How to Download Books on Kindle

Have you just bought your first Kindle and would like help downloading books on the latter? Are you looking for a way to download free ebooks from the Internet and copy them to your Kindle? Don't worry, you've come to the right place at the right time.

With today's guide we will find out together how to download books to Kindle using all channels, official and unofficial, supported by the famous Amazon ebook reader. We will therefore discover how to make purchases from the Kindle Store, how to download free books from the Internet and transfer them to the Kindle via PC and - perhaps even more interesting - how to make the Kindle "digest" all the books that are distributed in formats not supported by the device.

I assure you that these are really simple operations, start reading and you will immediately realize it. All you need is five minutes of free time and your Kindle… although there are actually services that allow you to copy books to your device without physically having it with you. But now I don't want to anticipate you too much! Read the tutorial that I am about to offer you and I promise you that in no time you will discover all the "secrets" related to the transfer of books to Kindle. Good fun!

Download Books from the Kindle Store

The Kindle Store is the official Amazon store where ebooks intended for Kindles are sold. It hosts titles of all kinds, ages and languages ​​whose prices generally vary between 4,99 and 9,99 euros, but there are also offers of the day with ebooks sold at 0,99-2,49 euros for 24 hours and some free books, which you can find here.

Additionally, Amazon customers who have signed up for an Amazon Prime subscription have access to Amazon Prime Reading: a dedicated section of the Kindle Store where there are hundreds of ebooks and comics (in Italian, but not only, especially as regards comics) to download for free.

To download an ebook from the Kindle Store you can use your Kindle or your computer directly, all you need is an active connection and an Amazon account associated with a valid payment method (a credit card or a prepaid card, such as PostePay). If you have not yet created an account on Amazon, you can follow the wizard that is offered to you the first time you turn on your Kindle or you can connect to Amazon from your PC and follow the instructions contained in my guide on how Amazon works.

Da Kindle

Once you have created an account on Amazon and associated it with a valid payment method, you are officially ready to download books on Kindle using the Kindle Store.

To do this, make sure your Kindle is connected to the Internet and that the device is properly associated with your Amazon account. To do this, press the ad icon hamburger you see at the top right of the main screen of the Kindle (the three horizontal lines) and select the item Settings give the menu to compare.

In the screen that opens, then presses on the item WIFI network to verify that the Wi-Fi connection is active (or to choose a network to connect the device to) and verify that in the field Registration your name is indicated. If not, press on the item Registration and log in with your Amazon account. If you have a Kindle model with 3G connectivity, you can also skip setting up Wi-Fi and download books using the cellular data network, it's free (albeit limited to Amazon services).

At this point, select the icon cart which is located in the Kindle menu (top) and begins to browse all the titles available on the Kindle Store using the categories in the menu You may also like...; the titles in evidence, such as the best-sellers of the moment, offers of the day and offers of the month; or the search bar located at the top right.

Once you have found an ebook of your interest, first press on its image of cover in order to view the complete card with the synopsis and user comments and then on the button Buy, to download it to your Kindle. If you are an Amazon Prime customer and the work you have selected is included in the Amazon Prime Reading catalog, you can download it by pressing the button Read now. To view the complete list of titles available in Amazon Prime Reading, select the appropriate item from the main page of the Kindle Store.

The download of the ebook you have selected will be immediate and you can start reading it within a few seconds, by selecting it from the initial menu of the device. For paid books the option is also available Send extract now which allows you to download a free excerpt of the ebook in order to evaluate its content before purchasing.

Please note: free ebooks also have the button on the Kindle Store Buy but, don't be scared, at the moment of the download there is no charge on the credit card.

From PC

If you prefer, you can also connect to the Kindle Store from your PC and order the download of books to your Kindle. The ebooks will be automatically downloaded to your device as soon as it is connected to the Internet.

