App for Investing

In recent times, you have heard about the possibility of investing sums of money by taking advantage of technology, in particular smartphones, and by informing yourself a little around the Web you have come to know of the existence of applications dedicated to this purpose: real and own investing app your money conveniently remotely. Not only that: you have discovered that there are as many applications as there are investment options, a world of possibilities that ranges from the optimization of savings to investment and the use of cryptocurrencies.

In fact it is just like that: there are many investment possibilities and, given the importance of the topic, I also think it is right to get a better idea of ​​how these applications work. When it comes to the use and management of your savings, what you need is a guide! In this regard, I am happy to tell you that on this page you have found exactly what you were looking for. In fact, I thought I'd illustrate, category by category, the apps to invest in the stock market, in stocks, small amounts or cryptocurrencies (eg Bitcoin) that I believe are more valid.

By reading the following lines, you will also have the opportunity to learn about the ideal tools for investing fake money, or fictitious sums in order to practice the investment mechanisms and gain more experience. In short, whether you are a beginner or willing to get "serious" with these apps, here you will find answers to what you are looking for. But remember: a careless management of your assets could also lead to no gain or, even worse, to affect the capital invested initially. Act with conscience and know that I do not take any responsibility for the use you will make of the solutions proposed below. That said, I wish you a good read and wish you a big good luck for everything.

General Information

Regardless of what your app investment idea is, I believe it is right to make a premise. Basically I don't think I'm telling you anything new, but it is always better to clarify that on the Web, as well as in real life, no one gives away easy earnings and the general principle to follow is to always manage your savings wisely.

This principle is especially true in the area of ​​investments: do not believe that by downloading an app and with a few taps here and there, you can immediately earn a fortune.

Investing taking advantage of the app is certainly a fascinating possibility and one that can certainly bear fruit, but as happens using the more traditional investment channels, there are risks related to loss of money and savings.

Therefore, above all else, the rule of preserving oneself is valid by making well-thought choices, dictated by experience and in the perspective that investing automatically means accepting a variable risk quota!

That said, there is no real reason why not to try to invest through the app, also because as you will read shortly I will also talk to you about apps to invest in the stock market for fake money, which is what I consider one of the best methods to learn and to develop. more familiar with investment dynamics.

Another important clarification is that the purpose of this guide is to give suggestions on the tools, or applications, to invest. It is therefore not an investment guide, as this is why it is better to contact certified experts.

That said, with my app tips I'll help you find ways to practice alongside experts and suggest apps that can help you get started small and save you money.

One last recommendation: remember to always consider cryptocurrency as real money. There are numerous apps that allow you to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but it is important, especially if you are a beginner, to evaluate what to do with them and possibly how to convert them into real currency. In this regard, I take this opportunity to tell you that it is also possible to spend Bitcoins directly and earn them using various methods.

How do you say? You are very clear what it means to invest but you have doubts about how to download and install apps from Play Store and App Store? You have no reason to fear even this "technical" part, because I have created a guide that explains step by step how to download apps. Obviously the procedure is always the same, but feel free to consult it whenever you need it.

Well: having made the necessary premises, you are now ready to start reading the chapters on investing app. So make yourself comfortable and give yourself a few minutes to get to know the different investment possibilities offered by the best applications around and to carefully decide how to make and direct your savings!

App to Invest in the Stock Market

When it comes to stock exchanges and investments, given and considered the risk associated with this type of operation, one of the most important aids offered by app to invest on the stock exchange it is certainly the possibility of monitoring and following the trend of indices and securities.

Do online trading it is certainly fascinating, but one must be able to rely on effective and efficient systems to follow market trends. In addition to this essential function, which the best dedicated apps do best, some also allow you to interact and invest through a specialized trading service, to receive advice and even to exchange opinions and advice on investments, as in the case of social trading.

TradingView - Stock Charts (Android / IOS / IPadOS)

The app Trading View proves to be a faithful and efficient free tool for investing in the stock market, both if you are using an Android device and if you are an iOS / iPadOS user.

