Come Unzippare File Rar

You have received archives in RAR format via email and you do not know how to open them, so you asked for clarification from a friend more knowledgeable than you in the IT field and the latter suggested you to use WinRAR. WinRAR is one of the best compressed archive management software available for Windows but it is paid. After a free trial period, it starts showing annoying promotional messages at every start and inhibits several functions.

You would like to avoid such troubles and so stay come unzippare file RAR with a free solution without limitations. What would you say to ALZip? It is an excellent free software for Windows that allows you to extract files from all major compressed archive formats (including RAR) in a very easy and fast way. In my opinion you should try it, I am convinced that you would not regret it.

The first step you need to take if you want unzippare file RAR without WinRAR is to connect to the ALZip website and click on the button Download to download the program to your PC. Also, write down the code next to the wording ALZip Free Serial Number because that's what you'll need to activate your free copy of ALZip.

When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (ALZip851.exe). In the window that opens, put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms in the license agreement to accept the conditions of use of the software and complete the ALZip installation process by first clicking on Next three consecutive times and then on install e Close.

In the window that opens, before you can use the program, you will be asked to register your copy of ALZip. Then type any name in the field user Name, the serial number you pinned in the field earlier Serial Number and click on the button Register Now to complete the operation. If you are asked if you want to use ALZip as the default program for managing compressed archives, answer with Yes.

At this point, you should be able to unzippare file RAR in the simplest way in the world, or by double clicking on them (to open them) and dragging the items inside them to the folder you want. Believe me, it's easier to do than to say.

ALZip integrates perfectly intoExplore Resources Windows. This means that you can extract RAR files (and other compressed archive formats) with it even with a simple right click without having to open the archive.

There are four options available: Extract here with ALZip to extract the archive to a folder of your choice; Extract here with administrator authority to extract the files contained in the selected archive into a system folder; Extract here to extract all the contents of the archive in the current folder and Extract to here "archive name" to extract the files to a new folder with the same name as the archive.