App Per Apple Tv

The Apple TV is a device that became part of the Cupertino company's catalog several years ago. It is essentially a sort of set-top box, a "box" that connects to the TV and allows you to access a variety of online content (but not only) as well as view what happens on the iPhone displays on the big home screen. and iPad. In short, it is practically one of those "gadgets" capable of transforming a normal TV into a smart TV (Apple-style, in this specific case). As regards access to content, this is an operation that is possible thanks to the aid of special apps, the "standard" ones but above all those that can be found by connecting to the device store and through which it is therefore possible to customize them operation as required.

How do you say? You are interested in this and would therefore like to deepen the subject by finding out which are the best app per Apple TV of the moment? Well, then I would say that it happens to bean! In fact, with this article of mine today I intend to show you all those that in my opinion represent the most interesting applications in the category, both free (with any in-app purchases) and paid, to carry out the most varied operations directly from your set-top box Apple-branded. Obviously, it will be my pleasure to also explain to you how to download the content of your interest so that you can succeed in your intent without any kind of difficulty.

Then? How about putting the gossip aside and finally getting to the heart of the matter? Yes? Great! I therefore suggest not wasting any more time and immediately starting to get busy. Take a few minutes for yourself, make yourself comfortable and concentrate on this article of mine entirely dedicated to the subject. I am sure that in the end you will be able to find even more than one application capable of attracting your attention and satisfying your needs.

How to Download Apps

First let's try to understand how to download and install applications on Apple TV. The procedure to follow is very simple and closely resembles what you need to put into practice on the iPhone and iPad: just connect to the appropriate store, select the content of interest, press the download button and you're done. The procedure to follow is identical for both Apple TVs currently on the market, the fourth generation one and the Apple TV 4K.

More specifically, to install an application on your Apple TV all you have to do is open theApp Store (the "A" icon on a blue background located on the home screen), press the icon of the content that interests you and then the button Get (or on the button with the price, if it is a paid app) in the screen that opens. After installing an app, it will appear in the Apple TV home menu and you can run it by pressing its icon.

The App Store is divided into five sections, the ones listed below.

  • First floor - Find us the most interesting applications and games of the moment.
  • Standings - Find the most downloaded / purchased apps by users.
  • Categories - Through this section you can "browse" the applications based on their categories of membership.
  • Buy - Here is a list of all previously purchased or downloaded apps.
  • Search - Through this section you can directly search for apps and games by name.

Note that many of the apps already downloaded, both free and paid, on iDevice if also available for Apple TV are automatically reported in the section Buy. In particular, as regards the paid apps, if it is an app available for tvOS (the Apple TV operating system) and iOS (the operating system of the iPhone and iPad), the purchase must be made only once and applies to all devices in question.

As for the Apple TVs of previous generations to the aforementioned ones, unfortunately the App Store is not available and therefore officially you cannot install new apps but only use and manage those already pre-installed. So if you use an older Apple TV I'm sorry to tell you but… you won't be able to put the above instructions into practice. For more information, I recommend that you consult my tutorial dedicated to how Apple TV works.

Best Apps

Now that you finally have clearer ideas about how to download applications, let's find out which are the best of the moment. You can find them all listed below. However, keep in mind that to download them you will have to take note of their name, access the App Store as I indicated in the previous lines, search for the app using the appropriate section (Search) and always download it following the instructions above.

Unfortunately, unlike the apps for iPhone and iPad, there are no direct download links which, after clicking / tapping, allow you to connect to the store in some way but you will have to do everything manually. However, as you have already seen for yourself, it is very simple. Have a good download and have fun!

Music, Photos and Videos

Are you looking for new Apple TV apps to watch videos, stream movies, play multimedia content on your other devices and online much more generally to have some fun? Then take a look at the following list of applications immediately and you will see that you will be able to find the ones that are most suitable for you.

