App for Documents

You have just downloaded a document from the Internet, but you can't open it: your smartphone doesn't seem to want to know how to read it. You then went to Google, looking for a solution to the problem and ended up here, on my site. That's exactly how it went, didn't it? Well, then you'll be happy to know you've come to the right place, at the right time!

In today's tutorial, in fact, I will explain in detail which are the best app for documents. In particular, I will cover all the appropriate solutions regarding the management of documents in Word or RTF format and PDF files. Inside the guide you will also find indications on how to use the various apps and some suites that can open practically any type of document. In short, you will surely find what you need!

Courage: why are you still standing motionless in front of the screen? Do you want to find the perfect application to manage your documents? In my opinion, yes, since you've come this far and are reading this tutorial with interest. Then I suggest you start reading the instructions below and try to put them into practice. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you good reading and good work!

App for Word Documents

If you need applications to manage text documents, on the Android Play Store and on the iOS / iPadOS App Store you will surely find many solutions suitable for you: here are some of the most valid.

Microsoft Word (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Speaking of app for documents, I can only start from Microsoft Word: the mobile version of the famous word processing program created by the Redmond giant.

To download Microsoft Word on your smartphone or tablet, simply open the Play Store (if you have an Android device) or the App Store (if you have an iPhone or iPad), search "microsoft word" inside and press onicona dell'applicazione (a white 'W' on a blue background). After that, you just have to press the button Installa / Ottieni and, if you use iOS, check yours identity tramite Face ID, Touch ID o password dell’ID Apple.

If you are used to using Microsoft Word on a PC, you will quickly find yourself at home, since the interface of the application for mobile devices, although different, is quite similar to that of the computer counterpart. On smartphones, in the lower part of the editor you will find all the buttons for the Formatting Text, from Bold al italic, passing through the underline. To see the other tools as well, just make one swipe to the right; to access the Word menu, instead, just tap on thethree dots icon or of arrow: you will be able to choose which card to display among Home, Inserisci, Design, layout, revision e View. On tablets, on the other hand, Word has the classic tabbed interface that is also found on a PC.

As for the opening of downloaded documents, Microsoft Word supports many types of files, from the classics .doc/docx up to . Txt, passing through the . Pdf. In short, we are talking about a very complete solution that will probably be able to satisfy all your needs. Once you have downloaded the Microsoft Word app on your smartphone, all you have to do is press on one of the supported files and it will automatically open in the application.

If not, you can select the document to open, then press the button sharing and select the item for Word give the menu check if you press.

The application is free for all devices with a size equal to or smaller than 10.1 ", otherwise it requires a Office 365 subscription. There are different types of subscription: 365 Office Staff (6,99 euros per month, includes a Microsoft Word license to be activated on 1 PC or 1 Mac) e Office 365 Home (9,99 euros per month, first month free trial, includes 5 Mac or PC licenses).

Of course, subscribing to this subscription also allows you to get full versions of all the other applications of the Office 365 package. The subscription also allows you to access additional Word functions (for example, the ability to insert section breaks) on devices on which the app is free. For all the details of the case, I invite you to consult my guide on how to activate Office 365.

Google Docs (Android / IOS / IPadOS)

Another very good application for managing your documents is Google documents. Put simply, it is the mobile counterpart of the online productivity suite available via browser, compatible with all file formats for Word.

If you have already used the latter, you will surely be at home. Google Docs is available for free on both the Android Play Store and the iOS / iPadOS App Store and does not include any advertising or in-app purchases.

Once the application starts, you should be prompted to run the login with your Google account: just enter email address e password e premere sul pulsating forward. This way, Google Docs will allow you to synchronize documents and access on your mobile device all the files you have previously created via the web.

To create a new document, just press the button + and you will find all the classics keys. Pressing onthree dots icon located at the top right, you can access the Advanced settings. To give you concrete examples, you can activate the spell checker, count the words and use the tool Find and Replace. By tapping the button + which is at the top right, you can instead enter link, images, tables and so on. Then there is the symbol A, which allows you to access all the possibilities of Formatting Text.

Essentially, the Google Docs application is the exact reproduction of the web version of the service. An excellent solution that allows, among other things, also to invite one or more people for viewing and the simultaneous editing of the document.

Once you have downloaded a document, simply press on it to open it in Google Docs, if you use Android (if not, use the menu that is proposed to you to select Google Docs as the target app). On iOS / iPadOS, you have to select the document to view, press onshare icon and choose Google documents give the menu that you come purpose.

Pages (iOS/iPadOS)

Pages is Apple's official application for document management. It is available for both iPad and iPhone and is pre-installed on all devices of the "bitten apple". Alternatively, it can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It does not contain any type of advertisement or in-app purchase.

Once you've opened a text document in Pages, you'll find all the options at the top. Pressing onpaintbrush icon you will access the possibilities of Formatting Text, from Bold al italic, passing through the font.

By tapping on the icon + you can, instead, add to your document photo, video, audio and more. There is also the possibility to share the file with your own collaborators, in order to modify it in more people (just click on theaccount icon).

Finally, by tapping onthree dots icon present at the top right you can access the Advanced settings, which will allow you, for example, to export o print the document.

To open a document in Pages, you need to select it in Fillet, Mail or other apps. Alternatively, you can use the iOS / iPadOS share menu and choose Pages as the application to open the file in.

