Google Earth – Download

Google Earth is a very famous free software that allows you to virtually travel around the world thanks to the images and aerial photographs taken with satellites. It also includes the Google Maps Street View system, which allows you to view the streets of cities thanks to navigable 360-degree photos and 3D reconstructions of various locations around the world. In short, it is an application that cannot be missing on the PC or smartphone / tablet of a traveler like you!

As for the desktop counterpart of the program, it is good to specify that the "standard" version of Google Earth is available and can be used directly from the Google Chrome browser (in this case, no download is necessary, since to use it, simply connect to this address ), but there is also a Pro version - which is 100% free and differs from the "standard" version for some useful features for professionals, such as the one that allows high-resolution prints - available for download for Windows, macOS and Linux: today I will focus on the latter. Since Google Earth is also available as an app for Android and iOS, then, in the second part of the tutorial I will also explain how to download it on your mobile devices.

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Very well! Make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, implement the "tips" I will give you, so as not to have problems in carrying out the download on Google Earth on all devices and platforms at your disposal. There is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!

Minimum Requirements to Download Google Earth

Before delving into the heart of the tutorial and finding out how to do the download on Google Earth, I want to list you i minimum requirements that your devices must meet in order to host the application.

As for the desktop version of Google Earth, you need to have a computer equipped with Windows 7 or later versions; macOS 10.8 or later or Ubuntu 14 / Fedora 23 (the equivalent) or later.

To download the Google Earth app for mobile devices, however, you need to have a smartphone or tablet equipped with Android 4.1 or later or an iPhone or iPad updated to iOS 9.0 or later versions.

Download Google Earth to Your Computer

To download the desktop version of Google Earth - ie Google Earth Pro - you must first connect to the download page of the program and then press the blue button Download, which is located on the lower left.

On the page that opens, remove the check mark from the box Help improve Google Earth by automatically submitting usage statistics and crash reports to Google anonymously if you do not want to contribute to the diagnosis of any problems concerning the program and presses the blue button Accept and download at the bottom: if everything went well, the download of the Google Earth Pro installation file should start automatically. If this is not the case, press the link click here to start the download "manually".

When the download is complete, all you have to do is open the installation file you obtained from the Google Earth site and follow the simple wizard that appears on the screen, so as to complete the setup.

Su Windows, after clicking on the button Accept and download, pig sul sul bottone Run placed at the bottom of the browser window in use and then presses on Yes to complete the setup and start the software. Remember, then, to close the Google Earth Pro installation window by pressing the button Close.

If you use a Poppyinstead, when the download is complete, open the file GoogleEarthProMac-Intel.dmg and double-click the package Install Google Earth Pro contained in it. In the window that opens, then presses the buttons Continue e Install, type the password of your user account on macOS (the one you usually use to access the system) and then presses the buttons Install softwareClose to complete the setup.

At the first start, Google Earth Pro will show you a welcome screen with a list of the main functions of the program: if you want to learn how to use the software without too much effort, consult it in all its sections. To move on the Google Earth virtual world map, use the mouse (with the wheel you can zoom in and out) or the search bar located at the top left, where you can type the name of a city, a place or a street to be displayed on the map.

Using the commands that appear by moving the mouse cursor to the right of the screen, you can rotate the map using the arrows placed near the icon of theeye, move around the map with the arrows placed next to the icon hand, adjust the zoom level with the buttons (+) e (-) and activate the mode Street View (the icon oflittle orange man), which allows you to "walk" in many places and cities around the world.

Among the main functions of Google Earth Pro there is also the creation of routes with directions. To get the right directions to get to a certain place, click on the item Get directions located in the left sidebar, type the starting and destination in the box that appears and go Submit sulla tastiera from the PC.

As mentioned above, you can also record a virtual tour in the form of a video (by clicking on the video camera in the program toolbar, located at the top) and navigate in space. In the latter case, you have to click on the icon orange planet present in the software toolbar and choose which destination to visit: HeavenLuna o Mars. In short, the features of Google Earth are so many: you just have to use the program to explore the world while sitting comfortably in front of your PC!

Download Google Earth on Smartphones and Tablets

As I told you in the introduction of the post, Google Earth is also available for smartphone e tablet, in this case for devices Android (where it is sometimes found installed "as standard") e iOS. Its operation is almost identical to that of the desktop counterpart even if, this is good to specify, the mobile version of Earth is not the Pro one and, consequently, does not include some of its more advanced functions, such as the one that allows you to print screenshots ad high resolution.


To download Google Earth on Android, april il Play Store (the app with the colored triangle), digita “Google Earth" in Campo di Ricerca which is located at the top, presses the green button Install, wait for the app download to be completed and then press the button apri to start using it.

If you want to go directly to the Play Store page that hosts Google Earth, so as to avoid searching for it "manually" using the search form, tap this link and then repeat the steps I indicated in the previous lines: then click on the button green Install, wait for the app download to complete, tap the button Open and that's it. You are now ready to use Google Earth on your Android device!


To download Google Earth to your device iOSinstead, open theApp Store by tapping on the icon with the "A"White on a blue background which is located on the Home screen, type"Google Earth" in search bar which is located at the top of the screen, presses the button Get, confirm the download by typing password of your Apple ID or, if your device is supported, authenticate using touch ID o Face ID. At this point, wait for the download of Google Earth to be completed and, as soon as this happens, press the button apri, in order to start the application.

Also in this case, if you wish, you can reach the App Store page where Google Earth is hosted simply by tapping on this link and then pressing the button Get. After confirming the download by following the steps I showed you just now, all you have to do is press the button apri to launch the app and start using it.