How to Download Excel for Free

Lately I have received many messages from people asking me how to download excel for free. Well, Microsoft Excel is notoriously commercial software. As such it cannot be used for free without paying a license (except for the mobile version of the same), however there are valid free alternatives that can be used instead and - perhaps not everyone knows - you can download a trial version of the program that expires after a certain number of days.

Among the best alternatives to Excel - and more generally to Office - there is LibreOfficewhich is a free and open source productivity suite available on all major PC operating systems. I highly recommend you to try it, also because it is very intuitive and is able to "digest" almost all the spreadsheets generated in Excel. If before installing LibreOffice you want to try the trial Excel, connected to the Microsoft website and download the version of the famous Microsoft productivity suite that you think could do the most for you.

How do you say? I'm running a little too much and would you like more detailed explanations? You're absolutely right, I apologize. So take a few minutes of free time, positioning yourself comfortably in front of your trusted computer and concentrate on reading the information you find below. You will see, at the end of this guide you will finally be successful in your intentions and you can tell yourself more than satisfied with it, I'm sure.

How to Download Excel for Free on PC

If you are interested in understanding how to download excel for free on your PC, you can download the trial version of Office 365 on your Windows PC or on your Mac. If you have never heard of it, Office 365 is a subscription service with a cost of 7,00 euros or 10,00 euros per month (depending on the plan subscribed) which includes all applications from the Microsoft home productivity suite plus 1TB of space on OneDrive, 60 minutes of monthly Skype conversations, access to the extra functions of the Office apps for smartphones and tablets and the ability to use them on devices larger than 10.1 ″. The $ 10 / month plan offers a trial period of 30 days. Once the trial period is over, you can then decide whether to pay or not to continue using Excel and all the other applications and services part of the suite.

To download Excel for free through Office 365, click here to connect to the appropriate section of the Office website and then click on the button Try free for 1 month. Then type the e-mail address of your Microsoft account and the associated password in the appropriate fields that are shown on the screen and then click on the button Log in. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can create one instantly by following the simple directions in my guide on how to create a Microsoft account.

Now click on the button forward and provide a valid payment method between credit / debit card, direct debit or PayPal by filling out the appropriate form (you will not be stolen money until the end of the free trial month).

Once this is done, click on the item to also enter yours address, confirm the subscription to the plan by clicking on the buttons forward, Save e Subscribe and proceed with the Office download. If you are using a Mac, you can also download Excel only from the Mac App Store. Excel is also available on the Windows 10 Microsoft Store, but requires payment of 135 euros and does not include the other applications of the Office suite.

Once the Office 365 download is complete, open the suite installation package and wait for all the components necessary for the operation of all included applications to be downloaded and then installed. Next, launch Excel and enter your Microsoft account details to activate the Office 365 trial period.

Then remember to disable the automatic renewal of the Office 365 subscription by connecting to this web page. The renewal, this is good to keep in mind, must be deactivated before the trial period expires otherwise, at the end of the same, you will be charged 10 euros for subscribing to the service.

How to Download Excel for Free on Smartphones and Tablets

On portable devices it is possible to download Excel for free in a completely legal way and, above all, without time limits. Microsoft has in fact decided to crowd out the competition and distribute mobile versions of Office applications for free, but only for devices with dimensions equal to or less than 10.1 ″. For larger devices, an Office 365 subscription is still required.

Yes, you read that right! If you have an Android terminal or an iPhone / iPad, you can download the mobile version of Excel for free (distributed independently from the other applications in the suite) and use it to view, edit or create spreadsheets directly from your device.

Don't know how to download the mobile version of Excel? Nothing could be easier: open the store of your smartphone (or your tablet), search for the name of the application, press the download button in the search results and wait for the app to be installed. Alternatively, you can tap, directly from your device, on the links I have provided you just now.

Please note: there are some advanced functions of the Office apps that are reserved for subscribers of Office 365 plans. As for Excel, among the "features" that can only be unlocked by those who pay a subscription to the suite are WordArt, the ability to customize layout and styles pivot tables and advanced chart editing.

Free Excel Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with the Office trial but at the same time do not want to pay a monthly subscription, do not think twice and install LibreOffice. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is a free and open source productivity suite considered by many to be the best free alternative to Microsoft Office. It is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. It is completely in Italian and allows you to work freely with files created in Microsoft Office, including Excel spreadsheets (XLS and XLSX).

To download LibreOffice on your computer, connect to the official website of the software using the link I gave you a moment ago and click on the button Download version x. If you are using a Mac, after downloading the suite, download the Italian translation package (not necessary for the Windows version) by clicking on the button Translated user interface.

When the download is complete, if you are using a Windows PC, start the executable LibreOffice_xx_Win_x86.msi just downloaded and complete the setup by clicking on the button first forward twice in a row and then on Install, Yes e end.

If you use a Poppy, open the package .dmg which contains LibreOffice and drag the suite icon into the folder Applications of macOS. Then open the .dmg package of the Italian language pack, right click on the icon LibreOffice Language Pack, select the voice apri from the menu that opens and presses the button Install to translate the suite user interface. At the end of the operation, to run LibreOffice for the first time, you will need to right-click on the suite icon and select the item apri give the menu to compare.

The Excel alternative application included in LibreOffice is called Calc. Its interface is very intuitive - it closely resembles that of the old versions of Microsoft software - but it must be admitted that there are still small compatibility problems with more elaborate Excel sheets: those with advanced functions, particular formatting or many graphs inside them. . For more details on how to download LibreOffice and use it, see my tutorial dedicated to the program.