How to Share Screen on Skype

You have decided to help a friend to use a program installed on his computer and, since he lives far away, you intend to take advantage of a video calling system that also allows you to offer practical assistance during the conversation, perhaps sharing your computer screen to show your interlocutor the procedures to be … Read more

How to Set Google As Your Homepage

You always used Google as the home page of the browser but, today, after starting your favorite navigation program, instead of the famous search engine, you found yourself in front of a different page that you do not know how to remove. If this is the case and, therefore, now you would like to know … Read more

To Restore the Previous Version of a File

Calm and courage. Get over it. Your son opened the employment report you wrote yesterday, deleted its contents and filled it with so many meaningless letters. He’s only three years old. What did you expect more? Fortunately, however, that on Windows and Mac there are functions designed to effectively cope with situations of this type … Read more

How to Download Mouse Pointers

You have changed a thousand wallpapers, hundreds of icons and dozens of desktop themes, but you have always missed one detail: the mouse pointer. Think about it, every time you’ve changed the look of your Windows (and you’ve done it often) you’ve never changed the dull white dart that “flutters” up and down the screen. … Read more

How to Burn Iso Files

Have you just downloaded a software or a game from the Internet but can’t open it? I bet it is an ISO format file, is that so? Well then there is good news to come. ISO files are nothing more than containers – technically called image files – in which all the data that was … Read more

Adobe Flash Player Update

Keeping software up-to-date – you should know by now – is not only important for better performance and new features, but also for sleeping peacefully from the point of view of computer security. This concept is even more valid for popular plugins such as Flash Player, which are often the subject of security holes and … Read more

How to Download Photos from Huawei

Since you bought your new Huawei smartphone, all you have to do is take pictures: every occasion has become a good one to take a selfie or photograph the panorama that is in front of your eyes. But now you are in trouble: you tried to connect the phone to the PC to download the … Read more

How to Activate Adobe Flash Player

Il Flash Player by Adobe is an obsolete plugin: it is not compatible with mobile devices, slows down the loading of web pages and consumes a lot of energy. Even Chrome, the very famous Google browser, tends to block its execution and warns the user every time a site tries to use it. However, there … Read more

How Kickstarter Works

Your friends are more tech savvy and often surf the web; recently, they told you that they discovered the existence of a truly unique website which, called Kickstarter, is meant to finance (and obtain funding) for projects related to the purchase or sale of products and services. Is the topic of interest to you and … Read more

How to Customize System Properties

You have just bought a new PC and, by browsing the system properties, you noticed that there is some personalized information in it entered by the shop that sold you the computer: the shop logo, which is displayed in the “System” field, and all the contact details of the latter (telephone number, support hours and … Read more