Adobe Reader – Download

Adobe Acrobat Reader, commonly called Adobe Reader, is one of the most popular software for viewing and managing PDF files. It is very easy to use and includes a wide range of features. The most basic ones, such as highlighter, adding signatures and exporting PDFs to plain text files, are available to everyone. The more advanced ones, on the other hand, are reserved for users who decide to subscribe to Adobe's pay services.

Who subscribes to Acrobat Pro DC, the full version of the program that is provided as a service at a price of 18,29 euros / month, allows you to create PDF documents starting from Office files and images, exports PDFs to Word and Excel documents, makes texts editable digitized using OCR technology and offers many other editing and conversion functions.

The conversion and editing functions can also be unlocked individually by signing up for a subscription to online services Export PDF, which costs € 2,09 / month, and Adobe's PDF Pack, which costs € 5,09 / month. To find out more, read on. Below you will find a complete overview of Adobe Reader, and how to do it download for free on your devices and how to use all its most important functions.

Adobe Reader Su Computer


Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for Windows and for MacOS. Let's see immediately how to download it and how to install it on both platforms.

To download Adobe Reader on a Windows PC, connect to the program's website and click on the button Install adesso. Uncheck the entry for McAfee Security Scan Plus, Google Chrome or any other additional promotional software to avoid downloading unwanted programs.

When the download is complete, open the file by double clicking on it readerdc_it_db_install.exe just downloaded and, in the window that opens, click the button Run then click on Si. Therefore, wait for all the Adobe Reader installation files to be downloaded from the Internet (it may take a few minutes!) And the program will be automatically installed on your computer. When finished, click the button Ends to conclude the setup.

If you are using a Mac, the procedure to follow is quite similar. Connect to the Adobe Reader website using the link I provided you in the previous lines, when I explained how to download Adobe Reader on Windows PCs, and remove the check mark from any items relating to promotional software and then click on the button Download to download the program to your computer.

Once the download is complete, open the package AcroRdrDC_1502020039_MUI.dmg, start the file in .pkg format contained in it and wait a few minutes for all the files needed to install the software to be downloaded from the Internet. When the operation is completed, press the button Ends And that's it.


Regardless of the operating system you are using, once Adobe Reader is installed on your computer, PDF files will automatically open with it. Just double click on their icons. In case this does not happen, no problem, right click on any file in PDF format, select the item Apri with> Adobe Acrobat Reader from the menu that opens and agree to make Acrobat Reader the default PDF reader on your computer.

The program interface, as already mentioned above, is extremely linear and intuitive even for less experienced users. It is divided into three tabs.

  • In the tab Home there is a list of recently viewed files with, alongside, a list of predefined locations from which to upload documents (My Computer, Adobe Cloud and Microsoft SharePoint).
  • In the tab Means find the complete list of features included in Adobe Reader, many of which are unlocked only after subscribing to a pay subscription to Adobe services.
  • In the tab with the title of document find the file currently displayed in Adobe Reader with all the tools necessary for its consultation. At the top there is a toolbar with buttons for print the file and send it away e-mail, that for look for phrases and words within the latter and that browse pages. Also at the top of the tab, you find two more buttons for increase or decrease the zoom level and change the display mode document (e.g. full screen, single page, continuous scrolling). Finally, in the right sidebar you can find all the advanced tools needed to edit PDFs or create new ones (many of which can only be unlocked by signing up for a pay subscription to Adobe services).

Among the few tools available in the free version of Adobe Reader are theHighlighter and notes, both accessible through the menu Comment, in the sidebar of the tab Document. To use the highlighter, all you have to do is click on the appropriate icon contained in the Adobe Reader toolbar and select the passages of the PDF to be highlighted with the mouse. To use notes, instead, you need to select the icon comic and click on the point on the sheet where you want to insert your notes.

To save your changes to the document, click the floppy disk or, if you prefer to work on a copy of the original file, select the item Save with name ... from the menu Fillet.

Other very useful functions of Adobe Reader are the digital signature and the possibility of extract texts from PDFs to save them in .txt format files. To use the digital signature, select the entry Fill in and sign from the right sidebar, click on the button Company that appears at the top right and choose if add a signature (which can be textual or graphic, therefore also done by hand) or add your initials to the document. I remind you that this type of signature, without a certificate, has no legal value.

If you want to extrapolate the text from the PDF document and save it as a file in .txt format, go to the menu File> Save As Other program and select the item Text… da quest'ultimo.

Other advanced features, such as the conversion PDF to Office files (Word or Excel) and the conversion of other types of files to PDF are reserved for subscribers to Adobe pay services. For more information, click here.

If you want, you can download a free trial version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (the paid version of Adobe Reader) lasting 7 days by clicking here and pressing the button Download. To start the download you will need to create a free Adobe ID by registering on the site.

Adobe Reader on Smartphones and Tablets


Adobe Reader can also be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. The application is available for free on the stores of Android, iOS e Windows Phone but, like the desktop version, it reserves access to the most advanced features only to subscribers of Acrobat Pro, PDF Pack and Export PDF subscriptions.

To download it on your smartphone or tablet, connect to the links I just indicated directly from your device and tap the button to download the app immediately. Then wait a few moments for the download to first start and then complete.


The Adobe Reader interface on dice mobile almost perfectly follows that of its desktop counterpart. On the left there is a sidebar (which can be called up by "tapping" on the icon at the top left) from which you can access all the app functions: Documents to select PDF documents to open, Viewer to return to the document currently displayed in Adobe Reader, Comment to add notes and highlights to the document, Create PDF, Export PDF e Photo in PDF to access the editing and creation functions reserved for pay users.

The tools to browse PDFs, adjust zoom, add notes, highlights etc. instead they are all displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Alternative Ad Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is good software, but it is far from perfect. Indeed, there are many other software for reading and managing PDFs that offer the same functions and deserve to be taken into consideration. I pointed out some of the best ones in my post on how to read PDFs. Take a look at them right away, maybe you find something that interests you.

You can also find other interesting programs to read and manage PDF files in my article on programs to read PDFs and in my tutorial on PDF readers.