How to Convert Mkv

Have you downloaded MKV videos from the Internet and can't see them on your iPad or Android phone? The cause of this is most likely due to the format in use. MKV files are like multimedia containers generally used to deliver high quality compressed videos (often with multiple audio tracks and subtitles) and unfortunately not all apps for smartphones and tablets support them.

Either way, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I know some excellent programs thanks to which to transform this type of movies into normal AVI or MP4 files, so that they can be played without any difficulty on all major portable devices (and not only).

The software I am referring to are all free (basic), both for Windows and for Mac (as well as for Linux systems) and are united by their incredible ease of use. If you want to know their names and, above all, if you want to know how to convert MKV files using it, all you have to do is continue reading: you will find everything explained in detail right below!

HandBrake (Windows/Mac/Linux)

If you are looking for a quick but above all easy to use solution to convert MKV files to video compatible with your living room player or tablet, try HandBrake. It is a handy open source converter optimized for converting DVDs and major video file formats to movies that can be played on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. It's free and works on both Windows and Mac (as well as Linux).

To download it to your computer, connect to its program website and click on the button Download HandBrake x.x.x which is on the left.

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows open the .exe file you just obtained and click on Si. Then press on Next, its I Agree, its install and Finish. Then start the program by double clicking on its shortcut that has been added to the desktop.

If you are using a Mac instead, open the .dmg package you downloaded, drag the software icon into the folder Applications macOS and start HandBrake by right clicking on it and selecting the item apri twice in a row, in order to go around the limitations that Apple imposes on unauthorized developers.

In the window that opens on the screen, select the MKV video to convert, choose the conversion profile you prefer by clicking on the button Presets at the top and select the output format from the menu Format: which is in the center, in the card Summary.

Per conclusdere, pigia sul pulsating KATEGORIEN located at the bottom right and choose the destination folder of the final file. Then click on Start at the top left, in order to start the conversion.

If the MKV video contains more than one audio track, you can choose which one to keep after conversion by going to the tab Audio and selecting one of the options available in the drop-down menu Audio Track. To choose the subtitles, however, you have to go to the tab subtitles and choose which subtitle tracks to keep from the menu Subtitle Track.

Adapter (Windows / Mac)

There is an alternative to the program I mentioned in the previous lines Adapter. It is also free, very simple to use and allows you to convert files to MKV (but not only) in various other formats, all the most popular ones. It also integrates ad hoc options to intervene specifically on the audio and video parts and is also fairly fast. It works on both Windows and Mac.

To download Adapter on your computer, visit the software website and click on the button Download Adapter top right.

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows open the .exe file obtained and click on Si. Then press on OK and Next. Select the voice I accept the agrement and click to anchor your Next six times, then on install and to conclude press on Finish. During the installation process they will be downloaded and installed as well FFMPEG (necessary for the program to function correctly) e VLC (well-known multimedia player not essential for the functioning of the Adapter).

If you are using a Mac, open the package in .dmg format and drag the Adapter icon into the folder Applications of macOS. Then start Adapter by right clicking on it and selecting apri twice, in order to open the program, however, going around the limitations imposed by Apple on unauthorized developers. Even then, it will be downloaded FFMPEG when the program starts.

Now, drag the MKV video you want to convert to the section with it written on it Drop Files Here which is in the center of the Adapter window. Then click on the menu below and move the pointer over the item Video. Choose the type of target device by selecting the reference brand from the list and then the device below or the format, after accessing the section General.

Once you have made your choice, you can possibly customize the other conversion parameters through the sections located on the right. From there you can for example change the type of encoding, the bitrate, you can choose whether or not to insert subtitles, etc.

To start the transformation process, click on the button Convert located at the bottom right. The output file will be saved in the same location as the source file. If you prefer to save the file in a different location, before starting the conversation go to the tab Custom annexed to the section Directory on the right and click on KATEGORIEN.

Apowersoft Converter (Windows/Mac)

If none of the above solutions have particularly impressed you, please contact Apowersoft Converter to convert MKV files. This is a no-cost program for Windows and Mac capable of intervening on movies quickly enough without however affecting the original quality. It supports practically all popular video formats and is very easy to use. The only thing you need to take into account is that it applies a watermark on the movies that can only be removed by switching to the paid version of the software.