A not inconsiderable advantage of this app is the speed of launch and ease of use. In fact, as soon as it is opened, it shows the trend of some of the most important indices with simple graphics, communicative and updated in real time. The function is very convenient Filter at the top right and from which you can change the order and the indices of the main screen, which can be ordered according to different criteria (name, price, variation and percentage variation). Next to the function just described, you can see a button with the sign + which, if pressed, allows you to add new indexes.

For a more detailed analysis of the trends it is possible to tap on a index and immediately see the graph using the analysis functions from the menu on the left. The same graphic menus is accessible by tapping the button Graphic placed at the bottom. The app also allows you to create your own profile by tapping on the last icon at the bottom right. To register, you can use quick authentication using your accounts Twitter, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, StockTwits o LinkedIn (if you want to proceed like this, just tap on the respective icons and enter your login data).

Registered users and cannot also access the section Idea, by tapping on the appropriate icon located at the bottom, from which to read the comments of other users. If you are registered you can also create ideas to share and interact with those already created.

Moneyfarm (Android / IOS / IPadOS)

This no-cost application is provided by one of the most important Italian independent financial consulting firms and offers its savings investment services in a practical and fast interface. The app is available on Android and on iPhone and iPad.

Moneyfarm offers an agile and lean service to allow you to use your savings in investments managed directly by professionals in the sector, who always remain in contact and available to provide information or respond to requests.

Moneyfarm also allows you to make transactions Direct Investment (Direct Debit), a useful method to connect the current account with the Moneyfarm account and transfer liquidity directly. The services offered do not end here, in fact there is much more to know: for this reason, I invite you to consult my article on how Moneyfarm works, in which I explained everything about the procedure and methods of registration, as well as the costs of the service.

Speaking of the app itself, on the other hand, once downloaded and started, you are greeted by the welcome screen. Then, double tap on the blue button Continue and one on the button Create your account. The next step is to create a pass code to access the app. From the menu Dashboard the steps to follow before starting to invest are shown, while the buttons at the bottom, if pressed, allow you to enter the menus Add funds, Blog e Account.

By doing so you are ready to continue with the on-screen wizard and with my information collected in the dedicated article. From the application you can consult your own Wealth management, the amount invested and the equivalent. Another interesting function is that of Blog, from which you can read interventions and opinions on investments and the general trend of the markets. Obviously, through the app it is also possible to stay in touch with your consultant, in order to have a direct line with your investment choices.

eToro: Social Trading (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Also free of charge, the application to invest in the stock market in a social way is available on Android and iPhone / iPad eToro: Social Trading.

I'll explain immediately what kind of app it is. By using eToro, you will have the opportunity to connect with an overall user base of 4,5 million people, more appropriately referred to as "trader". The eToro app behaves similarly to a social network, allowing you to trade in the most important financial markets by taking into account, observing and learning from the community of users and their investments. The app includes a Popular Investor composed of the most successful traders, so by being part of it you can give advice to the community and earn with greater security.

After downloading the app, to start using eToro, open it with a tap on the appropriate green icon and browse the initial descriptions until you tap the button Start. The next step is to register by entering username, email address it's a password, in addition to a telephone number valid. To confirm, tap on checkboxes and then on the big blue button Create account. You can also register using your account Facebook o Google.

Whichever sign-up method you decide to use, you will receive one confirmation email in your box, where you will have to tap the green button Check my email. I remind you that if you do not find the verification email, it is possible that it ended up in spam or that it has been categorized differently, therefore I remind you that in most mailbox services it is possible search for emails from a search bar, for example if you have gmail I'll explain here how.

Returning to eToro, after verification, you must log in by entering the previously chosen password and then press the blue button Log in. The home screen immediately shows all the most relevant indices updated in real time and their sales and purchase trends.

By tapping on one of these indices, you can open the news bulletin board and choose whether to invest, by tapping on the appropriate blue button Invest. From the same page you can consult an overview of the trend by pressing the icon with a bar graph depicted, or consult a trend graph by tapping on theicon with bar graph and up arrow.

