How to Edit a Pdf File with Ipad

Are you studying some PDF documents that you have saved on your iPad, would you really like to insert notes and highlights within them but you don’t know how? Then run to download Foxit Mobile PDF. Created by the same software house as the PDF reader of the same name for PC, Foxit Mobile PDF … Read more

How Icloud Drive Works

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How to Select All Photos on Icloud

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Come Ridurre the Dimensioni Gave a Video

Should you conduct an online film and piacerebbe ridurne il peso, in such a way da poterne effettuare l’upload senza doverci impiegare un’intera giornata? Have you recorded a video with the photocamera of your smartphone that gives you the best information about the superfluence? Non preoccuparti: sei capitato sulla guida giusta, in a moment che … Read more

How to Vectorize a Logo

When designing the logo of an Internet site or company, it must be borne in mind that the image being created will be used in multiple contexts. This means that you need to create a dynamic logo that can be used in images of any size without losing quality or being unrecognizable if enlarged or … Read more

How to Unlock a Locked Phone

Every now and then, you know, even the best phones end up crashing: it can happen, especially on slightly older models, that the continuous updates of the system and the constantly evolving apps try to use more RAM than the smartphone can give them. with the result of completely ditching the operating system and making … Read more

How to Use Itunes

It is now really hard to find someone who has never heard of iTunes. Also thanks to the success of devices such as iPhone and iPad and the birth of services such as Apple Music, Apple’s program to manage and play multimedia files (music in the first place) has become very famous, but this does … Read more

How Not to Overheat the Pc

For a few days now, you have noticed that your computer reaches very high temperatures and, after a few minutes, ends up shutting down without warning, preventing you from restarting until it cools down. This is certainly a behavior that can arouse some fear but, you should know, far from anomalous: in case of overheatingin … Read more

How to Track Down an Ip Address

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How to Download Adobe

Adobe is a very popular software house for its video and digital graphics products as in the case of Flash Player, of Acrobat Reader of Photoshop. In fact, there are many, indeed many users who every day use the programs of the famous company by operating on the computer. Some Adobe-branded programs can be found for free, … Read more