  • Netflix - This is the official Netflix app, the best known and most appreciated video streaming service in the world for what concerns movies but above all TV series. After creating an account and subsequent subscription to a subscription, it therefore allows you to watch all the content of interest directly from the app in question. The interface is particularly neat, minimal and intuitive. It is free to download, but to access the contents of the service it is necessary to take out a paid subscription.
  • RaiPlay - It is the official Rai application for what concerns the viewing of the programs of the television broadcaster already broadcast in recent days as well as the contents currently broadcast. It also integrates a handy TV guide. Free.
  • YouTube - Does he really need an introduction? No, I don't think so. We are in fact in the presence of the official application of the service to share and view the most popular and used video in the world: YouTube. The app allows you to search among the various videos on the net, to watch the videos of the subscriptions, the history of the views and anything else you can view and do from the Web. Free.
  • Dailymotion - The application of one of the most successful video sharing and viewing services alternative to YouTube. Free.
  • Vevo - The application of the platform preferred by musicians, bands and singers from all over the globe to share their video clips. Free.
  • Plex - This is the app of one of the most popular media centers ever: Plex, in fact. The interface is well cared for and designed specifically for the set-top box of the Cupertino company. It allows you to access movies, TV series, photos and videos saved on your server and its use is very intuitive. Free.
  • VLC for Mobile - The popular media player available for your computer to Apple TV sauce. Virtually indispensable for those who want to be able to play video files of all kinds on their TV. Free.
  • Infuse 5 - Famous video player for iOS devices in Apple TV version. It allows you to play any type of movie without problems, allows you to download and stream videos from the local network and automatically download posters and information on films, anime and TV series from the Internet. Free (but offers in-app purchases to upgrade to the Pro version with additional features).

Education and News

Are you looking for Apple TV apps to hang new things, deepen your knowledge in a given area or stay up to date on news of interest? Well then check out the following list of applications right away and you will see that you will not be disappointed.

  • NASA - The official NASA application with which you can view quality images and videos directly from your TV. It is also possible to stream Earth from the space station and receive updates on ongoing missions. Free.
  • AccuWeather - One of the best weather services around. Thanks to this app it is possible to view the AccuWeather weather forecast directly on the TV, both for the current day and for the following ones, all accompanied by a beautiful graphical interface. Free.
  • Night Sky - Is it possible to use the TV to "gaze at the stars"? Apparently yes, thanks to this splendid application that brings the beauties of the celestial stars directly to Apple TV. Highly recommended! Free (with in-app purchases to upgrade to the Premium version with additional features).
  • TED - Application that allows you to access over 2000 TED Talks from the most brilliant minds, organized by topic or mood. Science, technology and human psychology will have no more secrets. Free.
  • Fit Brains Trainer - Great app to keep your brain in shape by engaging it in specific activities. The application is developed by Rosetta Stone, one of the leading companies in the field of learning. Free (but with in-app purchases).
  • Twitter - The official Twitter app to follow all the news in the form of tweets related to sports, entertainment and more from your TV. Free.
  • Quiz Driving License 2017/18 Official - App designed with the best driving schools to practice driving license quizzes. An excellent support in this regard. Free (but offers in-app purchases).
  • Coursera - Application to access tons of online training courses from Apple TV. It allows you to follow courses organized by the most prestigious universities in the world. Free (with in-app purchases).


Are you looking for an app to follow football matches or other sports on Apple TV? You found them! In fact, in the following list I have indicated what I believe to be the best resources in the category. Check it out now!