In order to invest, you need to complete your profile with all the required information. This operation can be started by tapping on the ☰ icon, at the top left, and then pressing the blue button in the center Complete Profile. By entering all the information requested, you also accept all the risks associated with investments on the stock exchange and the use of real money through the app.

Money Investing App

The title of this chapter must not mislead you from what I have told you so far. Of course, investing in the stock market also means investing money, but in this chapter I will focus on the best apps that allow you to invest money without relying on the stock exchange.

The apps I want to recommend are mainly oriented towards managing your own finances, so that they can better allocate their resources and produce savings. Amounts of money saved that you can then decide to invest using the other investment apps that I will tell you about in this article.

If you are looking for inspiration and advice on other types of apps that allow you to earn money by investing, for example, in a business, then you might be interested in my article on how to earn money with apps. Returning, however, to savings and their possible use through the app, here are the ones I think are the best.

Money Manager Expense & Budget (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Available at no cost on Android and on iPhone / iPad, the application Money Manager Expense & Budget is a tool designed to manage your savings directly from your mobile device.

After downloading and installing the application, open it by pressing its icon, then tap the button OK and subsequently on Allow, to allow the program to access multimedia files. The first screen that welcomes you is practically a calendar divided by Daily, Calendar (monthly), Weekly, Monthly (list of each month) e Total.

Log icons can be selected from the bottom menu Transactions, Statistics, Account and that of the Settings. The operation of the app is really simple because just tap on the big red round button with the sign + and from this new menu you can record earnings and expenses. This way it is possible set a budget and keep track of both your income and expenses, and view your balance sheet on a daily, monthly and finally overall basis, updated in real time.

Money Manager Expense & Budget is an ideal app for those looking for a very easy-to-use tool, without too many features and mainly useful for keeping track of their cash availability with an eye always on savings.

1Money - Expense, Finance and Budget Management (Android)

Another handy app for managing your finances and money is 1Money, available for free on Android with the particularity of being able to organize all expenses and earnings by dividing them by categories and time period (days, weeks, months and total).

The first thing to do, once the app is started, is to press the button Allow, and then immediately access the screen of Categories, where you can set (at the top) an amount (between paper and plastic money) and then assign it to one of the categories present. If you don't find the one you are looking for, it's not a problem at all thanks to the function that allows you to create new ones.

From the icon menu at the bottom you can access additional functions: to do this, press on the items Accounts, Categories, Movements e Riepilogo. From this last menu it is possible to graphically observe the progress of your expenses, divided into graphs and bar indicators. Due to its simple and clear graphics, I would like to recommend this app if you want a versatile and customizable tool to manage and organize the sums of money you want to save.

App for Investing Small Amounts

Le app for investing small amounts they can be understood as an extension of the functions of the apps I told you about in the previous chapter. Yes, because once you have managed to manage your budget and you have set aside sums of money, you can decide whether to invest them by taking advantage of the tools that I will describe below.

The characteristic of the apps for investing sums of money starting from small amounts and daily rounding, is above all that of being able to manage the savings rules by yourself, relying on specially created tools, expert consultants for making investments and communities of "savers ”Ready to share their experience.

Oval (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

One of the first apps I suggest you use to invest small amounts is Oval, available on Android and on iPhone / iPad for free. Once you have downloaded and launched the app in question, you can set up your savings rules, monitor and control expenses and then decide if and how to invest in financial products.

Once the download is complete and the installation of Oval is finished, you can open it with a tap on the appropriate green icon on the home screen or in the drawer. After that you will have to create an account pressing the button Create account placed at the bottom right. After that you have to browse the three tabs, press the button It starts now! and tick the privacy policies and on terms and conditions. Next, you can enter a Promo code; if you don't have one, simply tap the button Salta.

