icons in the bottom bar to access the different features of this app.

By tapping on the icon Cloud, you can add supported cloud services to be able to download the files in your virtual space. By tapping the icon instead Browser, you can use the application's built-in browser to browse and download.

In the tab Download instead you can see the list of all the files you have queued for download, which you can manage via the tab Files.

To download a file via this application, navigate through the built-in browser to the website where you want to download the file. After tapping its download button, tap on the screen that appears Download and then on the button Done top right. The file will be immediately queued in the section Download.