How to Download Animated Gifs for Free

With the advent of messaging applications and social networks, GIFs, animated images have practically taken over our communication system via the Web. Now even introduced as answers in Facebook comments, GIFs are now used very often for express an emotion, reaction or feeling through an animated image or an animated meme.

Given the popularity of these animated images, I often get requests from readers interested in knowing how to download animated GIFs for free. So I imagine that if you too, if you are here and are reading this guide, would like to know more about where and how to download these nice animated images. Is that so? Very well, then you are satisfied.

In today's tutorial I will explain you in detail how to download animated GIFs for free. You will then find out what are the best services that host and offer GIF downloads and how you can download these animated images to your computer, without spending a dime. Did this premise intrigue you and now you can't wait to find out more? Okay, then sit comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to read my guide: I will explain everything step by step in a very simple way. As usual, before we begin, I want to wish you a good read.

How to Download Animated GIFs for Free


The first must to download animated GIFs for free is without a doubt the Giphy website, one of the most popular search engines for these nice animated images.

The functioning of the website is really intuitive. On the Home Page of his website you will find a selection of trends (called trending Now) for the most used and loved GIFs. In the center, however, the section Giphy TV instead it shows a small slideshow with some trendy GIFs, designed for those who want to do a non-stop full immersion of GIFs, letting the site show, in the form of video, the animated images.

Through the Giphy site it is also possible to search for GIFs by category (by clicking on the relative category located in the top bar) by keyword, expression or sentiment that you want to see represented in the form of a GIF (via the Search Engine integrated) and create a GIF from scratch starting from YouTube video (by clicking on the button Create).

To download animated GIFs for free, using the GIFs searched through the Giphy search engine, you just need to first click on the GIF you want to download. On the page that opens, you can better preview the GIF and download it by pressing the button Download. Next you will have to choose the size of the GIF according to your preferences and where you want to share it. You have the following options:

  • Source: will allow you to download the GIF in high resolution, without modification.
  • Social : to download the GIF optimized for uploading to social networks (size less than 10 MB)
  • MP4: allows you to download the GIF in MP4 format to be able to modify it if necessary.
  • Small: through this button you can download the GIF in a smaller and compressed format that will occupy a space less than or equal to 2 MB.

At this point, to download the GIF in the resolution you prefer you will then have to press the button again Download.

I also point out the presence of the Giphy application that will allow you to download animated GIFs for free even on mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

Google Images

Maybe you didn't know, but the Google search engine itself, in its version Google Images, it can be an incredible resource if you want to find out how to download animated GIFs for free. In fact, the well-known search engine offers a special easy-to-use tool that allows you to search by filtering only animated images.

So how is it possible to use the inexhaustible source of images of Google Images to view only animated images (GIF) and download them to your computer? It's very simple, I'll explain it to you right away in detail.

First, connect to the official Google Images site. At this point, using the search engine, type the keyword for which you want to search the GIF: for example, Cats. To confirm the search, press the button Submit on the keyboard or press on the magnifying glass, just as if you were doing a normal search for a traditional image on Google Images.

At this point, if you have carried out the procedure correctly following my instructions, you should see several images relating to the keyword you typed (Cats, for example), just like when you do a regular Google search. But if you click on the item now Means, found under the search bar, a small submenu will open. Now click on the entry Type to open another drop-down menu and then click on the item Animate, to search for animated images only.

In this way you will have filtered the search and you will see only the animated images containing the searched word. Don't worry if the animated GIFs will be displayed as simple images - clicking on a single result will show the animation.

Once you have identified the animated GIF you like best, to download it animated to your computer, you will first have to click on the single result. Now click the button View Image that you find on the screen.

The animated GIF you have chosen will open in a new browser tab that you use to browse and you can download it to your computer. To do this, click with the right mouse button on it and, from the drop-down menu that will open, click on the item Save the image as. You can then save it independently on your computer.


One of the best known sites that allow you to search and download animated GIFs for free is the MakeAGIF website. I choose to tell you about this website, among the many similar ones on the Web, as I believe it is an excellent tool that offers the search for animated GIFs in an orderly manner, thanks to a large archive of animated images, suitably categorized.

Its operation is partly similar to the popular Giphy website, but MakeAGIF certainly differs in its additional features. Among all, I would like to point out the possibility to transform an image into a GIF, to create a GIF starting from a Youtube video and even to create a GIF by recording a video with the computer's webcam.

That said, if you want to download an animated GIF using the MakeaGif website, first click on the GIF you intend to download or search for it yourself via the search engine above. Alternatively, by going down on the Home Page of the site, you can perform a search starting from a category and its sub-categories.

Once you have displayed the GIF you intend to download, then choose whether to save it in MP4 o GIF, using the homonymous buttons that you find in the lower right corner of the GIF. Then, to download the GIF to your computer, click on the button Download (has the symbol of an arrow pointing downwards). You can then save the animated image to your computer in no time.

Imgur (GIF)

Would you stay all day watching animated GIFs to download them? Then I definitely recommend you check out the popular image and GIF site called Imgur, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. With its GIF section, Imgur offers the possibility to scroll the web page endlessly, looking for the perfect GIF to download for free on your computer.

Even if the Imgur site is a Web portal created to search for images only, it is possible to use it to search for Animated GIFs for free download. However, keep in mind that, unlike the sites I indicated above, there are no categories to select for GIFs: using Imgur you only have the possibility to sort animated images by Popular (Popular) or New (Newest). Alternatively, you can also search for GIFs using the search engine located above, just remember to enter the word GIF in addition to the keyword for the animated image you want to search.

Did you do some research but finally found the animated GIF you want to download for free? Very well! Now click on it to open it in a new screen. Now, to download the animated image on your computer you will now have to right-click on it and, from the drop-down menu that opens, click on the item Save video as.

As I told you, since Imgur is a popular search engine designed mainly for images, as far as animated images (GIF) are concerned, the download of the same is supported only in the form of files in MP4. It will then not be possible to save it on your computer in GIF more common.

Other Websites to Download Free Animated GIFs:

  • Tumblr: well-known microblogging platform owned by Yahoo that has hosted the upload and download of animated GIFs since time immemorial. When these weren't that popular yet, Tumblr was one of the first platforms dedicated to them. To download animated GIFs for free via Tumblr, just go to the GIF section of the website and, once you have identified the animated image you want to download, just click on it to preview it. To download it, click on it with the right mouse button and, from the drop-down menu, click on the item Save image as.
  • GifGifGif: A website with a deliberately confusing and bizarre user interface that allows you to scroll endlessly to search for animated GIFs to download. A great site for those who want to download free animated GIFs that are characterized by their extravagance. Once you see the GIF you want to download, right-click on it and then click on the item Save image as.