Once registered, the Oval main screen shows yours digital piggy bank and a summary of the weekly savings and, in the case of investments, the value of the portfolio. By scrolling down you can create gods savings plans, also setting steps based on your habits, such as the activation of a rounding of expenses (for example, by spending 2,98 euros, the app keeps 0,02 euro cents in the piggy bank) or the combination of a fixed amount savings every time an action is performed (for example with every publication or post liked on Facebook, so as to monetize the time dedicated to social networks).

By tapping the button Weekly savings you can see a summary of the transactions made during the period. The investment functions are instead proposed in the specific section with a summary of both the characteristics and the trend.

The operation of Oval is therefore twofold, as it allows you to set aside your money in a virtual piggy bank and invest your savings in securities. To access this service, you must first also register a checking account or a card compatible with SEPA direct debit to allow the app to access your account information and transactions made.

Gimme5 (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Speaking of savings and small investments, I cannot fail to mention also Gimme5, an app for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices, downloadable without paying anything and, as I will explain below, really practical to use.

Gimme5 requires a registration to the service, which can be done immediately after installing it by pressing the white button Subscribe, then filling in all the required data or taking advantage of the possibility to register via Facebook o Google. Always remember to confirm the registration with a tap on the appropriate button in the confirmation email.

The app will guide you immediately to its use with a fast tutorial on screen. After entering all personal data and having read the documents relating to the service, you can immediately start create your savings plan with a tap on one of the white buttons that indicate the type of approach between Prudent, Dynamic and Aggressive. Subsequently choose which amount to pay for activation (you can also leave the minimum of 5 euros) and confirm everything.

From the main screen you can tap the orange icon with the dell'app logo and modulate the savings objective. Also from the home screen, you can use the icon menu at the bottom to explore the news, find out about your savings and consult the goals set, or view and modify your user profile. Clearly it is possible to set different savings rules and consult the community and friends among their contacts who use Gimme5 to support each other in the savings goals.

App to Invest in the Stock Market

Do you aspire to become an experienced investor? Or are you looking for a way to gain experience and get familiar with the mechanics of the securities market and the trend of stock market indices? So, here is the chapter you were waiting for, the one with the best app to invest in fake money stock market and practice healthy without risking absolutely anything.

Thanks to the use of the applications I will tell you about, you will be able to experience firsthand the practical side of investments and simulate investment actions in situations inspired by reality. In some of them there is a digital interactive coaching function that, just like a true investment master, will guide you in the choices to make.

Start your training journey immediately by investing fake money with the apps that I will recommend, remember that the step from simulation to reality is always shorter and less risky than throwing yourself into a complex activity that you know little or nothing about.

Trading Game (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

using Trading Game, which is available for free for both Android and iOS / iPadOS, you can get a complete overview of the dynamics of the stock exchange and how investing works via a practical and colorful interface.

Trading Game is an app completely translated into Italian and is structured in a similar way to a video game. From the main menu, just tap the first button Learn to start the structured learning tool in courses and topics, each of which, if addressed, earns fictitious dollars to be used in the investment simulator. This simulator is accessible from the main menu, with a tap on the button Trading, and then choose the type of investment from the icon menu at the top.

The app also includes a mode Play, where you face a series of quizzes to earn (or lose) fake dollars to use for investment practice. Finally, you can tap on the icon located at the top right that represents a graphic to view all personal statistics, log into your account Facebook personal and report with the global rankings of users of the app.

Forex Game (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

To gain experience with the dynamics of investing in the financial markets, you can also use the app Forex Game, available free for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices.

The app does not require registration to be used and as soon as it is started it offers you a summary screen on the performance of the stocks complete with a summary graph. You can tap the ☰ button to open the main menu which also includes the item Start new game, from which to start your training experience. From the same menu it is possible to tap on the item Aims, to find out which of these have been achieved and which have not.

From the main screen, then tap the icon depicting a touch to start learning by following the explanations and descriptions on Forex and trading dynamics. In addition, by accessing the service Google Games you can use your profile to get involved in the community and enter the rankings. If you love social sharing, you should know that all results are also shareable on Facebook, Instagram. e Twitter.

