Come Fare Backup Whatsapp Iphone

It is now a fact: you can no longer do without WhatsApp. For you, in fact, the famous messaging app acquired by Facebook represents a real point of reference for what concerns telematic conversations. Precisely for this reason, you always keep all the chat sessions you have with your contacts and the mere idea that for one reason or another they may be lost upsets you.

Precisely for this reason, you have decided to take the advice of your most trusted friend for good and therefore to create a backup copy of all conversations. It's just a shame that your friend has an Android smartphone and you have an iPhone and therefore has not been able to tell you the correct procedure to follow to do so. If you want, however, I can provide you with all the explanations you need. If you allow me a few minutes of your precious time as well as a minimum of your attention, I can in fact illustrate you, in a simple but at the same time detailed way, come fare backup WhatsApp iPhone.

Do you want? Yes? Great! So let's not go any further and get to work immediately. I anticipate immediately that the procedure to follow, although it may not seem exactly intuitive, is actually very simple. To put it simply: you don't need to be a wizard when it comes to new technologies. Did I reassure you? Great. Let's proceed, therefore. Enjoy the reading!

Notes and Preliminary Operations

Before explaining to you how to backup WhatsApp on your iPhone, it seems necessary to make some fundamental clarifications. In the specific case of iOS, WhatsApp is backed up on Apple's iCloud servers. Consequently, it is essential that iCloud is set up and configured correctly on the device used.

To do this or in any case to verify that you have properly set up iCloud on your iPhone, grab the "iPhone by", unlock it, access the home screen and press the icon of Settings (the one with the gear) then check if at the top, in the new screen displayed, there is the you don't know.

If the name is present, the service is enabled and configured. Theoretically you shouldn't do anything more but to make sure that WhatsApp can work without problems in conjunction with iCloud, press the you don't know and then on the voice iCloud. Then scroll through the screen that is shown to you until you find the item WahsApp and check that the switch on the right is set to ON (if not, proceed at the moment by pressing on it).

If, on the other hand, your name is not present at the top of the iOS settings, presses on the item relating to iCloud and log in by typing your account data. If you do not yet have an iCloud account or in any case if you want to receive more information on what to do, I highly recommend you read my tutorial on how to activate iCloud on iPhone so that you can immediately clear your ideas about it.

If an iCloud account is already set up on the iPhone but it is not the one you want to use, press on name which is at the top of the iOS settings screen, scroll down to the bottom of the menu that opens and stop on the wording Logout to disconnect the current account. Then log in with the account you intend to use.

Then keep in mind the fact that the WhatsApp backup does not include contacts, those are managed from the iPhone address book. However, this does not remove the fact that you cannot have an iCloud backup of the contacts in your address book so that you can possibly restore them to another iOS device or to your iPhone, should you reset the device.

To do this, go to the section again Settings of iOS, stop on you don't know placed at the top of the displayed screen and presses on the wording iCloud. Then scroll through the new screen that has opened and check that in correspondence with the wording Contacts the switch is set to ON (and if not, you can provide by pressing on it).

And if other address book synchronization services are configured on your iPhone in addition to iCloud (eg. gmail), you must first go to the main screen of Settings, you then have to plug up Contactsselect Default account and choose the item iCloud from the menu that opens in such a way as to make iCloud the default service to synchronize the address book.

Backup WhatsApp on IPhone

Now that you have clearer ideas on how WhatsApp backup on iPhone works, let's move on to the real action and let's find out concretely what are the operations that must be performed to succeed in the enterprise (which, as anticipated at the beginning of the guide, in reality it is not).

The first fundamental step you must take to succeed in your intent is to go to the home screen of your iPhone and press the icon of WhatsApp (the green one with the speech bubble and the telephone receiver in the center). Once the application screen is displayed, presses on the item Settings at the bottom right, select the item Chat and then press on the wording Chat backup.

Now, carry on ON l'interruttore present accanto alla voce Include videos if you want to include both videos and photos in the backup of WhatsApp conversations (otherwise leave the relative switch on OFF) then press on the item Back up now to immediately start saving your data. This usually goes on for several minutes.

