Download Streaming Movies

As soon as you have a few hours of free time, you love watching streaming movies on the Internet. However, it is increasingly common for you to have free time when there is no connection, such as when you are out on a short vacation. What you are looking for, therefore, is a way to download streaming movies, and so you ended up on this tutorial of mine.

Well, I'm happy to inform you that you've come to the right place at the right time! In the following lines, in fact, I will point out some streaming services that allow you to download movies offline both on your computer and on smartphones and tablets and, if you need them, I will tell you about a program that allows you to download movies from streaming sites and from the most popular hosting sites of the moment.

So: can we know that you are still standing there? Take a few minutes of free time for yourself, free up some space on the memory of your computer or device on which you intend to download the films and follow the instructions I am about to give you: I assure you that, at the end of reading, you will have a huge movie library ready to play on PCs, smartphones and tablets when there is no active internet connection.


Netflix I don't think it needs too many introductions: it is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world. In its catalog there are hundreds of films, documentaries, cartoons and TV series, which are the real "highlight" of the platform (especially as regards the originals, produced directly by the American giant).

Netflix offers various subscription plans: there is that base from 7,99 euros / month which allows you to view SD content from only one device at a time; that Standard from 11,99 euros / month which allows you to see Full HD content on two devices at a time and that Premium which, on the other hand, costs 15,99 euro / month and allows you to view UltraHD / 4K content on four devices simultaneously.

But why do I tell you about Netflix in a post on how to download streaming movies? The answer is simple: the Netflix apps for Android, iOS and Windows 10 allow you to download many of the content in the catalog offline and watch it when there is no Internet connection available. The downloaded contents do not have a fixed expiry date (some expire after a week, others after more time), but must always be consumed within 48 hours from the first playback.

To download Netflix movies on your PC, you must necessarily have a computer equipped with Windows 10 and you need to download the official Netflix application from Microsoft Store. To proceed, connected to this web page, click on the button Get, accepts the opening of the Microsoft Store e pigia again its pulsating Get to start downloading first and then installing the app.

Once installation is complete, start the Netflix application from the menu Start Windows (or by pressing the button starts of the Microsoft Store) and click on the button Log in located at the top right to access your account. If you don't have a Netflix account yet, click on the button Provalo prays, choose one of the available Netflix plans, click on Continue and fill out the forms that are proposed to you (during the promo periods, you can take advantage of an initial free trial): to have a hand in this situation, consult my tutorial on how to subscribe to Netflix.

Once logged into Netflix, locate the movie you want to download, click on its cover image and click on the button Download present in the box that opens. At the end of the download, you can access the downloaded content by pressing the ☰ button located at the top left and selecting the item My downloads from the bar that compares di lato.

If you want to know what content is available for download on Netflix, press the ☰ button located at the top left and select the item Available for download from the bar that compares di lato.

Su Android e iOS, the procedure to follow is practically the same. After installing the app from the store of your smartphone or tablet, you need to start it and log into your account (or create a new one, if you don't already have it). Once the procedure is complete, browse the contents in the service catalog and select the film you want to download.

Once this is done, if the film you have selected is available for download, press the icon of down arrow and wait for the download to complete. Once the download is complete, the content will be available in the section Download Netflix, accessible from the bottom menu on iOS or from the internal menu (accessible by pressing the ☰ button) on Android.

For a general overview of the content available for download, go to the section Download of the Netflix app and presses the button Find something to download: this way you will only see titles that can be downloaded offline.

If any steps are not clear to you or you need more information on how Netflix works, consult my dedicated tutorial specifically on this famous streaming service.


Infinity is one of the best alternatives to Netflix. If you had never heard of it (but I don't think so!), It is a streaming video service designed by Mediaset that offers a very rich film catalog consisting of over 2.500 titles, both Italian and international, including the Infinity premiere: first-run movies (just released on the home video market) available for free to watch (and download) for a limited time. The cost of the service is 7,99 euros / month, but new customers can try it for free for 30 days.

To download the titles offline, you need to download a special program for Windows or macOS or you need to use the official Infinity app for Android and iOS. An app for Windows 10 is also available, but for the moment it does not include the download function. Downloaded content must generally be played within 7 days and, from the time of first viewing, must be consumed within 48 hours.

In order to use Infinity, you must have an account. Therefore, connected to the official website of the service, click on the button Try 30 days for free, fill out the form that is proposed to you and provide a valid payment method between your credit card and PayPal (you will not be charged until the trial expires). If you need some more information on the Infinity sign up process, check out my tutorial on how to see Infinity.

After registration, if you want to download a movie on your PC, select its poster from the main menu of Infinity and click on the button Download present on the page that opens. You will be asked to download the Infinity program for downloading offline content: accept by clicking on the item If you haven't downloaded the plugin yet, click here.

Once the download is complete, if you have a PC Windows, open the Infinity plugin installation package (infinityTV-plugin.exe) and, in the window that appears on the screen, first click on Yes and then Install, Install now e Close to finish the setup. You should be asked to install the plugin as well Microsoft Silverlight, if it is not already present on the PC.

If you use a Poppyinstead, open the file InfinityTVPlugin.pkg downloaded from the Infinity site by right clicking on it and selecting the item apri from the context menu. In the window that appears on the desktop, click on the button apri, Then Continue for two consecutive times e Install. Then type the password Mac administration, come on Submit I awarded her OK, Close e Don't move it to conclude the setup.

