How to Convert Mkv to Mp4

You recently downloaded a video from the Internet and very happy with it, you immediately tried to transfer it to your smartphone, so that you can watch it even on the move. However, if in doing this you have realized that you are unable to reproduce the movie, most likely the cause is to be found in the format used. In all likelihood you are in fact dealing with an MKV file.

In case you don't know, MKV files are like advanced media containers used more and more frequently to deliver high quality compressed video (often with multiple audio tracks and subtitles). Not all apps for mobile devices support this type of file. Precisely for this reason and taking into account your difficulty, I want to suggest that you cope with the situation by going to a convertire MKV in MP4.

Unlike MKV, MP4 is in fact an extremely widespread multimedia format, usually used for saving video and audio content in high quality and which in almost all cases does not cause any kind of problem on mobile devices. How do you say? Does this seem like a great idea and would you like to understand how to proceed? No sooner said than done. Spend a few minutes of your precious time reading this guide and you will find out how to succeed, both on Windows and Mac, and above all which tools to use. Are you ready?

Convertire MKV in MP4 Su Windows

You are using a PC with su installed Windows and would you like to understand how to convert your MKV files to MP4? Then use one of the ad hoc programs listed below and follow the relative instructions on what to do. You won't have to do anything particularly complex, you have my word.

XMedia Recode

The first resource for Windows operating systems that I want to invite you to put to the test to convert your MKV files to MP4 is XMedia Recode. This is a no-cost converter based on FFMPEG (a well-known command line software that allows you to convert, record and play all major types of multimedia files), very simple to use and also available in a portable variant (the one I used I to write this passage). It acts accurately but quickly and has absolutely nothing to envy to the more noble paid solutions.

To use it, connect to the program's website and click on the link Download present in the table relating to XMedia Recode Portable, in order to download the software to your PC.

When the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive you just obtained in any location and start the .exe file inside it. Now that you see the software window on your desktop, click on the button Open file that you find on the toolbar and select the video file saved on your computer in relation to which you are interested in going to act. Alternatively, drag the movie into the white space with the cells at the top.

Then expand the drop-down menu Format: e seleziona l'opzione MP4 from the latter. If you want, you can also manually adjust the movie settings by selecting the tabs Video, Audio, Subtitle etc. that you find at the top and then putting your hand to the various settings available.

Finally, start the conversion process by clicking on the button first Aggiungi ... which is at the top center and then on that Encode (also top center). When the conversion is complete, the video to MP4 will be saved in the same location as the source file. If you want to use a different position, select it, before starting the conversion, by pressing the button Sfoglia ... located at the bottom right.


If the software that I just proposed to convert MKV to MP4 was not to your liking, you can still succeed in your intent by resorting to the use of XviD4PSP. It is a great free conversion program that allows you to optimize videos in various formats for playback on smartphones, tablets, computers and video game consoles. It's free, available in portable version (the one I used to write this step) and works with all editions of Windows.

To download it to your computer, connect to the program's website and click on the link Download XviD4PSP x.X.X.X Daily Windows (if you are using 32-bit Windows) or Download XviD4PSP x.X.X.X Windows 64-bit (if you are using 64-bit Windows).

When the download is complete, extract the ZIP archive obtained in any location and start the .exe file contained within it. Once the program window is displayed on the desktop, click on the button with the film at the top left and select the MKV file saved on your computer that you want to convert. Alternatively, drag the video file to the left side of the XviD4PSP window.

Now check that the tab is open at the top of the window Codecs (if not, you can do it yourself) and select MP4 give menu to tendin Container which is always up on the right. Choose from the adjacent menu also the device on which you intend to transfer the file to, in order to customize the conversion parameters.

If instead of using one of the available presets you want to intervene yourself on the audio profile, the appearance and so on, click on the button with thegear placed even further to the right and intervene on the various items and options attached to the new window that will open.

To conclude and therefore to start the transformation procedure, click on the button Start top left. By default, the output file is saved in the same location as the source file. If you want to change this behavior, before starting the conversion click on the button with the floppy disk at the top left and indicates the destination position through the window that appears.

