How to Change Dns

Have you ever heard of DNS servers? No? Strange, yet you use them every day! They are none other than those "translators" who allow you to connect to Internet sites by typing simple textual addresses instead of very long numerical addresses, which would then be the real coordinates of the reference portals. This means that using fast and free DNS servers makes connection to websites faster than when using slow DNS and ensures the possibility of connecting even to those portals that may be inaccessible. By virtue of this, ask yourself how to go about I will change DNS it is more than legitimate.

With today's guide, therefore, I want to show you how to do the operation in question, in order to replace the DNS automatically provided by your telephone provider with others that are much faster and more efficient. Do you have to be an expert to do it? Obviously not, so don't be afraid, roll up your sleeves and follow the instructions I am about to give you step by step: you will see your browser fly and you will be able to cope with any navigation problems in no time!

Ma dov'è che vanno Cambiati questi server DNS? A seconda di quelle che sono le tue preferenze ed esigenze e based on quelli che sono i device in tuo possesso, puoi agire dal computer, dai deviceivi mobili oppure dal router. Il risultato finale è praticamente lo stesso in tutti i almost, scegliere su quale device intervenire spetta a te. Pray, but, enough chiacchierare e passiamo all'azione. Buona lettura!

Preliminary Information

Prima di enter the live of the tutorial, walking to quindi to spiegare come fare per riuscire to I will change DNS, my golden seed fornirti alcune preliminary information about.

As I said at the beginning, DNS is the "thing" that allows you to assign a name to the IP addresses of the servers, so that you can reach them more easily. In more terms, they are what allows you to visit a site by typing an easy-to-remember alphanumeric address (e.g. instead of its numeric IP address (e.g., which would be very long, consisting of only numbers and, consequently, much more difficult to memorize.

Depending on the Internet provider that provides the connection in use, different DNS servers are assigned, in order to guarantee the possibility of surfing the Net and accessing the various sites to all users who use their services. However, some sites or online services, for various reasons, may not be reachable with the default DNS servers. In addition, the default DNS can always be slower in allowing access to this or that other Web page. Consequently, replacing them with others from third parties can bring many advantages.

It is svariati servizi che offrono DNS di tante typology e che possono rivelarsi più o meno idonei e performanti rispetto ad altri. Ad ogni modo, qui di segito trovi indicati quelli most popular and appreciated.

Google DNS

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:


  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:

The scelta di quali DNS utilizzare differs dalle tue esigenze e preferenze. In addition, the DNS of Google has not been announced in the first place for the parrot speed and for the fatto che, essendo internazionali, sono in Grado di Garantire l'accesso anche ai portali Obscurati dai provider italiani, quelli di OpenDNS sono famousi por la possibilità di impostare dei filtri sulla rete, mentre quelli di CloudFlare per l'elevato degree of privacy offerto. For later approfondimenti, puoi fare riferimento to mine tutorial dedicato in maniera specifica proprio ai migliori DNS.

How to Change DNS on Your PC

Fatte explained to him what was going on, we came to the verro no e proprio della questione and we went to scoprire as I will change the DNS. In cousin luogo, I want to illustrate how I will proceed, I che che stai using è a PC Windows based.

Stai using Windows 10click here Start button (I cheer with the windows flag) which is located at the bottom left of the taskbarselects the icon di Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio) located at the bottom of the menu visualizzato, fai clic sulla voce Rete and Internet in the window that opened on the desktop and on the wording Modify scheda opzioni. Individual, dunque, il device di rete currently in use, facci clic destro sopra with the mouse and selects the voice Property dal menu conteuale che compare.

Stai using a Windows version più datata or in any case as an alternative to the procedure described above, click on button Start, access the Control Panel Selecting the colleague's name from the menu that is appropriate and selects the voice Rete and Internet and / or network and sharing center da quest'ultimo. Nella schermata successiva, clicca sul connection name in use che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della sezione Active networks and his bottone award Property nell'ulteriore finestra che si apre.

At this point, regardless of the version of Windows impiegata, fai doppio clic sulla voce Internet Protocol versione 4 TCP / IPv4 present nell'elenco The connection uses the following elements at the center of the ennesima finestra visualizzata, select the option Use the following DNS server addresses, type in the DNS server address for the nei campi Preferred DNS Server e Alternative DNS Server, select the option Valid impostazioni all'uscita and confirms it modifies the premendo sul pulsating OK.

How to Change DNS on Your Mac

I know, I believe, I che stai using è un Poppy, i passaggi che devi buy per riuscire to change and DNS sono, ov obviously, diversi da quelli già visti per il versante Windows, to communicate altrettanto semplici.

Tutto quello che devi fare, in that case, è accesre alle System Preference, facendo click on the relative icon (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio) located on the Dock bar, and I will select the voice Network in the window that opens on the desk.

Nella schermata successiva, select il connection name che stai utilizing dall'elenco present your sinistra, click your button Advanced situato in basso a destra e, process the pannello che si apre, recati nella scheda DNS.