At this point, open the Infinity player, log in to your account and click on the button Download now and wait for the download of the content you have selected on Infinity to complete. Once the download is complete, you will be able to see the films downloaded on your PC by clicking on the appropriate button next to their titles.

If you prefer to act from a smartphone or tablet, download the official Infinity app for Android or iOS, press the ☰ button and press on the voice  Login to log into your account. Then, select the poster of the movie you want to download and press the button Download to start downloading.

At the end of the download, to access the contents you have downloaded offline, press the button ☰ located at the top left and select the item Download from the bar that appears laterally. Easier than that ?!

If you still have any doubts about how Infinity works, read the tutorial I dedicated to the subject: it will surely be of great help.


Chile is a very famous service that allows you to rent and buy films, TV series and cartoons without subscribing to any kind of subscription. It is accessible both from the PC (via browser) and from the TV (with the Chili app for Smart TV or using Chromecast), however offline content download is only allowed on smartphones and tablets, through the official apps of the service for Android and iOS.

In the Chili catalog you can find all the latest cinematic news in SD, HD, Full HD and 4K versions and even the films still in the hall (to be pre-ordered for when they are available for streaming, download or purchase in physical format) . Prices start at € 0,90 for rental and € 4,99 for the purchase of each single film. The rented contents are available for 28 days and must be “consumed” within 48 hours from the first reproduction; those purchased, however, you can see how many times you want. The accepted payment methods are: card, Paypal, Satispay and Chili credit (obtainable through promo codes or gift cards).

To use Chili you need to create a free account on the platform. Then connect to the Chili website, click on thelittle man located at the top right and choose the item Log in or register from the menu that opens. Then press the button Register for free, fill out the registration form that is proposed to you and that's it. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can click on the button Facebook and log in to Chili through your social account.

Once you have created your account, all you have to do is log in to it, press the ☰ button of Chili and select the item Home or the voice Videos from the bar that appears on the side, in order to browse all the films available on the platform: once you have identified the one you are interested in, click on the button Guarda, choose whether to carry out the rental or l 'purchase, indicates the resolution in which to take it, and press the button Watch it now, to pay and watch it immediately, or on the button Add to Cart, to add it to the cart and complete the transaction at a later time (by pressing, precisely, the icon of cart). The procedure can also be performed in the same way from the Chili app for Android, while the one for iOS does not yet allow the purchase or rental of the contents (it only allows you to play them).

After purchase or rental, to download the film on your smartphone or tablet, start the Chili app and access the section My chili. At this point, if you use Android, tap on the ⋮ icon located under the preview image of the movie of your interest and select the item Download from the menu that opens. If, on the other hand, you use a iPhone or iPad, premi sull 'preview of the movie to download and press the button Download. More info here.


You want to download a movie from a "generic" streaming site, such as Akvideo, Openload o Streamango? In this case, I can only advise you JDownloader: a free and open source download manager that allows you to "capture" the multimedia files present in any Web page and download them to your computer. It supports most streaming services and hosting sites and is very easy to use. It is also multi-platform: it is in fact available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

To download it to your PC, connect to its official website and, if you use a PC Windows, click first on the Microsoft operating system logo, then on the items Download 32/64Bit Webinstaller (Rar-Archive RECOMMENDED) e Clic to start the download and finally on the button Download Site MEGA. A Poppyinstead, download JDownloader by clicking on the item first Poppy and then Download Installer Mac OS X Version 10.7 or higher.

Now you need to proceed with installing the program. If you use Windows, then open the archive Install JDownloader.rar (if you don't know how to open RAR files, consult my guide dedicated to the topic) and start the executable Install JDownloader.exe present inside. In the window that opens, click on the button Yes, wait for all the files necessary for the software to work and click on Next e Accept to conclude the setup.

If you use a PoppyInstead, open the dmg package you downloaded from the JDownloader site and launch the executable JDownloader Installer present inside. Then click on the buttons in sequence apri, OK e Next for five consecutive times, wait for the download of all the files necessary for the operation of JDownloader and finish the setup by pressing on Finish.

The most is done! Now all you have to do is start JDownloader and copy the address of the movie you want to download. As soon as you have copied the movie URL into your browser's address bar, JDownloader will capture it and allow you to download the video offline. To proceed with the download, select the tab Capture Links of JDownloader, right click on the name of the movie you have selected in the browser and choose the item Start download from the menu that opens. You will be able to follow the download progress in the tab Download di JDownloader.

For more information on how to use JDownloader, see the tutorial where I explained to you in more detail how this useful program works.

Other Services to Download Streaming Movies

If the services and applications that I have previously recommended have not met your expectations, you can take a look at the alternative solutions listed below: I am sure you will also find some suitable for you.

  • Amazon Prime Video - this is Amazon's video streaming service. It is included in the Amazon Prime plan (36 euros / year or 4,99 euros / month) and offers access to hundreds of movies and TV series to watch in streaming. It is available as both a website and an app for Android, iOS, and the Fire TV Stick (an Amazon proprietary device that connects to your TV). Its application for portable devices also allows offline download of movies. I told you about it in more detail in my dedicated tutorial.
  • TIMvision - is a video streaming service offered by TIM. It costs 4,99 euros / month after the first month of free trial and is available both as a website and as an application for Android, iOS and Windows 10. The mobile application also allows you to download offline content, including some movies. I told you about it in more detail in my post on how TIMvision works.

Article created in collaboration with Chili.