How to Connect Microphone to Pc

You have decided to organize a "karaoke" themed party at your home and to use your computer as a music console from which to start the backing tracks and lyrics to sing with friends or relatives. Suddenly, however, you realized that you have no idea how to create the connection between the microphone and the computer, having never done this before.

And now? How will you do? Don't despair: before the guests arrive, stop for a few minutes and read the guide I made to teach you a connect microphone to PC: you will thus avoid a thin figure and will be able to use your favorite karaoke programs without any problem, using the microphone in your possession.

I will explain, in detail, where to find the right microphone jack on your computer (desktop or laptop), how to remedy if the microphone input does not work properly and, finally, how to configure Windows or macOS to manage the sounds coming in from the microphone and use them in the programs you prefer. Happy reading and have fun!

Connect the Microphone to the PC Via the Front Panel

For connect the microphone to the PC, you can use the socket jack from 3,5 mm dedicated to the purpose, usually present on the front of the case; this input is usually positioned next to the USB sockets or near the physical power and restart buttons, but it could also be hidden by a small flap to open, especially on older homes.

Unfortunately, I am not able to tell you exactly where this socket could be located on your computer, as there are so many cases on the market. In any case, however, I advise you to look carefully at the front of the computer, until you find the right jack (usually next to the headphone jack and indicated by the writing Small or represented by an icon depicting a microphone).

On some cases, the microphone jack may be colored with pink, to be able to distinguish it from the one for headphones (green), but it is not a fixed rule: you could easily find jacks all neri, so you will have to pay some attention when inserting the microphone (especially at night).

On notebook, you can find the 3,5mm jack reserved for the microphone on the front (immediately below the touchpad) or laterally, depending on the model in your possession. Also in this case, you can recognize the input in a simple way because it is next (most of the time) to the jack reserved for the headphones, and is well indicated with the microphone icon or the writing Small.

Connect the Microphone to the PC Via the Rear Panel

If you can't find any microphone input on the front of your desktop computer, or you found the right input but it doesn't seem to work (as it may not have been connected to the motherboard beforehand), I recommend using the jack from 3,5 mm present on the back of the PC.

As a rule, in this case, the color rule is well respected, so you can identify the 3,5 mm jack reserved for the microphone from the pinch (made with three fingers) pink color; if you're in trouble, look closely at the icon next to the socket, which looks like a stylized microphone.

Other Methods to Connect the Microphone to the PC

What I have shown you are the main methods by which you can connect a microphone to your computer, using the inputs provided by the case or motherboard; if the inputs are not working properly, I recommend that you connect the microphone to your PC using one of the methods described below.

Internal Sound Card

If necessary, you can purchase one internal sound card to be installed in the case, in a free PCI-e X1 slot on the motherboard (usually at the bottom, just below the dedicated video card), so that you can connect the microphone and use it with the programs you want. Personally, I recommend that you give the ones listed below a chance.