App to Open Pdf

At work they emailed you a PDF file and you would need to access it even when you are out of the office. Despite your attempts, there has so far been no way to open this important file on your smartphone. So I bet you would like to know more and understand what you need to do to succeed in your intent.

Rest assured, you don't need to worry anymore. If you have come across this guide then it means that you could find valuable help in the information contained in it. In fact, this tutorial will focus on providing you with some explanations regarding smartphone applications. In particular, given your needs, I will tell you about the ones I consider the best app to open PDF.

Do not worry if you feel you are not yet familiar enough with the world of apps for Android or iOS smartphones: my guide will be complete with information written in a clear and detailed way and you will see that in the end you will certainly succeed in your intent to open PDF files from your mobile device. To do this, you just need to follow my instructions step by step. With that said, are you ready to go? I recommend that you always keep your mobile device at hand: download and try to use the applications I am about to recommend to identify the ones that best suit you and your needs. All clear? Yup? Very well! Let's get started right away. I wish you a good read.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android/iOS)

The first application that I want to advise you to download, in order to allow you to open files in PDF format from your Android or iOS mobile device is Adobe Acrobat Reader. I chose to start my tutorial with this application as it is the transposition for smartphones and tablets of the well-known PDF reader software of the same name available for free on Windows PC and Mac.

The strength of Adobe Acrobat Reader is undoubtedly its ease of use, its integration with Adobe's storage service, Adobe Document Cloud, but that with the popular Dropbox cloud service together with the possibility of using various others additional tools.

To start using Adobe Acrobat Reader for the purpose in question, first download the application for free on your mobile device. On iOS, use the App Store to search for the app and install it by pressing the button Ottieni / Installa. On Android, find and download the app from the Google PlayStore, using the button Install / Accetto. At the end of the download, press the button apri present on both devices and starts the application. To use it, please follow the directions below.

Follow first the introductory tutorial of the app, and then awards Start. You will then find yourself in the application's home screen and you can start using it to open a PDF file.

Via the screen Documents, you can in fact view and / or open PDF files. The board Recent shows recently opened files and you can open a file by selecting from your device memory. To do this, press the button with the folder symbol that you see in the lower right corner on Android. Using the app on iOS, where it is not possible to browse the internal folders of the device, you can import a file from iCloud Drive by pressing on the item Other routes. You can then choose to import the PDF file that you previously saved in the memory of your smartphone or tablet or in another cloud service.

There are also sections Locations, Cloud documents (which allow you to access your documents in the cloud, by registering for free to the service Adobe Document Cloud) and section dropbox (which allows you to access your documents from the famous cloud storage service).

The other features of the app are usable after opening a document in PDF format. Press on menu button at the top left and you will have access to a side menu of the app through which you can access the following additional features:

  • Comment button: allows you to add a comment to a PDF file;
  • Export PDF button: allows you to export the PDF file to convert to Word or Excel file. Feature available only upon subscription to an Adobe service subscription.
  • Create PDF button: allows you to create a PDF file from a non-PDF document. This functionality is also available only upon subscription to a subscription to the Adobe service;
  • Fill and Sign button: refers to the download of the free and complementary application Adobe Fill & Sign that allows you to perform this function;
  • Scan button: refers to the download of the free and complementary application Adobe Scan which allows you to scan paper documents to turn them into PDF files.

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor (Android / IOS)

A very feature rich application that I recommend you download to open PDF files on your Android or iOS device is the one named Xodo PDF Reader and Editor.

This app is very useful for its additional features: it not only integrates tools for opening and reading files in PDF format, but also allows you to make advanced changes to them. Among its noteworthy features we must in fact mention the possibility to modify, add or remove pages to a file in PDF format.

To start using the Xodo PDF Reader and Editor application you must first download it for free. Use the iOS App Store to locate the app via the search engine and then press the button Ottieni / Installa. On Android, find and download the app using the Google PlayStore, and press the button Install / Accetto. At the end of the download, press the button apri and start the application. To use it, use the information I am about to give you.

Follow the initial tutorial which will outline some features of the app and then press on the item Done I will continue.

The main screen of the app is called All documents (your Android) e Documents (on iOS). Keep in mind that the app has an Italian-language user interface on Android, while on iOS, in addition to having fewer features, the interface is in English.

