How to Bypass Blocked Sites

Do you need to visit a site that is blocked on school or office computers and you don't know how to do it? Did you find that your provider has blocked access to a site you used to download files from the Internet? Don't worry, no obstacles are insurmountable and these are certainly no exception. If you are interested in learning more about the issue, therefore, I advise you to take a few minutes of book time for yourself and concentrate on reading today's guide with which, in fact, we will discover together eat oltrepassare i siti bloccati, sia a livello locale che regionale, senza affrontare procedure lunghe e particularicolemente complesse.

One of the quickest and most effective solutions you can try for your purpose are Web Proxies, which act as a "bridge" between your user and the site to visit and make browsing anonymous. They can be used directly from the web browser window (any) and are very easy to use. Plus, these are completely free resources, at least in most cases. If, on the other hand, you need to access Internet sites blocked by national telephone companies, for example those for searching for torrent files, you can solve the problem simply by using alternative DNS servers to the standard ones of your connection. In short, as you can see, there are solutions, and how.

Even if he gave up, did he finally tell me that the chiacchiere gave him part and would he start concentrating on the farsi? Yes? Great! Suggerisco di non temporeggiare ancora e di metterci immediately there. Posizionati beautiful comfortable dinanzi il tuo fido computer and leggi with the massima attenzione tutto quanto riportato qui di Seguito. Alla fine, vedrai, potrai dirti ben felice e soddisfatto di quanto appreso e, inoltre, non ho dubbi sul fatto che tutti i tuoi amici non esiteranno a chiederti utili indicazioni sul da farsi. Che ne dici, scommettiamo?

Bypass Locally Blocked Sites

Let's start with the useful solutions to bypass locally blocked sites, the ones that I labeled as at the beginning of the article Web proxy.

If you treat essentially online services, you will install the computer on your computer and you will have the specific technology, you do not consent to the visit of the portal to the non-food court I will visit. Qui di segito trovi indicate quelle to see my rappresentato le migliori soluzioni.

The first service of the category that I want to advise you to try is called The use of it is free (nella sua base version) and consente di collegarsi to qualsiasi Internet site oltrepassando eventuali restriction mascherando l'indirizzo IP running with one olandese, tedesco oppure USA.

You ask me how to use it? I'll explain it to you immediately. To begin with, connected to its home page, choose one of the nationalities available through the drop-down menu located at the bottom left, type the complete address of the site you want to visit in the field Enter web address and by clicking on the button Visit anonymously down below. Fatto ciò, verrai subito reindirizzato verso il sito di cui hai appena digitato l'URL.

You point it out here, prima di avviare la navigazione verse one specific website, puoi intervenire sulle opzioni d'use facendo clic sul menu a tendina More options which is on the right and choose whether to consent to cookies or not, whether to encrypt the URL and / or the page and whether to remove the scripts and / or objects. Just add or remove the check from the relevant boxes.


In alternative to the service of cui sopra, puoi appellarti a NewIPNow to bypass Internet sites that you cannot access. As the name suggests, it is a Web service that allows you to disguise your identity on the Net using a different IP address, American or German. It is free (in basic version) and is very easy to use.

To use it, connected to the home page of the service and type the complete address of the website you want to connect to in the field adjacent to the writing Connect to. Successively, it selects the IP that you prefer to be present in the correspondence of the voice With the IP And I will see going up to the site of your interest, avoiding eventual limitation. Più facile di così?

You are presently present, fatto che, a seconda dell'affluenza e di eventuali disservizi, non tutti gli IP risultano semper accessibili. The thing, communicate that you come indicated chiamente transact the apposita barra di stato clorata che trovi in ​​corrispondenza di ognuno.

Bypass Regionally and Nationally Blocked Sites

Is there a need for them and if they are in the bloccati status of your provider? Allora, come i dicevo in opening, puoi far fronte alla thing walking to modify i DNS server that you usually use.

In the case in cui non lo sapessi, i DNS sono dei “traduttori” che permettono di collegarsi ai siti Web by typing degli indirizzi semplici (es. anziché i reali indirizzi dei siti Internet, che sarebbero delle interminabili sfilze di cifre (es. Changing it is, however, important for bypassare alcune restricizioni regionali e per rendere più rapidi i tempi di risposta dei siti.

Better DNS

There are many DNS servers, mind you. and depending on the areas from which you connect, they can be more or less effective. In general, however, it is possible to say that the best international DNS servers that you can use to bypass the censorship of Italian ISPs are Google DNS (, ed Open DNS. (

Google's DNS servers are very famous and widely appreciated, not only for the fact that they allow access to portals obscured by Italian providers but also for their speed. The same goes for those of OpenDNS, which in addition offer a parental control function through which it is possible to inhibit the display of certain categories of sites, for example sites for adults only and those dedicated to games.

I Will Change DNS

At this point, I know, you are surely wondering… but how to use the DNS servers in question? The procedure differs slightly depending on the device and operating system you are using. In any case, you don't have to worry, it's very easy in all cases.

Stai using Windows, you can change the DNS by first clicking the button Start (l'icona della bandierina collocata nell'angolo in basso a sinistra dello schermo), close Panel of control In the menu, if the cousin of the Dai Risultati della Ricerca is selected. If you will learn the Pannello of the classic control of Windows.

