Best Program for Burning

The spread of portable hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards increasingly cheaper has meant that the use of CDs and DVDs dropped dramatically. Despite this, I keep getting requests for advice on what burning software to use: “What is the best program to burn? "," Is there any free burning software that can perform the same functions as the paid ones? " The list of questions I have received these days could go on and on.

This is the reason why today I decided to publish this post and to collect, in a single article, what I believe to be the best burning software currently available on the Internet. There are both free and paid, both for Windows and macOS. In short, there is only the embarrassment of choice!

Let's be clear, it is not possible to choose one and say "this is the best of all". Each software has strengths and weaknesses that must be evaluated according to your specific needs: there are "all-rounder" programs that are ideal for making data CDs and DVDs, software specialized in burning image files, programs designed for cloning CDs and DVD, and so on. It's up to you to find the one that best suits your needs (as well as your budget) and start using it. Find all the information you need right below.

Nero Burning ROM (Windows)

Although its development has experienced ups and downs in recent years, Nero Burning ROM remains an institution in the field of burning software. It is now available in three versions: Nero Platinum, which includes video editing tools with support for 4K content, features for streaming multimedia content over the network and applications for ripping DVDs and music CDs; Standard Black, which includes almost all the features of the Platinum version minus the support for music streaming and the backup tool; finally Nero Burning ROM, which only includes burning software: it allows you to create data CDs / DVDs / Blu-Ray, audio CDs, video DVDs, 1: 1 copies of diskettes, burn image files and much more.

The software is paid, but it comes in one free trial version lasting 14 days. To download the evaluation version on your PC, connect to the Nero official website via the link I provided and click on the green button Download, placed under the heading Nero Burning ROM and type your e-mail address in the text field that appears below. Then remove the check mark from the item relating to the receipt of promotional emails and click on the button Download now to start the download.

A download completo, apri il file Nero_BurningROMxx_stub_trial.exe you just downloaded on your PC and click on the button first Yes and then Customize (lower left). Then put the check mark next to the items I accept the license conditions and the privacy policy e Create desktop shortcuts, uncheck all other options and click the green button Install now. The software will download some files from the Internet and will automatically complete its installation.

When installation is complete, start Nero, close the program purchase request and choose to start the application Nero Burning ROM. As soon as you have launched the application, you will have to close the program purchase window again and, in the product registration request window, click on the View later or on Close. You will now have to choose the type of CD or DVD to create using one of the options available in the left sidebar.

CDBurnerXP (Windows, Free)

CDBurnerXP was one of the very first alternatives free to Nero and, even today, he covers this role almost flawlessly. It is a very light software, has an extremely intuitive user interface (fully translated into Italian) and includes many interesting functions: it allows you to create data CDs and DVDs, audio CDs, video DVDs (starting from already converted videos), burn image files and create 1: 1 copies.

It is available in two versions: a standard and a portable one that can also be run from USB sticks without facing tedious installation procedures. Furthermore, it should be noted that the standard version of the program is also available in two different versions: one with promotional contents that are offered during the installation procedure and a “clean” one, without promotional contents.

To download CDBurnerXP on your PC, connect to the program's website and click on the item More download options located next to the blue CD icon. At this point, choose whether to download the portable version of the software by clicking on the link 32-bit (x64 compatible) located next to the item Portable version, or whether to download the standard one without promotional content, by clicking on the link 32-bit (x64 compatible) located next to the item Default installer (Without installCore).

When the download is complete, if you have downloaded the portable version of the software, open the zip archive you just downloaded, extract the contents to any folder and start the program cdbxpp.exe. Otherwise, open the package .exe taken from the CDBurnerXP site and follow the installation procedure of the program (just click on forward).

After starting the software, if it does not present you in Italian, click on the button below with the gear symbol and, from the drop-down menu at the top left, select Italian (Italy), then confirming with the button OK. Now choose the type of disk to create from the main screen: Data discDVD videoAudio discBurn ISO ImageDisc copy or Erase disk. If you want to learn more about how the program works, you can take a look at my guide on how to burn for free.

BurnAware (Windows, Free)

BurnAware is another software free to consider as an alternative to Nero. It is actually available in two versions: one free for personal use and one paid version that includes extra features such as 1: 1 copying of diskettes and recovery of data from damaged CDs or DVDs. It is capable of creating data CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray data, audio CDs, CDs optimized for listening to MP3, video DVDs, AVCHD and can read or create ISO images.

To download the version free of BurnAware on your PC, connected to the official website of the program and click on the item free version without optional offers found at the bottom of the page. Be careful not to click on the green button Download located at the top left under BurnAware Free, as you will download the version of the program that includes promotional content that you can optionally install.

