Film Mkv

A friend lent you a key with some inside movie MKV but you can't play them on your computer because Windows Media Player (on Windows) or QuickTime Player (on macOS) don't seem to "digest" them? Don't worry, it's a problem that can be solved in a few clicks and without spending a dime.

What you need to do is turn to the ad hoc solutions that I am about to point out to you, which work without the need for external codecs. This means that you simply have to feed him the video to watch and enjoy the show. I bet you will be amazed by their incredible ease of use.

How do you say? Have you tried to play a video in MKV format also on your smartphone or tablet but failed? Perhaps you have used an application that is incompatible with this type of file, or perhaps you are trying to play a video in high definition and your device is not powerful enough to do so. Soon we will try to get around this difficulty too. Now, however, let's put the chat aside and get to the heart of the guide immediately! Enjoy the reading!

Preliminary Information

Before going to the point, that is, before explaining how to reproduce the movie MKV on your devices, it seems only right to clarify your ideas on the file format in question.

If you don't know what it is, i file MKV, i.e. files in Sailor, mainly correspond to video content in which it is also possible to find audio tracks, subtitles and chapters: it is, therefore, a "container" format, designed with the aim of allowing the viewing of reference contents on all software platforms and to facilitate Internet streaming.

Furthermore, files in the format in question are compatible with a large number of native tracks. To be more precise, within MKV files you can find videos of type MPEG-2 and 4, WMV, RealVideo, Flash, Theora, VP8, VP9, ​​H.264 and H.265; MP2, MP3, PCM, AAC, WMA, Vorbis, AC3, RealAudio, DTS and FLAC type audio; and VobSub, PGS, OGG Writ, WebVTT, ASS, SSA, USF and SRT subtitles.

MKV Movies: How to See Them

Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's get to the action and let's find out, in detail, come vedere in film MKV on all devices: computers, smartphones or tablets, TVs and game consoles. For more details, please continue reading, you will find everything explained below.

Film MKV Su PC

For watch MKV movies on your PC, I recommend the use of VLC. In case you have never heard of it, it is a popular and appreciated media player, totally free and open source, capable of playing practically any type of audio and video format, including MKV files, without the need for codecs. external. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux and is super easy to use.

To download it to your PC, visit the program's website and click on the button Download VLC. When the download is complete, if you are using Windows, april il file .exe obtained and click the button Yes, in the window you see appear on the desktop. Then, click on the button OK, quindi quello forward (three times in a row) and complete the setup by pressing the buttons Installed e end.

Stai using MacOSInstead, open the package .dmg got it, move theVLC icon in the path Applications Mac, right click on it, choose the item apri from the context menu and press the button apri, in such a way as to start the program going to circumvent the limitations imposed by Apple on applications from non-certified developers (an operation that must be performed only at the first execution).

At this point, the most should be done: drag the MKV movie of your interest to the VLC window and wait for it to start playing. Alternatively, you can open the video by clicking on the menu Fillet located at the top left, by selecting the item apri and, subsequently, the file of your interest.

To manage the playback of the movie, you can use the appropriate controls visible at the bottom of the player window: there you will find the buttons to go forward e back in the movie, the one to put in break or stop playback and the button to access thelist of files in the playlist. There are also the progress bar, the one for the volume adjustment and the button to enable the full screen view.

If you want, you can also make all MKV format files open automatically with VLC: to do this, right-click on a MKV file and if you are using Windowsclick sulla voce Property present in the menu that appears. In the window that opens, click on the button Change and select VLC from the list of available applications.

Stai using MacOSinstead, click on the item Get information found in the context menu and choose VLC give menu to tendin Open with (expand this section of the properties window if you don't see any drop-down menus) and press Edit all, per salvare ichangementi.

VLC aside, there are also other multimedia players that allow you to play movies in MKV format, as in the case of the ones I reported to you in my review dedicated to programs for MKV. Other useful resources for this purpose can be found in my article on programs to watch videos.

Movie MKV Are Android

You have transferred an MKV movie to your smartphone or tablet Android and would you like to understand which resource to rely on in order to reproduce it? If this is the case, I inform you that, even then, you can count on VLC.

The famous multimedia player for PC that I told you about in the previous lines, in fact, is also available in the form of an app for devices based on the Google mobile platform. It's free, easy to use, and has practically the same features as its computer counterpart.

To download it on your device, connect to the relevant section of the Play Store and tap the button Install. Then click on the button apri appeared on the screen or on theVLC icon just added to the drawer, in order to start the app.

Now that you see the main screen of the application, press the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top left, tap on the item Folders in the menu that appears and select the MKV movie you intend to play.