Convertire MKV in MP4 Su Mac

If what you are using is a Poppy, you can use one of the following converters to convert MKV to MP4. Even then, the steps to take are within anyone's reach. Then choose the instrument you prefer and immediately put into practice the relative instructions for use.


If you are using a Mac and are looking for a tool that will allow you to convert MKV files to MP4, I strongly suggest that you resort to using HandBrake. It is a handy free convert of an open source nature. It is optimized for converting DVDs and all major video file formats into movies that can be played on Apple devices and Android. It turns out to be very simple to use and the final results are very satisfying.

You ask me how to use it? I'll point it out to you right away. First, connect to the program's website and download HandBrake by clicking on the button Download HandBrake x.x.x which is on the left.

When the download is complete, open the .dmg package you just obtained, drag the software icon to the folder Applications macOS and launch HandBrake by right-clicking on it and selecting apri for two consecutive times, in order to go around the limitations imposed by Apple against unauthorized developers.

In the window that will now open on the desktop, select the MKV video to convert. If you don't see any file selection screen appear, click the button first source placed at the top. Then choose the conversion profile you prefer from the visible menu after clicking on the button Presets and select MP4 Files give menu to tendin Format: placed in the center.

Finally, click the button Browse ... located at the bottom right to choose the destination folder of the final file and then presses the button Start at the top left to start the conversion procedure.

Keep in mind that if the MKV video contains more than one audio track you can choose which one to keep after conversion by going to the tab Audio and selecting one of the options available in the drop-down menu Track. To choose the subtitles instead you have to go to the tab subtitles and select which tracks to keep from the menu Track.


If HandBrake does not interest you and you are looking for an alternative solution thanks to which you can always convert MKV to MP4, you may want to consider contacting Adapter. In case you have never heard of it, know that it is another very valid program thanks to which it is possible to convert videos (and not only) in various formats compatible with a large number of mobile and non-mobile devices. It has a nice user interface, it's pretty intuitive and it's free. In short, what more do you want?

To use it, connect to the program's website and click on the button Download Adapter at the top right, in order to start the program download procedure.

When the download is complete, open the package in .dmg format you just obtained and drag the software icon into the folder Applications of macOS. Then start Adapter by right clicking on it and selecting apri twice, in order to open the program, however, going around the limitations imposed by Apple on non-blessed developers.

Now that you see the Adapter window on your desktop, drag the MKV format file you want to convert to MP4 in the section with it written on Drop Files Here placed in the center. Alternatively, click on the button KATEGORIEN and select "manually" the file you want to act on.

Then click on the menu located in the lower part of the Adapter window and move the cursor to the item first Video, Then General and finally on Custom MP4 (*.mp4). If you want, you can customize the other conversion parameters using the appropriate sections on the right. For example, you can change the encoding, frame rate, bit rate and playback speed from the section Video, you can change the resolution of the movie from the section Resolution, you can edit the audio related parameters from the section Audio and so on.

Finally click on the button Convert to start the conversion. When the process is complete, you will find the MKK file converted to MP4 format in the same location where the original file is located. If you prefer, before starting the transformation procedure you can indicate a different location for saving by selecting the tab Custom in the section Directory which is in the right part of the Adapter window and clicking on the button KATEGORIEN.

Additional Helpful Resources

In addition to the programs I mentioned in the previous lines, there are also other software in circulation thanks to which it is possible to convert MKV files to MP4 acting both from Windows and Mac. Well, for example the ones you find indicated in my post on how to change video format and in my tutorial dedicated to the best video converter.

Further useful tools for this purpose can be found in my article on how to convert video to MP4 and in my review on programs to convert videos.

And if you don't feel like downloading new programs on your computer and if the videos you need to act on are not particularly "heavy", you can convert them directly online using one of the services I recommended in my guide on how to convert online. These are tools that work on any operating system and can be used without any kind of problem from any Web browser. The important thing is that you have an active Internet connection.