Then go on Rete and Internet network and sharing center, select the name of the connection in use (eg. EthernetWi-Fi) and click on the button Property. Now, double click on the entry Internet Protocol versione 4 (TCP / IPv4) and check the box next to the item Use the following DNS server addresses.

Enter, even, enter the primary DNS server in the field Preferred DNS Server, and quello of the secondary DNS server in the field Alternative DNS Server, dopodiché awarded his OK per due volte per salvare ichangementi, pigia su Close and wait a few seconds for the settings to be applied.

Stai is invented using a PoppyI can modify the DNS facendo click sull'icona di System Preference sulla Dock bar, selecting Network from the window that opens, choosing the name of the connection in use (the one marked with green ball) give the menu to sinistra and clicking on its relative button Go ahead ..., choosing the tab DNS and adding the addresses of the DNS servers to be used by clicking on the button [+]. To confirm and apply, please modify it by clicking your OK e Apply.

Because it concerns the possibility of modifying the DNS server using your smartphone and tablet, you just have to access it Settings of the device, I will walk your Wi-Fi, I will select the name of the rete di riferimento e modifier quanto riportato in corrispondenza della sezione DNS intervening in maniera bene o male analogous to what is seen insieme poc'anzi.

The appena procedure described only governs Wi-Fi. But I will modify the DNS usati sotto rete 3G / 4G, devi rivolgerti ad applicazioni come by Cloudflare che, available for Android and iOS, install a profitable VPN per veicolare le richieste di "traduzione" degli indirizzi visitati verso i server DNS della nota azienda americana.

For further details of its operation, it consults how it articulates its DNS impost, by means of which it has now provided a spiegarti as it will change and DNS will be provided by the modem / router impostazioni.

Further Useful Solutions

Qualora poi, for a reason or for a reason, nessuna delle soluzioni segnalate nelle righe precedenti fosse riuscita a sortire l'effetto sperato e, dunque, in the case in cui stessi ancora encircling a way per oltrepassare i siti bloccati, mi permetto di consigliarti di Ricorrere all'uso di alcune risorse alternative, di programmi per computer e app per smartphone e tablet da installare directly sul device in use. Per saperne di più continues to leggere, trovi spigato tutto qui sotto.


If you are looking for an alternative way to the above to bypass blocked sites I strongly suggest you take a look at proXPN. This is a program for Windows and Mac without any complicated configuration to be made, which, in fact, allows you to surf the Internet using an IP disguised as one of another nationality. It is, therefore, an instrument perfectly capable of fulfilling the purpose in question.

The program is available for free in the basic version and provides for the use of US IP addresses only and the limitation of the browsing speed to 100 kbps. To choose the country and get around the IP limitation, you must instead switch to the paid variane.

For what concerns the use of the property, you have reached the program's website, click on the button download for free located at the top right and wait for the software installation file to start downloading. When the download is complete, if you are using Windows open the .exe file obtained, click on Next, its I Agree and subsequently on Finish.

Stai was invented using a Mac, apri il pacchetto in .dmg scaricato format, the finestra che vedi comparire sulla scrivania, trascina l'icona di proXPN su quella della cartella Applications. Successively, recati nella cartella Applications say macOS, fai clic destro sull'icona of the program and clicca per due volte di row su apri In such a way that the software will be available by walking through the ad, it will be limited by Apple and not confronted by the sviluppatori non autorizzati.

Adesso, regardless of the operating system in use, will register the service by clicking on the voice Sign Up nella finestra shares her schermo and inserting i dati che ti vengono richiesti, dopodiché select il Paese che preferisci dal menu atras e clicca sul bottone Connect I will start navigare in rete with a different IP.

It was voiced in the same way as the program of the convention program, come stabilized, automatically, spunta la casella Auto Connect at start up which is located at the bottom.

If you are interested in this, I would like to point out that proXPN is also available as an application for Android and iOS mobile devices. It can be downloaded for free and the operation is good or bad similar to that of computer software.


As an alternative to the program for which one of the instruments was solved for the Windows operating system, it will provare UltraSurf, a free software that senza richiedere installazioni renders anonymously the navigazione e riesce a bypassare tutte le più comuni restricizioni e censure sul Web. Assicura a velocità abbastanza ragionevole e non presente limi di traffico. Insomma, perché non provarlo subito?

To use it, go to the website to download the program and click on the button. FREE DOWNLOAD che trovi in ​​alto a destra. To its completeness, it was in a position of the computer in the ZIP archive, it was done with the file .exe contained in its internal file.

Once started, the program will connect to its servers (this is indicated by the traffic lights in the main window that turn green) and will start a special Chrome session that will use the latter to connect to the sites. Subsequently, you will be able to surf the net normally with the possibility of accessing even sites that were previously blocked.

You point it out, I prefer it, I invented it with Google Chrome and I will use Internet Explorer. Per riuscirci, you just need to click sull'icona apposita annessa alla finestra of the program. The finestra di UltraSurf is always processed, you are here with the click of the button Options I will be able to access tutti and various settaggi availables and rules the operation of the program così come ritieni più opportuno.