Adesso, select i DNS già in use dall'elenco DNS server and click on the button (-) in basso a sinistra per rimuoverli. Next, click on the button (+) always located at the bottom left, type the address of the primary DNS server and that of the secondary DNS server you intend to use in the dedicated items and save the changes made by clicking on the button first OK e poi quello Apply.

How Will I Change DNS on Android

Possiedi one smartphone or tablet Android e ti piacerebbe capire how will i change DNS in this specific case? There is no problem, I hope that I will proceed in that way, a gioco da ragazzi!

To begin with, grab your device, unlock it, access the home screen and tap on the icon Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio). Nella schermata che in Seguito Ti comes sample, select the voice Wireless and ret e / o quella Wi-Fi And it has a premium for every second of its money name of the wireless connection alla quale sei attual collegato.

Select quindi l'opzione Modify config. say challenge dal menu che compare, spunta l'opzione Show opzioni advance, scorri lo schermo verse il basso and selects the dicitura Static from the menu IP settings. Per conclusdere, scorri anchors a volta lo schermo verso il basso, imposta i server DNS che intendi utilizzare nei campi DNS 1 e DNS 2 e fai tap sul pulsating Save, così da salvare ichangementi apportati.

You also have the procedure to change your DNS in your Android, which is indicated only if it is valid only in the case of the connessioni effettuate process rete wireless. Qualora stessi using a Data connection and you will change the DNS anche in such a case, per riuscirci dovrai ricorrere all'uso di apposite third-party app, eat di Cloudflare. This is not the case of the application dedicated specifically to the modification of the DNS, most of it almost from the point of view is that it is based on the device provided by the rooting procedure. As an alternative, if you can help the service VPN. To find out more, you can read my guide on how to change DNS on Android and my review of the best VPNs.

I would also like to point out that depending on the version of Android you are using and the brand and model of smartphone or tablet you use, the instructions for changing the DNS that I have just provided you may be slightly different from what you see on the device screen.

How to Change DNS Your IPhone and IPad

And up iPhone e iPad? How if I will change the DNS in this specific case? I'll add it to you! Contrary to which your post will think, not è per niente complicated, hai la mia parola.

As much per cominciare, afferra il tuo device, sbloccalo, accessed the home screen and selects the icon di Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio). Nella schermata che a questo punto ti comes sample, fai tap sulla voce Wi-Fi and press pulsating (I) that you find next to the wireless connection name you are employing.

On the next screen, tap on the item Configure DNS, select the option Manual, award your bottone (-) che trovi in ​​corrispondenza dei DNS server predefiniti nell'elenco DNS server and confirms your intention by pressing the button Delete, then tap on the item Add server and enter the primary DNS server and the secondary one that you intend to use. Per salvare ichangementi, fai tap sulla voce Save top right.

Keep in mind that the procedure that you have indicated is valid only for Wi-Fi withdrawal. I will change DNS sotto data networkdevi will install a 'special app, such as by Cloudflare, which installs a profile to convey all requests for "translation" of the addresses to be visited to Cloudflare's DNS servers. Alternatively, even on iOS / iPadOS, you can consider contacting the services of VPN. To learn more, you can consult my tutorials on how to speed up the Internet on iPhone and how to change DNS on iPad.

How to Change DNS on Your Router

Per concludere in bella, come si suol dire, andiamo a scoprire come fare per cambre i DNS sul routerThis operation is particularly convenient to avoid making changes to the individual settings of each device owned.

Per compiere l'operazione in questione, apri il browser che solito utilizzi sul tuo computer per navigare in Rete (es. Chrome), type the IP address or that one in the top bar and press the button Submit sulla tastiera, in mode tale da I will access the management panel of the device. If the coordinates I just gave you are not correct, read my guide on how to find router IP address to find out how to find the correct address of the device.

If you come chiesto di digitare anche a nome utente e a password per accesre, prova with the combination admin / admin or admin / password, which are the most widespread. In case of problems or if you want to get more information on what to do, you can consult my tutorial on how to find out the modem password.

Once logged in to the router management panel, go to the section on connection status and close to individuals I will hear you DNS 1 o Primary DNS e DNS 2 o Secondary DNS. The numerical digits present in correspondence with these entries are nothing but the addresses of the DNS servers currently used by your Internet connection.

Then check the box corresponding to the item Use questi server DNS or in any case the one indicating your willingness to change DNS, fill in the fields relating to the two servers with personalized addresses and then click on the button ApplyOK o Save, in order to confirm and apply the changes. Keep in mind that after completing the procedure by which to change DNS on the modem it may restart. If so, do not worry, everything is normal.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with more precise information in this regard, as I do not know the exact brand and model of the router you are using and the items in the menus of the device management panel may differ based on this. In any case, if it can help you, here are links to some of my detailed guides relating to the main brands of routers on the square and to the modems distributed by Internet providers.

  • How will I configure Netgear router
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On the subject of telephone management, you will notice that your molti modem da essi distribuiti non è possibile I will proceed with the modification of the default DNS server. Qualora questo fosse il tuo case, per poter cambre i DNS dovrai per forza di cose andare ad agire sui singoli dispositivi, come ti ho spiegato nelle righe precedenti.