Once the download is complete, open the file burnaware_cfree_xxx.exe just downloaded to your computer and click first Yes and then OK e forward. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement click her cousin forward for four consecutive times and then on Install e end to finish the setup.

Mission accomplished! Now you just have to start BurnAware, select the type of disk to create (eg. Data discMP3 discDVD video etc.) from the window that opens and proceed with burning your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray. You can learn more about how the software works by reading some of my tutorials such as those on how to burn an MP3 CD and how to burn a DVD.

ImgBurn (Windows, Free)

Now let's move on to ImgBurn, what is probably the best program to burn image files of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray in scope free. It supports all major image file formats (BIN, CCD, CDI, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and PDI), creates image files of any disk, burns audio CDs starting from all formats of popular audio files and create video DVDs (starting from already converted videos). Its only flaw is that it does not allow you to "clone" DVDs protected with anti-copy systems; a defect that can be overcome by using software like the ones I pointed out to you in my post on how to rip a DVD.

To download it to your computer, connect to its official website and click on the item first Mirror x – Provided by MajorGeeks and then [email protected] located in the center of the page. Then open the file SetupImgBurn_x.x.exe just downloaded on your PC and first click on Yes and then Next. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the License Agreement and complete the setup by pressing on first Next 5 consecutive times and then on Yes e Finish.

If during the installation process you are offered the download of promotional software, which are not harmful, but are not useful for the purpose of burning CDs and DVDs, decline by removing the check from all options available on the screen.

At the end of the installation, start ImgBurn and choose the operation to perform. To burn an image file: for example, if you want to burn the image file to your disc, click on the button Burn an image, presses the icon of gialla poster and choose the file to burn. Then set the writing speed disc from the drop-down menu and click on theicon with two CDs to start burning.

Please note: By default ImgBurn is in English. To translate it into Italian you need to download the translation package (italian.lng) from this web page and copy it to the folder Computer> C:> Program Files (x86)> ImgBurn> Languages of your PC. More info on how the software works can be found in my guides on how to burn ISO and how to create disc image.

Burn (Mac, Free)

As I also explained to you in my tutorial on how to burn DVD on Mac, macOS integrates two very useful applications that allow you to burn CDs and DVDs without resorting to third-party software. This is the Finder which allows you to create data discs simply by dragging the files to be copied to CD / DVD in a window and clicking on a button andDisk Utility which, on the other hand, allows you to burn and create image files of various kinds in an equally simple way.

As an alternative to these two tools you can use Burn, an application free which has not been updated for some time, but also works very well on the most recent versions of macOS (including High Sierra). Burn allows you to create data CDs and DVDs, audio CDs, video DVDs (by converting directly from different video file formats), burn and create image files, copy diskettes and also includes other very useful functions that you will learn to discover a little at time.

To download it to your Mac, connect to its official website and click the button Download Burn which is located at the bottom right. Once the download is complete, copy Burn to the folder Applications macOS, right-click on its icon and select the item apri from the menu that opens to start the program (this is necessary only at the first start, to overcome the restrictions applied by macOS to all programs that have not been downloaded from the Mac App Store).

Once installation is complete, to burn a CD or DVD with Burn, just select the tab for the type of disc to create (GiveAudioVideo o Copy) and drag all the data to be copied to CD / DVD into the program window. Easier than that?

Roxio Toast Titanium (Mac, a Pagamento)

Toast Titanium is one of the most comprehensive burning suites available on Mac paid. It allows you to create CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray of all kinds, includes editing tools for editing and converting multimedia files and supports all major image file formats.

Unfortunately, its price is quite high (89,99 euros) and there are no free trial versions available. From time to time, however, promotions are offered to buy it at a discount. In short, before buying it, think about the features you need to manage your discs and, if you have not found any answer in the free programs that I have shown you, then Toast Titanium could be for you.

Other Software to Consider

Finally, let me point you to a few more program to burn among those that I have suggested to you in recent times in my tutorials.

  • AVStoDVD– is an excellent software for Windows, free and open source, which allows you to convert all major video file formats into standard DVDs compatible with all living room players. When used in conjunction with ImgBurn it can also burn DVDs. I told you about it in more depth in my tutorial on how to create video DVDs.
  • iTunes and Windows Media Player - did you know that with Windows Media Player (Windows) and iTunes (Mac / Windows) it is possible to create audio CDs and CDs / DVDs with video or MP3? If the answer is no, read my post on programs to burn MP3 CDs: there you will find everything explained.
  • Alcohol 120% - is a well-known software for burning (and creating) CD and DVD image files under Windows. It is paid, but it is available in one free trial version 14 days. I told you about it in detail in my tutorial on how to open MDF files.