Using the app on Android you can open a PDF file by choosing from the folder you prefer on your device. To do this, you can tap on the menu and choose the item Browse Folders. On iOS you can open a PDF file with this application by importing it through the opening options of a file on Apple devices. The relative voice is called Import with Xodo. On Android, integration with cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive e One Drive.

The tools related to editing the open file are visible by opening the PDF file and then tapping on the pencil symbol. On both Android and iOS, a menu full of buttons will open with which to make different types of changes.

PDF Viewer & Reader (Android)

If you love apps with a minimal user interface, take a look at the app PDF Viewer & Reader, available for free on Android, and you will see that you will not regret it.

The application in question is presented in English and performs only basic functionality for reading a file in PDF format. There are no other secondary functionality, except for the ability to download a complementary add-on application. The latter, created by the developer of PDF Viewer & Reader himself, allows you to send faxes for a fee, directly from your mobile device.

If you want to try the application in question, download it from the Android PlayStore by pressing the button Install / Accetto. At the end of the download click on the button apri: start the application and follow the instructions that refer to its use.

On the main screen, as well as the only section of the app, you will find PDF files that have been automatically recognized and imported by the application through the folders of your Android device. If you need to manually open a PDF file, click on the icon with the three dots symbol located at the top right (...) and tap on the item Open File. You can freely choose the folder from which to import and open the file.

The only additional functionality (apart from the one previously indicated regarding the additional app for sending faxes) is present by tapping on the icon with the three dots symbol located at the top right (...) and then on the voice Settings. To the item PDF Orientation you can choose whether to set the vertical view (Vertical) or horizontal (Horizontal) to read the PDF file you imported.

iBooks (iOS)

Although known to most as a useful resource only and exclusively for reading eBooks from iPhone and iPad, iBooks, the application pre-installed on all mobile devices of the bitten apple, also integrates some very useful functions to open and edit files in PDF format directly from mobile. As for the mere display, it is a possibility offered to everyone, while as regards making changes, at least iOS 11 must be installed.

Having made this necessary clarification, in order to open your PDFs with iBooks all you have to do is import them into the app in question. To do this, you just need to press, once the PDF of interest is open, on the icon of sharing (Quella with il square and arrow) that you find in any other app in use on iPhone and iPad and select the item Save your iBooks PDF give the menu that I will share.

Once you have imported the PDF into iBooks you can first of all view it by scrolling back and forth between the various pages that make it up by swiping it. Instead, you can procure the changes by pressing the icon pencil present at the top right of the screen. Then you can choose from the various tools available to edit the document as you see fit: you can use the pen and pencil to add strokes; L'Highlighter to highlight specific parts of the PDF; there rubber to eliminate any changes made; the selection tool to select and move the added items and the color picker to change the coloring of the pen and pencil strokes and the highlighter.

By tapping the button instead + (plus symbol) at the bottom right you can add testi, companies e magnifying glasses to the document as well as elements such as square, circles, comics e arrows. Then pressing on any of these added elements and continuing to hold you can move them to the desired point.

To confirm and definitively apply all the changes made you will then have to press again on the symbol of pencil always located in the upper right part of the PDF screen, while to cancel them just tap on the symbol of left arrow also placed in alt.

When the changes are complete, you can leave the edited PDF on your iPhone or iPad and consult it at the appropriate time with lots of annotations, highlights and so on or you can print it by tapping on the symbol of the sharing at the top of the relevant screen and then choosing the appropriate command from the menu you see appear.

Please note: If you have PDF documents saved in other locations accessible from iPhone or iPad, you can view them through the app Fillet (available starting from iOS 11) and recall the editing functions directly from there, always pressing the icon of pencil.

Other Apps to Open PDFs

Have you tried the applications to open PDFs that I recommended but would you like other advice? How about trying even more advanced resources? Below I want to point out some free and paid apps that I think are absolutely worthy of mention.

  • PDF Expert on Readdle - This is an app which serves the purpose of PDF viewer and editor for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. It integrates several noteworthy secondary features that allow you to add texts and much more. This is an advanced application for iOS available only for a fee: the cost is 10,99 euros.
  • Foxit Mobile PDF- Available for Android and iOS, this app is certainly a great PDF reader that also offers useful features for editing them. The application is free and is one of the most downloaded on the App Store and Play Store.
  • Notability - It is a great application due to its PDF editor functionality. In addition to being able to view a PDF file on your iOS device, it allows you to write annotations and also supports handwriting. It is only available for iOS and costs 10,99 euros.