For more details, I recommend that you consult my tutorial on how to open files on Pages, in which I also told you about the mobile version of the application.

Other Apps for Text Documents

There are obviously other applications to manage text documents as well. Below you can find a list of the ones I think are most valid.

  • Polaris Office (Android / iOS / iPadOS): one of the best alternatives to Microsoft's suite. It includes everything the user may need, from managing doc / docx files to viewing PDF files. The app is free, but includes advertisements and in-app purchases.
  • WPS Office (Android / iOS / iPadOS): Another highly rated suite. It even allows you to scan PDF files directly from the camera. The app is free, but there are advertisements and in-app purchases to unlock more advanced features.
  • AndrOpen Office (Android): a mobile transposition of Apache OpenOffice, the famous free and open source productivity suite available for computers. The app is free, but it includes advertisements.

App for PDF Documents

How do you say? You received a PDF file and you just can't open it? No problem: I'll tell you immediately which are the most interesting applications to manage this type of documents on smartphones and tablets.

Google PDF Viewer (Android)

One of the most used applications to view PDFs on Android is the official one from Google. It is often pre-installed on many smartphones, but if not, you can download it for free from the Play Store. Google PDF Viewer does not include any type of advertisement or in-app purchase.

Google PDF Viewer does not have an actual launcher icon: simply, downloaded PDF files are automatically opened with this application when the user presses on them (or, alternatively, you can select the app from menu that is automatically proposed by the operating system).

The features offered are clearly the classic ones offered by any self-respecting PDF file reader: view files, copy the clipboard, print, search in the text and so on. There are therefore no advanced editing functions, but if you only need to view PDFs you won't have any problems.

The application is very simple to use: in the upper part there is the name of the PDF file that was opened, theicon of the lens of ingrandimento (to search within the text, the occurrences of the searched word are highlighted in yellow) and thethree dots icon which allows you to access the settings.

In particular, the available options are Send files (to share a document with other people), Open with (to open the file with a third party app), Download, Print e Report a problem (to send feedback to the Google team).

Books (iOS / IPadOS)

How do you say? You own a device Apple? Well, in this case you would do well to try the pre-installed application Books, which you can also find on the App Store: it is a completely free app and without any kind of advertisement or in-app purchase.

Books supports multiple types of ebook formats and among these there are obviously also PDFs. Do not underestimate the complete integration with the iCloud service: by saving a PDF file in this app, you will find it automatically synchronized on all associated devices al tuo ID Apple (iPhone, iPad o Mac).

As for opening files, all you need to do is locate the PDF you want to view, select it, tap on theshare icon (the square with the arrow inside), select the icon Other and press on the voice Open on Books Present on the menu if you press.

Once you open a PDF in Books, at the top left you will find thearrow icon: the latter allows you to share the file or print it. By pressing, instead, onicona della lens d'ingrandimento you can search for text within the PDF, while pressing on thebookmark icon you will be able to "save" the page you arrived at, in order to resume reading from the exact point where you left it.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

If you are looking for a third party solution that works across all platforms, I highly recommend you give it a try Adobe Acrobat Reader. We are talking about one of the most popular PDF file readers in the world.

If you've used its computer counterpart before, you'll definitely find yourself at home. The application is available for free on both the Android Play Store and the iOS / iPadOS App Store, but includes in-app purchases to unlock some advanced features.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is seamlessly integrated with Dropbox. This allows you to connect more quickly to the files saved on the well-known platform of Cloud Storage. Once the application is open, just press on thered folder icon (if you use Android) or on the drop down menu located at the top (if you use iOS / iPadOS), to open PDF files saved on your device.

With the PDF open, you can tap on thethree dots icon to access some additional options: Salva in Document Cloud (to save the file on the service offered by Adobe), Print, Settings (to choose some file display options) e Help (to ask the Adobe team for assistance).

Pressing ontwo leaves icon located at the bottom left, you can select which view option to activate: Continue (to view scrolling pages), Single page (to view scrolling pages), Reading mode (to increase the font size and make the document more readable) e Night mode (so as not to strain the eyes when reading in low light conditions).

As for the insertion of notes and l 'text highlighting, simply press on thepen and speech bubble icon and select one of the options available. Once you have finished making changes, remember to press thecheck mark icon or on the option Save.

Other Apps for PDF Documents

Of course, there are also other applications to read and edit PDF documents on the go: below you can find some solutions that I think are interesting.

  • eReader Prestigio (Android): Are you tired of the usual PDF readers with graphical interfaces all the same? Well, then eReader Prestigio could be for you, since it stores the various files in a sort of "digital library". The app is free to download, but includes ads and in-app purchases.
  • Foxit PDF (Android / iOS / iPadOS): one of the most complete applications to manage PDFs. Yes it can do everything, even add annotations and stamps to files. The application is free to download, but to use some advanced features (eg PDF conversion) you need to purchase the full version. Foxit PDF also offers a 7-day free trial.
  • Basic PDF Reader (Android): application appreciated by many Android users because of its lightness (it weighs just over 2MB). It is able to work well even on older devices. The application is free, but it includes advertisements.
  • PDF Expert (iOS / iPadOS): It is one of the most complete editing apps for PDF files that can be downloaded on iOS / iPadOS. Includes in-app purchases to access more advanced features.