Best Search Engine

Did you know that different Internet search engines can show different results and can be more or less useful depending on the case? No? Well, now you know it and considering it I'm sure that now you will also be curious to understand how to do it in order to replace what you usually use with a better one. Did I guess? Yes? Well, let's do this: take a few minutes of free time and focus on reading this article. Together we will try to find out what the best search engine for your needs.

In the past it was not like that but today there are really many Internet search engines. The most "popular" is undoubtedly Google but there are several and very valid alternatives, such as that of Microsoft, which can prove to be more or less valid according to the needs of the moment as well as personal preferences. They can all be used from any web browser (even from smartphones and tablets) and can prove to be valid allies to be able to find the various sites, information and content you need.

But now just chat and let's get to work immediately. So sit comfortably, start your favorite browser and start trying, one at a time, the various resources that I am about to show you. I am sure that in the end you will be able to find the one that you think can do the most for you and that even in case of need you will be ready to provide useful advice to all your friends. What do you say, we bet?


Let's start with the undisputed champion, not only for the quality of the results offered and for its ability to thoroughly scan the network, but also for the unassailable degree of popularity now achieved: Google, or rather Google Search (yes, this is the real name of the big G search engine!). It is in fact the search engine most used by users all over the world, it integrates perfectly with the services offered by the same company (obviously), it is very fast and has a minimal but really pleasant and well made user interface. Moreover, it is the real point of reference for what concerns the degree of evaluation of the positioning of sites on the Web. Well ... what more could you want?

Using it is very simple. Just go to its home page, type the keywords to search for in the bar in the center and click on the button with it written on Search with Google or press the button Submit keyboard. As you type, suggestions appear that can help you complete the initial search phase. If necessary, you can also perform a voice search by clicking on the symbol microphone in the search bar, allowing Google to access the microphone in use on your computer and saying the keywords.

In all cases, the search results page that will subsequently be shown will indicate at the top the most popular and most relevant results for the term typed and all the others further down and in the subsequent pages. To view a specific result, just click on it. At the bottom, however, there are possibly related searches and which can be accessed immediately by simply pressing on them.

If desired, it is possible to refine the search carried out by choosing to view only images, news, videos and related products sold on e-commerce sites. Just click on the relevant tabs at the top.

Pressing on the voice instead Settings it is possible to modify the search settings, the language used, the filter, the history and it is also possible to carry out an advanced search. By clicking on Meanson the other hand, it is possible to define the country to which to confine the search, the language, the date and the type of results.

By creating a Google account (if you remember correctly, I have explained to you in detail how to do it in my guide on the subject) and by logging in to the service, all searches performed on the engine are synchronized on all other devices on which you have logged in with the same account.

I also point out that, if you want to try your luck and find out if you are automatically redirected to the right page by Google, when you type a certain term on the engine home page, click on the button I'm feeling lucky. Often times, Google guesses right and you can therefore save valuable time. Convenient, don't you think?


Another great search engine I invite you to appeal to is Bing. Haven't you ever heard of it? Very strange, it is as famous as Google. Either way, you don't have to worry, we can fix it immediately. It stands out for the beautiful background images that head every day on the home page, for its clean and elegant user interface and for the equally elegant and intuitive way in which the search results are presented. It allows you to search for text but also for videos, news, images and so on. It works in perfect synergy with the Microsoft account but, as well as Google Search, it can also be used without it, obviously depends on preferences and needs.

As far as practical use is concerned, to use it you must first connect to its home page and then type the search keywords in the bar in the center of the page and click on the button with the magnifying glass which is on the right. Alternatively, you can press the button Submit on the keyboard. Again, hints appear as you type and may be helpful.

Once the search page is displayed, the most relevant results will be indicated at the top and the less correlated ones at the bottom. To view a given result just click on it. On the right, however, you can view and consult all the various and any related searches.

Using the tabs above it is possible to carry out specific searches for images, view only the videos that correspond to the previously entered keywords, you can view the maps always referring to what you typed and the search results saved by logging into your Microsoft account. (if you remember, I explained how to create one in my dedicated tutorial).

By clicking on the button with the three lines horizontally at the top right you can access Bing settings, search history, personal interests and you can adjust the search filter.


Although from the name it would not be said, too DuckDuckGo is a search engine and among the many available on the square I recommend it. The reason? Very simple: focus on not tracking searches for commercial purposes. In short, it is certainly the best choice for those obsessed with privacy. For the rest, it offers, for better or worse, the same characteristics of the solutions already analyzed together in the previous lines, including the ability to search by images and by video.

To serve, connected to its main page, type the search term in the bar in the center and press the button with the magnifying glass on the right or the button Submit on the keyboard. Eventually, you can help you with the suggestions that you see appear automatically.

Once the results page is displayed, you will find at the top those most relevant to the term typed according to the DuckDuckGo search criteria and at the bottom those less and less related. Click on the one you are interested in to open the linked page.

As I said, even in the case of DuckDuckGo you can search for images or videos by selecting the relevant items at the top, while using the menus below you can choose to view only the search results for a specific region, you can adjust the degree of security of the contents of the searches carried out and you can limit the display to the results relating to a specific moment.

By clicking on the button with the three lines horizontally located at the top right you can customize the operation of the engine by selecting a theme of your choice and intervening on the settings.

Tungsten | Alpha

To conclude, let me point out Tungsten | alpha, an "intelligent" search engine that interprets, decodes and processes data providing definitions, calculations, graphs and comparisons. The software at the base is very sophisticated and is capable of perfectly interpreting both natural and mathematical languages. Given its characteristics, it is therefore ideal in the case of mathematical operations and targeted searches for words and other specific information.

To use it, connected to its home page, type your keywords in the search field in the center and press the button square on the right or press the button Submit on the keyboard.

On the page that will open at this point, you will find all the various related search results divided into various sections. For more information about a given section, click on the button More top right. Keep in mind that depending on the search carried out, other buttons may also be available such as the one to view the map of a given place, the one to view the subdomains of a site and so on.

If you want, you can also view the results randomly by clicking on the button Random (a sort of “I feel lucky” from Google), you can view detailed examples of use of the service by clicking on examples and you can access the various Web apps connected to the search engine by pressing on the wording Web Apps under the bar.

Wolfram | Alpha also offers features such as search by images and the previous upload of various files and tables but to access them you need to activate a Pro account (for a fee). If you are interested in this, you can investigate the matter and find out the costs of the service (as well as possibly how to subscribe) by connecting to the appropriate information web page.

If you want to customize the Wolfram | Alpha theme you have to go back to the home page and click on the button with the ruota d'ingranaggio which is located at the top right. Also from the home page, I point out that you can also directly access all the various tools offered by the engine.

Other Search Engines

The search engines that I have already proposed to you have not particularly impressed you and would you like to experiment with further solutions? Then try to contact those listed below, I'm sure you will be able to find at least one that will satisfy you.

  • Yahoo! - It is the search engine of the "giant in purple" of the Web. It offers reliable results and has little to envy to the resources already mentioned.
  • Q-Want - A search engine funded by the European Union launched with the clear intention of giving big G a hard time. The quality is truly excellent and the results are excellent.
  • Mojeek - A Google-style search engine that focuses on no tracking. The results shown are not always satisfactory but if you are in the mood for changes it is definitely worth a try.
  • Ecosia - An increase to carry out research on the net which aims to donate 80% of the proceeds to the WWF for reforestation in three countries around the world. In terms of performance it is good or bad comparable to Google.