Adobe Flash Player Update

Keeping software up-to-date - you should know by now - is not only important for better performance and new features, but also for sleeping peacefully from the point of view of computer security. This concept is even more valid for popular plugins such as Flash Player, which are often the subject of security holes and are exploited by attackers as a "door" to enter users' computers to attack them.

Tell me, when did you last Adobe Flash Player update? Don't you remember? Then it is better if you give a "check" and, if necessary, install the latest version of the software on your PC. I assure you that this is an extremely simple operation to carry out and finish regardless of the operating system installed on your computer and the browser you use to browse the Internet.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to start? If your answer is yes, don't wait any longer, take five minutes of free time and find out how to update Flash Player by following the instructions I'm about to give you. Every second that passes could be an extra second for attackers to exploit a Flash Player vulnerability still on your computer!

Update Flash Player on Windows

Flash Player includes an automatic update function that notifies the user as soon as a new version of the software is available, inviting him to install it. To make sure that the latter is active on your PC, go to Control Panel Windows, type the term “flash” in the quick search bar (located at the top right) and select the item Flash Player from the search results. If you are using Windows 8.x or Windows 10, you need to access the classic control panel and not the Modern-style one: to do so, click on the button Start Windows and search for the Control Panel.

In the window that opens, select the tab Updates and make sure there is a check mark next to the item Allow Adobe to install updates. If the option is not selected, click on the button Change update settings and put a check mark next to it. Then perform theAdobe Flash Player update to the latest version available by clicking on the button Check now.

The Flash Player download page will open indicating the version of Flash Player installed on your computer and the latest available online. To download the latest one, click on the link Flash Player Download Center, select yours operating system and yours browser from the appropriate drop-down menus, remove the check from the item relating to promotional software (eg. Google ChromeMcAfee Security Scan Plus) and click the button Download.

Once the download is complete, open the package .exe you just downloaded on your PC and click on the button Yes. So make sure there is a check mark next to the item Allow Adobe to install updates and finish the setup by first clicking on forward and then Ends.

The indications we have just seen together are valid for all editions of Windows and for the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. But we must make some important distinctions: in Windows 8.x e Windows 10, Flash Player is no longer managed as a stand-alone plugin, but as an integral part of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. This means that to update Flash Player you have to use Windows Update and not the plugin management panel present in the Windows Control Panel.

The Flash Player update mechanism via Windows Update is identical to that of normal Windows updates, you do not need to perform any particular operation to use it correctly. If you have any problems, connect to the Adobe website and consult the pages relating to Flash Player problems on Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

Update Flash Player for Chrome

Purposes Google Chrome? Then you should know that Flash Player is integrated directly into the browser in this case too, so to update it you have to update the entire software.

Google Chrome includes a convenient automatic update function that downloads and installs the latest version of the browser on the PC in a "silent" way (without asking the user for any intervention). In any case, you can "manually" check the availability of updates by clicking on the button (...) located at the top right and selecting the items Help> About Google Chrome give the menu check if you press.

If new versions of Chrome are found available for download, please wait patiently for them to download to your computer and agree to restart your browser to apply the changes. The procedure is the same on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Update Flash Player on Mac

If you are using a Mac, you can check the status of the automatic update function in Flash Player by going to System preference (the gear icon located in the Dock bar) and clicking on the Flash Player located at the bottom left.

In the window that opens, select the tab Updates and make sure there is a check mark next to the item Allow Adobe to install updates. If not there, put it on and start theAdobe Flash Player update to the latest version available by clicking on the button Check now.

The above information applies to Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, while for Google Chrome you must follow the procedure described in the previous chapter of this tutorial.

Common Problems Updating Flash Player

If you encounter any problems updating Adobe Flash Player, try to reinstall the plugin following the procedure below.

  • Download the Flash Player removal utility by clicking on the item first Download the uninstaller for Flash Player and then Uninstaller.
  • Start the program uninstall_flash_player.exe just downloaded and click on YesUninstall e end to delete Flash Player from PC.

  • Delete all files in the following folders.
    • C:Windowssystem32MacromedFlash
    • C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlash
    • %appdata%AdobeFlash Player
    • %appdata%MacromediaFlash Player
  • Reinstall Flash Player.

Flash Player Updates for Android

You are using a smartphone or tablet Android and would you like to update Flash Player on the latter? I'm sorry, but the development of Flash Player for Android was stopped in 2013 and therefore there are no new versions of the software available for the green robot system.

If you want to continue viewing Flash content on your device, download Puffin Browser, a free browser that uses a cloud system to play Flash content. I told you about it in more depth in my tutorial on how to install Adobe Flash Player for Android: take a look and you won't regret it.