App Per Password

After reading my guide on how to make a secure password, you have changed all the passwords of your online accounts in order to protect them more effectively against possible intrusions. Creating secure passwords, however, is not enough to guarantee the security of your accounts: you also need to do something else, that is to … Read more

How to Transfer Android Phonebook

You are about to change your smartphone and would like a hand to transfer the address book of Android on your new phone? For work reasons you find yourself using both an iPhone and an Android smartphone and would you like to synchronize the contacts on the two devices? I am happy to inform you … Read more

Free Online Movies Without Registration

After days of intense work, this evening you have decided to abandon yourself to absolute relaxation. The program for the next few hours is: bed, computer on and a good movie to watch in streaming while you nibble on something good. What to say? You really had a fantastic idea, I can only envy you! … Read more

How to Download Free Games for Pc Without Programs

You do not currently have the option to purchase a paid video game. You are therefore looking for solutions to play free titles, which may not require the installation of additional software (to avoid filling your PC with icons, services and programs that could prove useless). You’ve done some web searches, but to no avail. … Read more

Presentation Programs

Did you take a bunch of photos during your last vacation and now would you like to take advantage of them to show them all to your friends in the form of a slideshow? At the office, they asked you to create a series of slideshows to showcase your latest project, but you don’t have … Read more

How to Save Email to Memory Stick

At work they sent you several emails entrusting you with a very important task: you must save an email conversation on a USB stick and deliver it in time to your managers, so that they can have a copy of the information provided by email. You have to do this job in the day and, … Read more

The Best Browsers

Are you fed up with your current web browser and are looking for a viable alternative to replace it? Well, then I guess you’ve come to just the right place at the right time. With today’s post, in fact, I will try to illustrate you all the best browsers currently available on the market listing … Read more

How to Open Pdf Files

You are tired of the usual Acrobat Reader and you are looking for a good reader for PDF files but you don’t want another slow-opening “brick”. Sure, you’re a bit of a fussy person but luckily for you I have what you need: a nice list of alternative programs for open PDFs. What interests you? … Read more

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How to Read Ebooks on Ipad

Buying a device like theiPad represents an excellent opportunity to approach the world of digital books: read the eBook on the Apple tablet is so simple and natural that even those who have never turned on a computer in their life can discover the pleasure of reading in electronic format. “Yes, okay, but how do … Read more

App for Investing

In recent times, you have heard about the possibility of investing sums of money by taking advantage of technology, in particular smartphones, and by informing yourself a little around the Web you have come to know of the existence of applications dedicated to this purpose: real and own investing app your money conveniently remotely. Not … Read more