“Manual” backup aside, however, consider that WhatsApp automatically backs up your conversations and your data on a monthly basis. However, if you want, you can disable this function or you can change the frequency. To do this, press on the voice Automatic backup which is always on the WhatsApp screen for making the backup and select the option you prefer from the next screen: Daily, Weekly o disabled (Monthly, as mentioned, is the default choice).

Please note: The inclusion of videos in the WhatsApp backup could result in the eroding of a large amount of free space on your iCloud account as well as extending the backup times longer than necessary. In all cases, keep in mind that normally the first backup takes longer, the subsequent ones, being incremental, will be faster.

Restore WhatsApp Backup on IPhone

Once you have backed up WhatsApp on your iPhone you can, at the appropriate time, restore your chats on another iPhone or on the iPhone in use following a reset or, again, after uninstalling the WhatsApp app in a fairly simple way it's fast.

All you need to do is download WhatsApp from again App Store, open the application on the reference device, press the button Accetta and continue and consent to any request by the application to access your contacts and send you notifications. Then type yours cellphone number in the appropriate field and press on end. 

Once this is done, you will see the iCloud backup restore screen appear. You stop on the button Restore at the top right to confirm what your wishes are and wait for the procedure to be started and finalized. Once the procedure is complete, you will then have to choose the name and profile photo to use and you can start using WhatsApp again as usual.

The only thing you must necessarily take into account is that for the WhatsApp backup restoration procedure to be successful, the iPhone on which it is carried out must be associated with the same phone number and the same Apple ID as the one from which backup files come from.

If you then want to transfer your chats to a new number, before proceeding to restore the backup you must go to the section Settings of WhatsApp, select the item Account, plug up Change number in the screen that opens and follow the instructions you see appear on the screen, as I have indicated in more detail in my article focused on how to change number on WhatsApp.

Transfer WhatsApp Backup from IPhone to Another Device

The WhatsApp backup made on the iPhone can only be transferred to another iPhone and not also to a different device (e.g. an Android smartphone). However, using third-party applications it is possible to bypass this restriction and therefore transfer WhatsApp backups made on iPhone to an Android device and vice versa.

Among the various applications available on the square used for this purpose, I advise you to try WazzapMigrator. It is very simple to use but it is not free (it costs 4,99 euros).

To use it for your purpose, however, you must first obtain the WhatsApp backup files from the iPhone by connecting the device to the computer and then making a backup with iTunes, as I explained to you in my guide on how to backup iPhone. Then you have to serve a program like iMazing (even in this case it is a paid resource but still downloadable in a free trial version) to access the files in the backup.

Using the program in question, you must then select the item relating to the last iPhone backup from the left sidebar and then go to App Groups and select the folder from which to get the file ChatStorage.sqlite which contains the WhatsApp backup.

Then you need to open the file obtained on the reference Android smartphone, install WazzapMigrator, press the button Select iPhone storage and select it. The application will therefore process the file and at the end of the procedure you will see a warning appear on the screen indicating the correct importation of the data as well as the possibility of restoring the iPhone WhatsApp chats.

To conclude, you must then install (or reinstall) WhatsApp on your smartphone and accept the restoration of the data from the backup after verifying the number.

In Case of Problems

Despite having strictly followed my instructions, have you encountered some hitch in putting into practice the procedure to backup WhatsApp on iPhone or to restore it? So do this: take a look at the section dedicated to FAQ specific for iPhone attached to the WhatsApp website.

Then expand the section that you think could be closest to your problem, click on the reference topic and then consult the solution available on the new web page that is shown to you. Alternatively, search by keyword by typing it in the appropriate bar at the top and then selecting the relevant suggestion from the list that is shown to you.

And if you still can't figure it out by doing so, get in direct contact with WhatsApp support for iPhone by writing an email to [email protected]. In the body of the message, try to explain in detail and using gentle tones what your problems are. You will see that in a short time you will receive an answer and will be able (I hope) to solve your problems.