  • Serie A TIM - The official TIM Serie A application for Apple TV to follow the live matches of the championship and get all the updates related to your favorite team. You download for free but to watch the games you have to pay for the service.
  • Red Bull TV - The app of the famous channel that allows you to access videos of extreme sports and action (but not only) from Apple TV. Very interesting. Free.
  • NBA app - The official NBA app. A real must have for all basketball fans. Free (with in-app purchases).
  • Eurosport Player - Play Entertainment Limited's Apple TV application to stream Eurosport channels directly. Free (but with in-app purchases).
  • Football Mania - All live football results - As easily understood from the name itself, this is an app that allows you to know live all the results of football matches of all leagues and all teams in the world. Free.
  • Live Football Serie A - Another very valid app to view live results of football matches of Serie A and B, Italian Cup, Lega Pro and other leagues in the mode with attached ranking. Free.
  • Tennis TV – Live Streaming - Application entirely dedicated to tennis fans to view the most exciting tennis matches in live streaming. Free (but with in-app purchases).
  • RugbyPass - From the name you can immediately guess: it is an app for Apple TV entirely dedicated to rugby lovers. Free (with in-app purchases).


Turning the Apple TV into a real console is possible. Just download the right games and you're done. Below you will find a list of those that in my opinion represent some of the funniest and most exciting titles of the moment.

  • Strike! Ten Pin Bowling - Game entirely dedicated to bowling lovers. It is one of the best around. Free (offers in-app purchases).
  • Leo's Fortune - Platform with incredible and handcrafted graphics in which you find yourself having to guide Leo in the hunt for the cunning and mysterious thief who has stolen the gold. It costs 5,49 euros.
  • Mr. Crab 2 - In this game, the sequel to Mr. Crab, one of the most popular titles for iPhone and iPad, the protagonist is a cute little crab who, together with his friends, must be able to save the lost crabs through adorable and exciting landscapes while providing at the same time , to face savage enemies. Free (but offers in-app purchases).
  • Badland 2 - It's the Badland sequel. This is a very original title a little bit endless running and a little puzzle game in which you have to guide a flock of birds trying to solve small puzzles and avoid the number of obstacles along the various paths. It costs 4,49 euros.
  • Minion Rush - An endless run in which, as can be easily deduced from the name itself, the protagonists are the Minions, the funny yellow characters of Despicable Me and the movie Minions, in fact. Free (with in-app purchases).
  • Hit Tennis 3 - Tennis lovers will surely be happy to know that this little game is available for Apple TV with which they can play exciting tennis matches using the Apple TV Remote (Apple TV remote control) as a racket. Free (but with in-app purchases).
  • Crossy Road - Nice and famous game with retro graphics in which you have to "pilot" animals and characters of various kinds along a path full of obstals to avoid. The aim is to be able to advance without causing accidents. Free (with in-app purchases).
  • Lumino City - Gorgeous graphics game full of environmental puzzles. All the scenarios and settings are not designed but made with real hand-made models. It costs 5,49 euros.


To conclude, I want to point out all those apps that for one reason or another do not fall into any of the categories already mentioned but which still deserve to be tried at least once. You will find them all below.

  • Speeed Test - The famous Ookla speed test also available for Apple TV. Essential for measuring the speed of your Internet connection from your TV. Free (with in-app purchases).
  • Facebook - The official Facebook application to view videos published on the social network by pages and friends, both live and not. Free.
  • tinder - The Apple TV variant of one of the most used and appreciated dating apps ever. Excellent for making new acquaintances, love or otherwise, from the TV screen. Free (with in-app purchases).
  • TripAdvisor: hotel restaurants - The TripAdvisor app to view all hotel and restaurant reviews. Free.
  • Zova workout & fitness trainer - App entirely dedicated to fitness that offers various exercises to strengthen muscle tone, lose weight and keep fit, all directly on the TV screen. For each exercise there are videos and detailed explanations. Free (but with in-app purchases).
  • Relax Melodies - Fantastic application with a lot of sounds of various kinds that can be played to fall asleep more easily or generally to relax a bit. Free.
  • Kitchen Stories - Famous application dedicated to free recipe books through which you can prepare tasty dishes by following the instructions (detailed and accompanied by ad hoc videos) directly on the TV. Free (with in-app purchases).
  • IKEA Catalog - As the name implies, this is the IKEA app to browse the product catalog of the famous Swedish company from the TV. Free.