The procedure to follow is so simple that there is no need to dwell too much: connect to the Kindle Store using your Amazon account, find a book of your interest and click on its cover image. Then make sure that the option is selected in the work sheet Kindle format, which in the drop-down menu Send to there is the name of your Kindle and click on the button Buy now with 1-click to send the book to your Kindle.

If you don't want to buy the book but just download a free extract, click on the button Submit a free sample located in the right sidebar and your Kindle will receive a “taste” of 1 or 2 chapters of the selected work.

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has launched a service, called Kindle unlimited, which allows you to freely access 15.000 titles in Italian and over 1 million titles in other languages ​​by paying 9,99 euros / month: a sort of Spotify for books, so to speak. The first month of subscription is free. If you want to know more connected to this web page.

Download Books from Other Internet Sites

On the Internet there are a lot of sites to download free books in a totally legal way: why not take advantage of them to fill up the library of our Kindles? It really is a breeze!

Copy Ebooks from PC to Kindle

All you have to do is download the books to your computer, connect the Kindle to the PC via USB cable and copy the ebooks downloaded from the Internet to the folder Documents o Internal documents device (the name of the folder changes depending on your Kindle model). If you don't know how to access your Kindle's internal folders, follow these very simple directions.

  • If you are using a Windows PC, open theFile Explorer (the yellow folder icon located at the bottom left, on the taskbar), select the item computer o What PC from the left sidebar and double click on the icon Kindle.
  • If you are using a Mac, double-click the del icon Kindle that appears on the desktop or select the device name from the sidebar of the Finder.

Convert Ebook for Kindle

Very easy, right? I told you. However, please, pay close attention to the format of the books you download from the Internet. Kindles can only read MOBI, AZW, PDF, DOC / DOCX, RTF, and TXT files. EPubs, which are used on most other brands of ebook readers, are not supported. Again, however, do not panic! It is possible to convert an ePub file into Mobi or AZW in a very simple way, by turning to the free Caliber program which is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and allows you to convert all the main ebook formats together (as well as to read and manage them in a extremely intuitive).

To download Caliber on your computer, connect to its official website and click on the button first Download Caliber, then on the logo of the operating system installed on your PC (e.g. the flag of Windows or the apple of Mac OS X) and finally on the item Download Caliber. Once the download is complete, open the file you just downloaded on your computer and follow the program installation procedure.

If you are using a Windows PC you must put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click in sequence on the buttons install, Yes e Finish. If you are using a Mac you have to open the dmg package that contains Caliber and drag the program icon into the folder Applications of OS X, that's all.

At this point, start the software, set Italian in the drop-down menu for language selection and choose the path to save the program library. Then click on the button forward, select your model Kindle from the list of available devices and first click on forward twice in a row and then on end to access the main Caliber window.

Now you just have to drag the ePub files (or in any case the ebooks you want to make compatible with the Kindle) on the main screen of Caliber, select them in the latter and click on the button Convert books which is located at the top left. In the window that opens, select the format AZW3 or the format Mobi give menu to tendin Formati output located at the top right and start the conversion of books by clicking on the button OK (bottom right).

At the end of the operation, select from the main Caliber screen all the books you want to transfer to the Kindle (one by one) and click on the item Click to open located in the right sidebar. In this way you will be shown the files obtained from the conversion directly in File Explorer (or in Finder) and you can copy them to the Kindle memory via USB as I explained before.

Download Books to Kindle Via Email

If you are "annoyed" by the idea of ​​connecting your Kindle to your PC every time you want to copy an ebook to it, activate the function for sending documents to the device via email.

By connecting to this web page and clicking on the tab Settings you can authorize your email address to send ebooks to your Kindle via email. To do this, click on the item Add a new approved email address located at the bottom of the page and send the ebooks you want to transfer to your Kindle to the address listed next to the device name, in the section Personal document settings.

The files to be transferred via email to the Kindle can also be enclosed in a zip archive and must not exceed 50MB in total weight. For more information, consult the official Amazon documentation.