Bitcoin Investing App

It's time to tell you about Bitcoin investing app: the most widespread and traded cryptocurrency in the world. Despite this, the applications that I recommend are not limited to guiding and accessing investments in Bitcoin, but also allow you to invest in other cryptocurrencies.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies and would like to learn more about Bitcoin, I suggest you take a look at the articles I told you about in the introductory chapter. Once this is done, you will be ready to discover some very useful apps that allow you to create an electronic wallet to buy, sell and convert electronic money into real currency and vice versa.

Coinbase (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

In the field of cryptocurrency and investments, I can't help but tell you about the completely free app called Coinbase. You can download and install this service on all Android devices as well as those with iOS / iPadOS operating system.

Immediately after opening the app, you will be able to view the trend of Bitcoins on the market through two summary data that indicate the long period and the oscillation of the last day and a line chart on the oscillations. By making a simple swipe on the cryptocurrency acronyms placed at the top, you can move on to analyze the trend of other coins.

Other functions of the app are accessible after registration, which can be done with a tap on the voice Login / Register or on the white button Start here. After this procedure, you can manage your wallet and choose whether to buy / sell cryptocurrency or to tap the buttons Pick up e Deposit, to transfer funds to and from the virtual wallet.

The function is also very interesting News, to keep constantly updated on the most relevant news in the world of cryptocurrencies. From section Settings you can change your profile information, set a service access key and choose the information to share between the app and your bank.

Crypto App – Widgets, Alerts (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Specifically created to keep up to date on the trend of the main cryptocurrencies and to make investment operations is the app Crypto App – Widgets, Alert. You can proceed to download this investment tool from the Google Play Store and the iOS / iPadOS App Store.

The screen that welcomes you when the Crypto App is started is the summary and updated in real time on the trend in the cryptocurrency market. The left column shows the name of the currency and its logo, in the central area a miniaturized graph shows the trend of the stock over the last seven days and the current value reached. The right column, on the other hand, shows the percentages divided by period of time.

To finalize the purchase of cryptocurrencies, you simply have to tap on the icon at the top ☰ and then on the item Buy crypto now: this will open a link on the app site where you can enter the amount of cryptocurrency to buy or the equivalent in euros, finally you will have to enter the Bitcoin address before tapping the center button Continue to submit the request. If you do not have this Bitcoin address, you can get more information by tapping on the small green writing on the right don’t have one?.

Two other useful functions are also accessible from the ☰ menu: the section news, to keep yourself constantly informed, and that converter, an immediate tool for converting cryptocurrencies into real currencies. Also in this case the values ​​are updated in real time.

Finally, I point out that this application has a version Premium available at the price of 4,99 €. The main benefits are a better interface, updated data from over 200 exchanges, more detailed alerts, more widgets and more filters. In the case of the Premium version, in-app advertising disappears completely.

Blockfolio - Bitcoin Prices (Android / IOS / IPadOS)

Another app I want to talk to you about is one of the most used and is strong in a large community of users interested in investing in cryptocurrency. Is called Blackfolio - bitcoin prices and is available on Android as well as iOS / iPadOS.

Once the app has been downloaded and installed, just start it and then tap the white central button with the wording Create New Portfolio, then choose the interface color which you prefer, a name and currency base used. Enter this information, you must confirm, with a tap on the button Create portfolio. To fill the portfolio, then, you have to press the white button with the symbol + and choose the currencies you want to follow using the scroll menu or the search bar located in the center.

From the icon menu at the bottom you can select the respective sections of the News, to keep you updated on the news; Signal, where you can receive real-time updates directly from project leaders; finally the menu Markets to get an overview of the trend of the cryptocurrency market.

To register and interact with the community that uses the app, you need to follow some simple steps: tap on three dots vertically in the top right corner, then press the purple button Sign In / Register, enter all the required data following the procedure on the screen and tap the purple button Sign Up.