Alternatively, you can open MKV movies of your interest with VLC using a file manager o any other app: to do this, just select the file of your interest, then thesharing icon (usually this is what it depicts three dots joined together) and tapping onVLC icon in the menu that appears.

Once the film has started, you can use the controls located at the bottom of the player, visible by tapping on the screen, to manage playback. To be precise, you can find us there progress bar and the buttons for lock orientation screen, activate and manage i subtitles, put in break o riprendere playback, change the display format and access the others more advanced options.

Apart from VLC, you can also play your MKV movies on Android by using other multimedia players, like the ones I reported to you in my review dedicated to the best Android players and in my post on video apps.

MKV Movie on IPad and IPhone

VLC is also available for iPhone e iPad and even then it can be employed to play MKV movies. The version of the app for iOS and iPadOS has practically the same features as the one for Android and its operation is extremely simple.

To download it on your device, access the relevant section of the App Store, first press the button Get, by your complaint Install and authorize the download via Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple.

Once the VLC installation procedure is complete, to start playing a movie in MKV format, open the file manager that you generally use on iPhone or iPad or otherwise theapp inside which the file of your interest is saved, select it, touch thesharing icon (usually it is what it depicts a square with an arrow) and select l 'VLC icon the menu is shown to you.

Later, you can use the controls located at the top and bottom of the screen, visible by tapping on the display, to manage playback. More precisely, at the top you find the progress bar and the button to change the display mode, while at the bottom there are the adjustment bar of the volume, the button for playback via AirPlay, the one to go forward e back in the movie and the one to put in break and stop video. You will also find the buttons to adjust the playback speed, image format and to access the Advanced settings.

Note that on iOS and iPadOS, VLC does not allow playback of Dolby audio. Consequently, to have this support it is necessary to contact other solutions, which generally either have a fee or offer this option after signing up for a subscription, as in the case of Infuse (available in a free basic version that offers in-app purchases and in a one-time payment variant), another popular multimedia player that I told you about in detail in my guide on how to put movies on iPhone and in my article on like watching movies on iPad.

MKV Movie on TV

Be, invent, you interest capire how to play MKV movies on TV, I tell you that it is easily achievable by exploiting the USB port on the back or side of all modern televisions (thus copying the files to be played on a USB pendrive or external hard disk).

Once the storage device is connected, it will be recognized automatically by the TV and the device screen will display menu with the contents present on the latter. On some TVs, however, a message, which allows, if selected, to access the section dedicated to the media player.

If, on the other hand, no message appears and the menu to manage multimedia contents does not start automatically, to reach it, proceed first select the input for the USB socket from the TV settings.

Next, select Videos among the various types of content that can be played, press on remote control button to access content key or hard disk, select the MKV movie to watch and press on button to start playback. For more details, you can consult my guide on how to see the USB stick on the TV (also valid for hard drives).

If you then own one Smart TV It equipped with a network player, you can also play MKV movies on a NAS, computer or network hard drive. To play content from your computer, you can take advantage of the network functions of Windows or macOS or ad hoc software, such as Plex, capable of transforming your PC into a media server, as I explained to you in my guide on how to use Plex on Smart TV. In general, to do this, you just need to activate file sharing and make sure that the TV is connected to the same network as the computer or external disk.

Alternatively, to play MKV movies (and more) on your TV you can contact a set-top box or to a dongle, i.e. devices to be connected externally to the TV, which allow you to add Smart and extra functions to the TV, through the use of applications and access to the Network.

Among the various devices in the category, I suggest you evaluate the use of an Android TV box, the Google Chromecast, the Fire TV Stick produced by Amazon and the Apple TV.

Film MKV Su PS4

You own one PS4 and are you interested in understanding how to use the latter to play your movies in MKV format? I'll explain immediately how to proceed. The format in question, in fact, is perfectly supported by the Sony home console and, moreover, the reproduction of the same is not at all complicated.

To perform the operation in question, you can choose to transfer your MKV files to a external hard disk or on one USB pendrive to then connect to the PS4. To proceed, go to the home screen on the PlayStation 4 and press the controller X button above the item Multimedia Player.

Next, connect the external storage device of your choice to one of the USB ports on the console, select the name of the hard disk or USB key and press the X button on the controller above the content you want to play.

If, on the other hand, the MKV movie you want to watch is on a network hard drive or on a ., first check that the PS4 is connected to the same network as the disc, then start the Media player of PS4 and select, using the pad X button, before network device name of your interest and then that of movie MKV you want to play.

You can also evaluate of share on the network MKV format movies on the computer oppure its a hard disk connected to the PC, as I also explained to you in the previous chapter, dedicated to watching MKV movies on TV.

In that case, all you have to do is start the Media player PS4 and access shared content. For further information, I refer you to reading my tutorial focused specifically on how to watch movies on PS4.