To use it, connect to the program's website and press the button Download Desktop Version, in order to download it to your computer.

When the download is complete, if you are using Windows, open the .exe file you just obtained and click on Si. So press on OK to confirm the use of the Italian language, on forward three times, come on Install and, in conclusion, his end.

If instead what you are using is a Mac, open the package .pkg obtained, press the button Continue in the window that appears on the desktop and follow the simple guided installation procedure that is proposed to you. When finished, launch the program by clicking on its icon that has been added to Launchpad.

Now that you see the Apowersoft Converter window on the screen, drag the MKV format video you want to act on over it and select the conversion profile from the drop-down menu Profile: which is below. If you want to further customize the parameters of the chosen profile, click on the button Settings adjacent and adjust the various settings available from there.

If you then want to intervene on subtitles and audio, click on the appropriate menus that you find corresponding to the file name in the central part of the window and select the options you prefer.

Finally, indicate the location where you want to save the output file by clicking on the icon folder that you find in correspondence of the field Result:at the bottom and click on the button Converted which is on the right.

Xvid4PSP (Windows)

To convert MKV files you can also use XviD4PSP. It is a free software for Windows operating systems used to convert video files in such a way as to make them easily playable on smartphones, tablets, computers and video game consoles. Note that it is also available in a portable version (the one I used to write this step) which does not require installation to work.

To download to your computer immediately, visit the software website and press the link Download XviD4PSP x.X.X.X Daily Windows (if you use 32-bit Windows) or on that Download XviD4PSP x.X.X.X Windows 64-bit (if you are using 64-bit Windows).

When the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive obtained in any location and start the .exe file inside it. Now that you see the Xvid4PSP window on the desktop, press the button with the film at the top left and select the saved MKV file you want to convert.

Go to the tab now Codecs, after selecting it in the upper part of the program window, and select the output format from the menu Container. From the adjacent menu, also choose the device on which you want to play the file once converted.

If instead the available presets do not satisfy you and you want to intervene yourself on the audio profile, the video one, etc., click on the button with thegear which is at the top right and adjusts the various items and options in the new window that will open.

Finally, start the conversion process by clicking the button Start top left. The output file will be saved in the same location as the source file. If you need to, before starting the conversion you can indicate a different destination location by clicking on the button floppy disk top left.

Format Factory (Windows)

Format Factory is another program that you can seriously consider if you are using a Windows PC and if you are looking for a tool that allows you to convert MKV files in a practical and easy way. It supports many different profiles and output formats and includes various options that can always be useful during the conversion phase. It's free and works with all versions of Windows.

To immediately download it to your computer, visit the software's website and click on the link Download Format Factory xx che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Download.

When the download is complete, open the resulting .exe file, click on Yes come on Install and finish the setup by clicking end. Then remove the check mark related to the installation of extra programs and functions and press on OK.

Now that you see the software window on your desktop, drag the video you want to convert onto it. From the further window that appears, select the output format from those listed on the left. If you want, you can also make further customizations to the characteristics of the final file by clicking on Settings.

Now indicate the folder where you prefer to save the video after conversion by clicking on the button Modification located at the bottom (by default it is the same as the source file) and click on the button OK.

Finally, start the conversion procedure by pressing the button vai located in the upper part of the Format Factory main window and wait for the whole procedure to be started and completed.

If you want the computer to turn off automatically when the process is complete, select the item before starting the conversion of the video After conversion: Turn off computer located at the bottom of the window.

OnlineVideoConverter (Online)

Don't feel like downloading new programs on your computer but still looking for a way to convert your MKV files? Then try OnlineVideoConverter. It is a converter that works directly online, from any browser and operating system and for free. It should be noted that as well as allowing you to intervene on videos, it is also able to act on audio files.

You ask me how to make use of it? I'll point it out to you immediately. First, go to the home page of the service and click on the button Convert a video or audio file. Then drag the MKV file you want to convert into the browser window and wait for the upload of the movie to be started and completed.

Then select an output format from those you find in the section Video formats in the drop-down menu Format:, presses on the voice More Settings to change the quality of the video and to choose whether to convert the entire movie or just a specific part of it and click on the button Start.

Once the conversion is complete, you can download the video to your computer by pressing the button Download. If you have not made any changes to the default browser settings, the video will be saved in the folder Download from the PC or Mac.